9/13/02… when it once more became fashionable

To be a bigoted, racist, frightened ignorant redneck Bitch like the customer Eunice Stone at the Shoney’s restaurant who dialed 9/11 on three young men who just happened to be Medical Students but also happened to be dark skinned “Arab looking” and speaking “Arabic”.
This from somebody who speaks no language other than English thus wouldn’t recognize the difference between Arabic and ANY other language besides English. As it turned out, the only language all of them spoke was English, thus, the Mrs Stone was LYING THROUGH HER REDNECK TOOTH about them speaking anything else.
The “free” press had a field day with it including absolute gems of Hate Speech by Peggy Noonan.

NOONAN: [T]he Southerners eyeball the young Muslim males, and the young Muslim males feel the vibe.

And they don’t like it. They resent it.

Here they had two clear choices: Try to understand the emotions of the people around them—people who’ve been bruised, who’ve seen their country take a roundhouse right from history—and choose to be polite and friendly. The young Muslim males could smile and nod, for instance. This probably would have gone far in making progress between peoples, for one thing we’ve all read about the terrorists of Sept. 11 is that they never bothered to be nice. They tended to treat the Americans with whom they interacted with Sullen Dead Face—the inexpressive look young men put on so it will be hard for you to read them. Because they don’t want to be read. Because they want to convey an air of some menace.

They could have introduced themselves to the waitress, mentioned they’re on their way to medical school. They could have been quiet, minded their business, chatted softly.

But they didn’t bother to be nice. They wanted things on their terms.

So they took option two.

They sensed the questioning within the gazes, and they thought it would be amusing to show these stupid and uneducated Southern people, these dumb crackers, these yokels, who was boss. You think we’re bad guys? We’ll show you bad guys.

And so one of them or a few of them said the things Eunice Stone says she overheard. Talk about explosions, references to Sept. 11, talk about how Sept. 13 will be even bigger.

Noonan paints an exceptionally unflattering portrait of the three medical students. (She ends up describing them as “bigots.”) But did any part of this story actually occur? Noonan has no way of knowing. In fact, she isn’t describing events and thoughts she can actually show to be true. Early on in this startling column, she describes her bizarre, corrupt method:

NOONAN: I wasn’t there, but I listened to everyone who spoke of it and watched the story closely. And it’s not hard to imagine what probably happened that day at Shoney’s.

“It’s not hard to imagine what probably happened?” It certainly isn’t. Indeed, all over the world, lynch mobs have found it “easy to imagine what probably happened” since before human history began.

So this week all the local Big time Bigots will be out doing essentially the same damn thing and re-stating their same damn lies.
Michelle Malkin, “Gunny” Bob Newman, Lamborn, the Colorado Springs “christian” Schools, a regular Who’s Who of people who are too far to the right and too mentally unstable to make it in the Ku Klux Klan.
Dragon Arms is sponsoring another Machine Gun Shoot with the requisite picture of a man holding a machine gun right at his crotch for full homo-erotic effect. Get all the loser-ass MORONS out displaying how they feel it to be erotic to shoot at Americans. Because you know exactly none of them are going anywhere ELSE to shoot, just in America. Which once again makes them Anti-American Terrorist Hate Freaks.

By the way, the Pigs made a false charge against the three young men that they had ran a toll booth. Which was gleefully reported by the Right Wing Hate Outlets like Fox News and The Gazette as though it was a fact.
The Pigs were exalted as heroes, as was the Liar Mrs Stone, for “doing everything by the book” and all of the charges against the three young doctors, although they were dropped, were branded on the psyches of every Redneck Retard as a “True Story”.
Stupid bastards will line up and take turns being lied to but if you dare speak the truth they’ll call you a moron, a Lefty Loon, and a traitor.
Their display of intellectual cowardice and Moral Cowardice, is matched only by their display of Physical Cowardice.
The Dragon Arms machine gun shoot will give them the opportunity to fantasize killing “liberals” in Tucson.

Who knows, they might recruit the next Jared Laughner from that seething pool of ignorant losers.

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