Writing a song to piss off the Air Force.

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder
Dropping bombs, on civilians below,
far below, we’re so high they can’t see us.
we’ll be gone twenty miles
before the bombs hit.
Oh, we’ll bomb the Kids
and be PROUD we did
O, nothing can stop the ba-by-kill-ers…

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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8 Responses to Writing a song to piss off the Air Force.

  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Too bad the Navy would be more so responsible for that than the Air Force. The Navy has a HUGE portion of the air combat and bombing runs. Air Force is more so for recon, patrol, and maintenance, with the exception of a few combat specific opportunities. Nice try though, keep spreadin’ that propaganda bullshit.

    Always in rear focusing on receiving cable entertainment.

    Ill be amazed if you can actually understand that.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Not bad. So you were in the Canoe Club? Did you get out and forget to get the Navy out of you?

    Goes along with “uncle sam ain’t released me yet”.

    I was in when the slogan “Aim High” hadn’t been coined yet, it was “US Air Farce, a Great Waste of Life”.

    As far as it being propaganda, here’s this, you can consider it or not. Chaplains and Medics are also considered Combatants by the Geneva Convention. In fact, there’s no such thing as a non-combatant MOS in any of the services.

    And, according to the “law” adopted by Mr Bush, babykiller supreme, Unlawful Combatant can mean anybody he damn well pleased to charge under the so-called “patriot” act.

    Now, look at it from the “other” side. Say your house gets bombed by a US or even NATO plane and your wife or kids or mom or dad gets killed, will YOU give much of a Damn about which exact branch of the “service” did the deed?
    Applying the Bush(it) Doctrine in reverse, anybody who even Voted for George Bush would be guilty of the Murders that are still being committed in his name. Wouldn’t even have to ever touch a weapon.

    You want further clarification on that? How about all the Jackass Retards who joined the military specifically to attack Iraq in revenge for 9/11?

    Not one single Iraqi was involved even in the Pentagon-approved propaganda version of what happened on 9/11. It would be like invading, enslaving and occupying Mexico in response to Pearl Harbor.

    But nice try. I got told the same lies.

    The biggest difference is, I didn’t even believe them while I was IN the Farce.
    The Empire is crumbling, crushed under the weight of its own Arrogance and greed. Have a nice perpetual debt cycle and third world Former Nation status.

  3. Avatar Nick says:

    This is a pretty intense song, what inspired it?

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Several incidents. One was Basic Training and then Tech School. That was just a foundation, though. Being conditioned to obey without question wasn’t me. In fact, they completely failed to indoctrinate me.My sister joined a month and a half before I did, she stayed in the Farce, I left and really managed to get the Farce out of me.
    Her husband, also a sergeant in the Farce, and herself, told me about this one incident where a pilot mistakenly “shot up a flock of sheep”… while their wing was doing patrols in the Northern No-Fly Zone. They were laughing it up about how funny it was that they had just murdered a Kurdish shepherd. Had to have, because there’s no such thing as a flock of domestic sheep unattended by humans. The boast is that nothing can survive a hi-tech fighter attack. Certainly the sheep didn’t, why would I believe the shepherd did?

    He was also by default a Kurd. The Arab and Persian and other ethnic groups in Iraq stay the hell out of Kurdistan. So they murdered a man who they were supposedly protecting from the Ba’athist army.
    The source of their information that No Humans Died in the attack was the pilot, who couldn’t tell the God-damn difference between sheep and people to begin with.
    They believed because they’re taught not to question. Their response to me questioning it was anger, how DARE I question their Noble Air Farce?

    Sergeant Husband cornered me out of earshot of Sergeant Sister and started in with that ancient bullshit about “You know what they do to people Like You in Bumfukt Egypt (fictionalized for fluency of story)?” which is always a prelude to how their Army and their Air Farce serve in truly despotic places where they cut pieces off of human beings for such crimes as Questioning Absolute Authority. And they get this weird look in their eyes, you know the one, where they’re fantasizing being allowed to do that here in America. Or at least being allowed to witness while their Heavily Armed Gang of Uniformed Thugs does it to people, which would be close enough for their viewing pleasure.

