World Cup, World Series and possible other uses for the Psychic octopus

There were remarks made that World Cup only had 32 nations represented, thus disenfranchising 85% of the world. The World Series, it was noted that only two countries ever have a chance at being represented, but then, it’s not about the “world” as in Earth, but the New York World, a newspaper which went out of business soon after their offices and presses and stock burned to the ground. Funny how that happens. But they were the sponsors of the “World” series. Then there’s that octopus who is consistently right in predicting World Cup soccer winners. Did it again. Self fulfilling prophecy, perhaps? Deutschland and the rest become discouraged and then jinxed by the prediction? Or did this cephalopod actually, by dint of living longer than any wild octopus could (due to them being tasty and other sea creatures knowing that they are) actually develop The Sight, and can actually see through the dim fog of Time and Metaphysical Metaspace or whatever it would be called?

Could this fellow actually tell us, perhaps, where the body of Osama bin Laden is buried, thus ending one of the stupidest and least successful manhunts in history? Oh, and most expensive, how could one forget the money part…

They could ask the octopus, verify the results, wash our collective hands of it and go look for the Next Boogie-man.

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