Woody Guthrie at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

Actually, his son Arlo. Now, usually on Thanksgiving we hear Arlo’s “Alices Restaurant”. Which is a good song sung for a good cause, the Alices Restaurant Anti-Massacre Movement.
Unlike a parade at which he sang the song in 1968, in Chicago, and a parade in Colorado Springs where the music was all militaristic, even the Al Khaly Shrine band playing God Save the Queen, the British National Anthem at a St Paddies’ parade, with Royal Marines marching in the band, where neither Arlo, his most excellent music or really any radical ideals were expressed, (save for the Military theme of “We get to go to exotic lands, meet interesting people, and kill them in order to take those exotic lands”)
The Macy’s Parade wasn’t interrupted by Uniformed Thugs beating up Americans for daring to say that peace is better than murdering people.
And his song at the Macy’s parade? One of his fathers songs. “This land is made for you and me” which Right Wing Media Lunatic Beck makes a huge Hysterical Anti-Leftist Spasm about, because the song expresses a Communist principle that the land does NOT belong exclusively to the Wealthy. Especially since every square inch of what is now defined as the United States was taken at gunpoint from the original owners, and those who refused, were slaughtered, along with their families. Including the Babies. At public expense and for the immediate and long term benefit of the Very Rich. The ones Beck represents. And his TeaBag fake revolutionaries
Unlike the marchers at the St Paddies Parade, unlike the marchers at the Democratic Convention 68, unlike Woody Guthrie, Gleen Beck and his Fascist Fellow Travelers in the Tea Party, not a single TeaBag has EVER been prevented from speaking, forced to the ground or had his face hit with club or Taser or Police Jackboot, the TeaBags have NEVER been gassed or had the PIGS ride into their midst on horseback swing clubs and busting skulls, even though they advocate KILLING Americans. Chickenshit fake-revolutionary PUKES have the full backing of the PIG establishment. Really BRAVE of them.

Woody had this sign he would paint on his guatar or printed up on paper and glued to it,

For a long time I’ve been engraving this message on my flutes, (descant Recorders, actually)

In tribute to a man loved by the people and hated by the Fascists, like Beck, like the TeaBags, the Republicans…
No, I don’t think it’s hyperbole to mention the FACT that the main difference between a Nazi and a Republican is that the Nazis were far more organized and efficient.
They were, at the same time as the Anschluss, organizing in America, actually had rallies at venues like Madison Square Garden. Huge rallies attended by the Elite of the Republican Party. Pastors like Billy Sunday preached at their rallies. The Klan attended their rallies.
Kind of like the Tea Party Rally Beck and Palin held at the Lincoln Memorial. Wonderful company they keep, and they get all bent out of shape when somebody on the Left has the gall to mention it. Or mentioning the FACT that the Modern Nazis, Beck and Palin, attack a minority religious group from the Middle East, just like Billy Sunday and Prescott Bush and their American Brownshirts attacked the Jewish middle eastern minority religious group. They choose American Muslims today because they’re cowards and want to pick a fight with the smallest minority group possible.

But you know what kept the Nazis from taking over in America? Sure as HELL wasn’t the American Fascist Republican Party.
Wasn’t the American Military, either, Doug MacArthur and Eisenhower and Patton actually ordered American Soldiers to fire on… American Soldiers, in Washington DC within spitting distance of where the Modern Fascists held their rally.

It was leftists like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, the more public faces of the anger sweeping across America at the Industrialists and their minions in the Nazi Party and the Klan. And the millions of Americans displaced, unemployed, uprooted, for no crime other than being at the bottom when the Very Rich crashed the American economy on top of them.

And the PIGS, true to form, today and then, took sides with the rich.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to Woody Guthrie at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

  1. You’d have to enlarge the picture of the flute to see the inscription. I was inspired by this short treatise from Rabbi Arthur Wascow
    He also has an online bookstore and, shockingly, sells copies of his own books. Which I’m sure some of our Very good friends in the Local Right Wing will point to as somehow being an endemic hypocrisy in the Left.

  2. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Well here it is again. I look on Eric’s blog and once again it is all full of Jonah screaming and hollering about Republicans being so very very bad. They’re like Nazis says Brother Jonah. And he says it on the very same day that the Democrat’s Prezident Obomber announces before Christmas, a pay freeze on federal worker salaries for the next two years! Hey, that man really knows how to ‘stimulate’ the economy doesn’t he? Freeze postal worker salaries! Heck, and I thought we were safe from elephants?

    And this Wednesday, unemployment benefits are about to expire for almost 1,000,000 Americans, too. Don’t worry, there is a Democrat in the White House. Ha-ha-ha!!!! We’re safe! Ha-ha-ha!!!! No elephants can get to us!

    Other news from America’s donkeys and their supporters? Why YES! ‘Hillary Clinton accuses WikiLeaks of ‘attack’ on the world’, Jonah. Now I can just imagine how you and Eric and all the other closeted and not so closeted Democratic Party glued liberals would be if it were Sarah Palin who told us that Assange was ‘attacking the world’, instead of Hillary and Barack? Imagine your horror at that? Boo! Tea Party elephants are on a stampede!

    Oh well… While the Donkeys put the screws tight on the us and the world, Jonah and Eric are busy instructing us on the differences between Sarah Palin and Woody Guthrie as seen by the DP intellectualized class- which is supposed to be them at NMT! This I learn from Jonah…

    ‘And the PIGS, true to form, today and then, took sides with the rich.’

    Damn that donkey pig Prezident Obomber! You’re right, Jonah. He took sides with the rich. And you and Eric kinda took sides with him…

  3. Yeah, those poor TeaBags always being picked on and called nasty names like Fascist and Nazi, just because they act like Fascists and Nazis.
    On the other hand, notice how the CSGD handled a demonstration at the Ulta beauty supply store.

    The TeaBags always scream about being persecuted, but really, have any of them ever been arrested for burning the President in effigy, standing outside presidential appearances carrying assault weapons, threatening and even committing acts of violence against Americans?

    For instance, Rand Paul and his semi-trained morons in Kentucky holding a woman down and stomping on her.
    That’s Aggravated Assault and probably attempted murder.
    If a regular citizen is in a one-on-one fight and kicks his opponent once his opponent is down, he could get a Life Sentence. Rand Paul gets hailed as a TeaBag Nazi Hero and his goons, are they in jail for their on-camera crime?

    Oh, that’s right, how could i forget, the TeaBags claim the exclusive privilege of deciding who is or is not an actual American. That makes everything all better when they go into Lynch Mob mode. Yep, Real Revolutionaries there.

    And persecuted, too.

  4. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    It is not tea bag idiots alone that run the country, Jonah. In fact, most of the time they are basically totally out of it.

    Actually it is also the group of ‘fascists’ you support and back, too, that DO run the country. They are the Democratic Party politicians including the current president, and these folk rule over us through their alliance with the Republicans. Why don’t you ‘pick on them’ some instead of voting for them?

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