    Tells me of an incident in Turkey, one of our NATO allies, you might have heard of them. Said that while he was watching the Turkish pigs errr I’m supposed to say “police or military” right? Too bad. They’re pigs.
    The cops cornered a “rebellious” fellow, somebody who isn’t a criminal, technically, he just doesn’t do everything he’s told WHEN he’s told and without question. The kind of regimented society they say I need to obey and comply and conform to.

    Again with that faraway glint in the eye as he’s fantasizing shooting Americans down in the streets of of America, and getting away with it.

    Which they do. It happens all the time. Alyanna Jones in Detroit, Etta Collins 25 years earlier in South Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, octogenarian great-grandmother who was shot through her door by the Dallas Pigs.

    But this jerk-off Sergeant is telling me that he’s somehow over there protecting both the citizens of Turkey, like the one who the Turkish Pigs Murdered with his cooperation, shot him down in the street for not being an obedient little slave. Like the Oakland PIGS did to Oscar Grant, same story told yet another time. Like the PIGS in Bossier City Louisiana murdering a man, firing twenty shots at him and hitting him eight times In The Back, and then successfully claimed that the killing was in Self Defense and concocting a story that the man was turned and pointing a gun at them. Remember, the bullets ALL struck him in the BACK.

    So I’m not inclined to believe the “official story” on anything and if it’s told in a way that seems a little too pat and a lot to Smugly then you’re Goddamn right I’m going to question it.

    The Kurdish shepherd wasn’t the first last or only very questionable “suicide by cop” shooting done by the Imperial Storm Troopers.

    In World War 2 the U.S. and British Air Forces compiled statistics about what groups get killed the most in Air Raids. Separated by age and social status, military v civilian status… Kids are high up on the list. When you bomb a third world village from 50,000 feet, Airman, (the way you phrased the question gives me that impression) can the people below you even see your aircraft? B52s are subsonic, they impressed that on me in the Air Farce. They were the workhorse when I was in, just after the massive failure to subjugate VietNam into the empire.
    Ten miles up in the sky, eh? How long does it take an object to free fall ten miles? It’s not instantaneous. It isn’t even the speed of sound, a fellow did a free fall from more than twice that height and didn’t break Mach 1. It would take almost a minute for the sound of the planes to reach the ground. By that time they’re what, math-man, 7 miles forward from the position where they released the bombs? The bombs start out travelling forward as fast as they fall downward. You would have to start releasing them about that far away from the target.

    Even with the best calculations you couldn’t possibly hit something on the ground from 10 miles up accurately. That’s why they used and Still Do Use carpet bombing and their newer twist on that, Cluster Bombs. The ones that looked so much like the little yellow food packets that the Air Farce was dropping in Afghanistan as late as 2002. Or as one sergeant (not my relatives this time) put it “baiting the fields ha ha ha ha hah” a hunters term for spreading corn out to draw the deer to where they can be more easily shot.

    Real Funny, right, Airman? You do the math, how would it be possible to bomb people under not-ideal situations without hitting civilians, especially kids? Especially as the Air Farce boast goes, “they’ll never see us coming”.

    And the Pentagon, and State Department, to cover for the absolute War Crime of bombing civilians, like to whine that the “terrorists” hide among the civilian population well DUH…

    If an airstrike were made against Colorado Springs in order to take out Peterson and Fort Carson and the AFA and as much of Space Command as they could get, wouldn’t that mean that the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Farce were “hiding behind the civilians”?

    Another whine they use to excuse killing a bunch of civilians is that the structure of societies that haven’t changed much since the Bronze Age doesn’t have a central authority, the soldiers don’t all go out to a specified place far from the same limited resources that support the rest of their society, and since they don’t have a structured military, their military is basically the civilian men who are capable of bearing arms.

    Trade places with them for a moment, what’s the argument for the Militia here in America? Come on, second amendment, it’s easy, guns, you can do it, think….

