A brief pictorial of protest in Colorado Springs and with Music

Done by Ed and with music courtesy of Rage Against the Machine I still have to get the embed code right. But that’s a youtube link. Anyhow, I’ve thought of that a lot, how is it that everything is “protest” against the actions of others? Granted that the others happen to be in the wrong virtually all of the time, but still, sometimes I think that their actions are the protest, a protest against everything considered civil and good and righteous. Sometimes some of the local rednecks will drive by and scream really stupid shit out of (usually the passenger side) windows of moving cars… like “get a job” at the recent Union support rally. Where, again, it wasn’t protesting AGAINST the thieving lying son of a goat and a whore Scott Walker and his actions, but in support of the would be victims of his latest assault.

One such “leanin’ out the passenger side of his best friends ride” screeched at us when Camp Casey CS was still up,

He: “Hey, you Hippies, This ain’t the 70s”

Me: “you’re right!”

That was in 2006 and the 70s had been over for 25 years. It took him that long to find out.

The screeched insults, the pathetic assaults by whoever was stupid enough to do their bidding, those were more protests against the fact that we happened to be RIGHT.

The wars ARE predicated on lies and run by cowards who would never once think of participation in the dirty work of getting their family fortune.

But, yeah, that does force us into the position of having to Rage… against the Machine. I still get to call it a Peace Rally rather than an Anti-War.

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