    So if my neighbor has a firearm would it be permissible for the Taliban, should they ever acquire the technical sophistication necessary to do the U.S.A.F. version of Mass Murder, to bomb the living dogshit out of ME? How about if YOUR next door neighbor or the guy on the next street has a gun, would that justify the Taliban bombing YOUR kids?
    The Taliban didn’t attack us, the DRVN didn’t attack us, the VietMinh and Pathet Lao and Khmer Rouge and Iraq never attacked us. OUR government made the decision for us to attack THEM in THEIR countries and blatantly told us that our consent was not necessary.

    The Bradley Manning story, familiar with that, are you, Airman? The Pentagon is giving him a “fair and impartial” Kangaroo Kourt Martial right now for divulging the FACTS taken directly from Air Farce and Army records about at least two bombings of civilians, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, the one in Afghanistan involved 120 people, none of them military and most of them CHILDREN yet the U.S. military was willing to pass them off as being killed in “self defense”
    Even the lame-ass chants of “9-11! 9-11! 9-11! 9-11 !9-11!” can’t cover for that, the kids being killed in Afghanistan today weren’t even BORN on 9-11.

    I know that the term Baby-killer pisses off the Air Farce, mostly because it’s true.

    One of the things that was let slip at the onset of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq was that Iraqi women who were near term were going to their FEMALE doctors (Imagine that, in the Middle East Iraq has more women who are doctors per capita than Israel, or Turkey, or any other “not dictatorship” countries in the region… kind of shoots down yet another herd of U.S. Propaganda Sacred Cows, now, doesn’t it?) to have induced labor because aerial bombardment and the stress thereof causes miscarriages. Or, in the medical terms, “spontaneous abortion”. How well would that sit with the Wreligious Wrong if it were more publicized that the U.S. Military performed involuntary abortions on thousands of women just during the Iraq Invasion and Occupation? How about VietNam, Cambodia, Laos, Afghanistan, Honduras, Guatemala, Grenada, whatever other third world countries “we” unleashed “our” Advanced Military Technology against, just in my lifetime?

    As to that part about being proud of what they do, the Strategic Air Command, which unfortunately I was sentenced to, sold at the BX tee-shirts and bumper stickers with their official motto and emblem, a mailed fist holding lightning bolts and the words “Peace is Our Profession” and the added on motto “but Killing is our Hobby”.

    Knowing full well, because they would be told that at least once in their MAS briefings that the biggest part of the Killing they’re doing is going to be Civilians and a hugely disproportionate part of that will be Children.

    Yeah, they kill babies and yeah, they’re proud of it.

    By the way, if that Kurdish shepherd didn’t die, leaving his children orphaned and his wife or wives widowed, in an impoverished Bronze-age society and economy, then at the very least they destroyed his and their sole source of income. What’s he gonna do out in Kurdistan, politically mandated to be a citizen of a nation under siege and whose government hated Kurds? Get a job flipping burgers at the McCapitalist franchise for minimum wage? Because that’s the kind of economic and social advancement they’re “giving” those ungrateful Dark Skinned Muslim Foreigners, but first they have to bomb and shoot them into submission. Shock and Awe is the doctrine, yes?
    “Oderint dum Metuant” let them hate us, as long as they fear us, as Caligula put it and so did Donald Rumsfeld?

    That was in Iraq, the U.S. Air Farce does the same thing to Turkish Kurds all day every day and have been doing so for decades.

    So yeah, the Air Farce proudly exports murder to the unwilling New Subjects of The Empire, and if it’s kids who get killed, so what, we’ll just blame it on their countrymen who don’t bow before Our Military Might.

    Because Might Makes Right, after all. I heard versions of that when I was in the Air Farce and still hear it when I’m around mostly family who still are in the Killing Machine.

    Yeah, it’s intense. So is the very act of murdering people.

    Dismissing it casually would be really really insane, or at the least Sociopathic. The Air Farce failed to indoctrinate me with Induced Sociopathy, great. I’m loving it.
    Maybe McCapitalism Inc. will try to sue me for plagiarizing their slogan. They’ve got the USAF/McMurder, Inc enforcing their hegemony in other countries.

    I don’t really know if it would make a hairs worth of difference if the Air Farce actually WERE fighting for the “freedom” of anybody in the wide world. I don’t know because in my lifetime the U.S. military has NEVER fought for anbody’s freedom and I have trod this Vale of Tears two-score and ten years. Half a century is a long time to witness exactly no real change.

    The fact of the matter is for my entire life the U.S. Air Farce and all their associated minions have fought for one thing, the Hegemony of the American Corporate Empire, the “freedom” to do what we’re told when we’re told or be shot down like a dog in the street. Or have our kids murdered by somebody flying so high above us that we “never see them coming” as the Air Farce Sergeant Boast goes.

    And when one breaks ranks and exposes the truth, that the 120 Civilians, mostly kids, who were murdered weren’t killed in any form of justifiable homicide, like the Military Liars claim, he’s offered a plea-bargain of 60 years of hard labor. Those foreign groups who resist the Rule of The Mighty Empire, when their people are captured they’re tortured, held without charges, or trials, sometimes killed during the torture sessions and sometimes hanged after being tortured till it no longer amused the sexual-pervert torturers. Anybody who so much as offers them the Common Law courtesy of legal representation at their Kangaroo Kourt tribunal hearings is also declared to be a Terrorist.

    Yeah, the level of repression and deliberate murder is Intense, so my response has to be intense as well.

  5. Avatar patchsl says:

    Coward Puke Patch says

    Thanks for your service in the USAF… have you stopped killing babies yet?

    Jonah adds…
    You kill babies, byotch. You’re the puke who supports the wars and does it proudly. You might as well be flying the bombers from YOUR level of complicity. Keep licking that Military Jack-boot. I bet the boot polish must taste extremely good to you.
    Service to the Air Force doesn’t equate to service to you or me or America as a whole. If you weren’t so blinded by your retarded dogma you’d perhaps be able to figure that out.

    How’s that leash and collar feeling on your neck? You know, the one you want us to each take one of our very own? Maybe your military/police state/fascist masters can tighten it for you. Just remember to bow really low when you go into Their Mighty Presence to ask.

    You ought to attend a Quaker meeting some time. Real Soon. Know why the Friends are called Quakers? Because they quake before God alone and not before kings…
    That’s how I can tell you aren’t one.

    Maranatha THAT.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Well, Patch, I’m assuming just from your usual demeanour that you used the term “crazy” in some form, probably “incoherent” meaning that you, personally, don’t have the reading or logic skills for figuring things like that out. Plus it goes against your “My Country, right or wrong” dogma, which has consistently pushed American endeavours into the “wrong” category and, we as a nation are reaping the whirlwind. I’m sure that some of your wealthy patrons believe that they, personally, aren’t going to experience the “As thou sowest, so also shalt thou reap” guarantee vis-a-vis the extremely bad karma engendered by sending American soldiers into wars of conquest disguised as “fighting for freedom” or the subsequent repression, usually violent, of any dissent of that Baby-killing policy.

    I’m sure you consider the Iraqi unborn to be lesser than American unborn, thus, you can salve your conscience by pretending that forcing their mothers to spontaneously abort through the use of really indiscriminate Aerial Bombardment is somehow not a “bad thing”. That’s called “delusional” in real English.

    Amazingly, about the only person you’re deluding is yourself.
    The Kurdish shepherd was a REAL event, although the Bush Administration denies any such. According to Bush, and the Pentagon, the only times the U.S. Air Force or Navy fired on ground targets within Iraq either before or after the war were in defensive response to actual threats, either being fired upon or locked on by targeting devices.

    I’m very certain that the sheep did not actually have radar nor artillery nor rifles. Their hooves don’t fit within the trigger mechanisms.

    Are you familiar with the armaments which were current on the F16 series of fighter aircraft at the time, Patch? Two of the most commonly used are the Vulcan, which is a Gatling gun with an electric motor, which fires at a cyclic rate of 7200 Rounds Per Minute. I know you sometimes have difficulty with math so I’ll work that out for you, that’s 120 rounds per second.
    The Vulcan usually comes in .50 caliber, which is a bore that’s 1/2 inch across at the muzzle. The round itself is not approved by the Constitutionally ratified Geneva and Hague conventions for use against personnel. It will go right through your car, your house, any meat-oriented biological unit such as you or your kids or really, any body, and probably through your neighbors and their house as well. It’s a very powerful round. Army Snipers use the round, illegally, and say they were using it against armored equipment, the not-very funny joke is “aimed for the canteen, accidentally hit the soldier carrying it”.

    And then they have the pure hubris to demand that any opponents treat American soldiers according to the Geneva and Hague conventions. You should read the Constitution sometime, one of the articles states that any treaty with a foreign power or an Indian tribe, upon ratification by the United States Congress shall have the full legal weight of the Constitution of the United States. Try to run that one past your TeaBag friends and they’ll call you a traitor.

    The other weapon used prominently on the F16 was the HellFire missile. I’ll leave it to your imagination what exactly that would do.

    On second thought, you would probably pretend not to understand, so I’ll spell it out for you. It incinerates the “target” in this case a flock of sheep and at least one shepherd.

    Bush, who is your source for the “fighting for freedom” lie which you’ve repeated indiscriminately, also was your source for the “WMD” lies and the lies about “Building a better Iraq”, “it’s NOT about controlling the Oil”, “Saddam was a participant in 9/11”, “All the Arab states including and especially Iraq held women in perpetual bondage, forbidding the education of women or girls” (remember the part about the Women Doctors? No? Then read it again…) “Iraq violates a UN Resolution against Child Soldiers” without mentioning, of course that it was a General Assembly resolution which the U.S. Ambassador, former child actor Shirley Temple Black, voted against in the G.A. and vetoed in the Security council, oh, and back to the Really pertinent stuff…

    That the U.S. military never fires on Civilians deliberately.
    Blackwater mowing down civilians in Baghdad, then claiming they themselves were fired on, one of the Blackwater Unofficial U.S. Military persons testified otherwise and still they were “cleared” of any wrongdoing, the Helicopter Attack on among others Children and two Reuters reporters, allegedly in response to weapons which were never retrieved and don’t actually show up in the videos the pilots of the helicopters turned in to their commanders. Pilots “cleared by the Army” of any wrongdoing, but when those videos were made public, the Army instead of reopening the case of CIVILIANS being targeted by their Brave and Noble Soldiers, instead went after the only Brave Soldier involved, one Spc Bradley Manning.

    Also a promised release of similar videos, taken under similar circumstances, is being actively suppressed by the U.S. Army and the people who publish either video are being defined as “terrorists”. The Baby-killers in that incident, in Granai, Afghanistan, also were cleared by the Pentagon.

    You see, the Military Kangaroo Courts Martial (and that IS the proper way to write the plural of Court Martial, maybe you can check it out before calling me crazy or stupid or otherwise mentally defective) (typical Pig freak with a typical Pig attack mode, just ask your Right Wing proponents of Solzhenitsn)

    Well, their Kangaroo Court routine cuts both ways. Just like the Civilian Kangaroo Court which found your Murdering Pig hero in Oakland CA to be guilty of “accidentally” shooting a REAL Man in the back.

    But with that stack of Lies provided by the Army being your only weapon, you insist on saying we’re delusional or incoherent or in some other way “crazy” for speaking against the Liars, Murders and (since many of you take the Name of God in vain to justify your murders and false witness) Blasphemers who commit such crimes.

    Maranatha THAT.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Does your pastor or priest know what a liar and accomplice to perhaps a million murders you truly are?

    Does he approve of it? There are a large and, unfortunately, Growing number of so-called “christian” pastors and laity who do.

    Just wondering is all. Maranatha THAT.


  8. Avatar Nick says:

    Brother Jonah, you’re one of a kind…Interesting spin though

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