An 83% Payroll Tax, on the Workers and paid directly to the Corporations

That’s what I paid and, everybody who works for a “Slave Market” minimum wage Labor Contractor Service such as Labor Ready, Apprentice, Manpower, Kelly…
The “tax” is paid to a Non-Governmental Organization, and is paid before the Worker gets his check. I base the 83% figure on the fact that the workers are paid only 1/6th of what the Parasite Corporation gets for his “product”. Under the various manifestations of the “Right To Get Screwed At Work” law, the workers aren’t allowed to negotiate wages, working conditions, pensions or Insurance through the use of Collective Bargaining. We’re supposed, instead, to go hat-in-hand and beg the employer for a slight fraction more of what is actually owed us. On an individual basis and, under the RTW law, the employer can cut your wages just as quickly as he “gives” them to you.
They can take 5 times what we get, producing absolutely NOTHING themselves.
We’re not allowed to do what the Corporate Masters do, insist on a profit for our product. Nor, according to the laws as interpreted by their Tame Supreme Court, are we even allowed to break even. You can’t go to King Soopers or Safeway and buy a $3 loaf of bread for only a dollar, insisting that that’s all you’ll pay them. If you leave the dollar and take the loaf, they’ll call the Korporate Kontrolled Kops on you and have you arrested.

And they call their TeaParty stooges, most of them the Stupid members of the Working Class, to defend their Corporate Masters from the “theft” of paying income tax.
They have the government at every level in their service, coercing workers around the world to accept Slave Wages, at public expense, so every dime in their bark accounts is a Direct Government Subsidy. If the “peasants” rebel, like in Honduras, the U.S. Military will intervene, and ALWAYS on behalf of the Corporate Masters. Like their Death Squadsjust did “Gunmen have shot dead farm workers’ leader Secundino Ruiz in Honduras.”
Gunmen paid and protected by the Pentagonistas.
Whenever a soldier tells me how “lucky” I am to be here in America rather in the Banana Republics he was deployed to, TO MAKE SURE CONDITIONS NEVER CHANGE THERE, AND TO BACK UP THE GOON SQUADS OF HIS AND THEIR CORPORATE MASTERS I think of this.
But, hey, TeaBags, other RepubliKlan sucks, be proud! You’re trying your best to make sure your own families have to live under the same slavery. And it’s only acknowledged as theft when the Corporations are required to pay a fraction of what they’ve stolen back to the people who stole it for them.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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6 Responses to An 83% Payroll Tax, on the Workers and paid directly to the Corporations

  1. Avatar Pubilius says:

    If you work for “slave” wages, you must not be very smart – no one is holding a gun to your head. The fact that your “definition” of slave wages is acceptable to others – proven by their acceptance of the job – belies your basic premise – no business can be viable for very long if they mistreat workers – the turnover and resulting re-training is unsustainable. Unfortunately for your ilk, an unskilled worker making widgets does not warrant making a higher salary than their productivity – you do a disservce to all by blathering about a “working wage”, when even the lowest paid have a higher standard of living than 97% of the people who’ve ever walked this earth. Get a clue. Then, educate yourself and get a job.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    No Bilious, a salary need not impinge on productivity. It can offer incentives so long as it begins by representing a basic living wage.

    By your standard of “acceptance”, the Southern slaves were content with their jobs. And Bilious, perhaps you’ve been away from work too long, someone is very much holding a gun to the head of today’s workers.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    So, Pubicus, the people you feel are stupid are deserving of being ripped off, yes? Nice to see it in writing, it should serve as fair warning to your potential employees, employeRs, suppliers, and customers.

    Your police, courts, military, ARE holding guns to our heads, literally, So people who believe they’re superior to the workers who feed their useless parasitic selves can feel all smug about the “inferior” workers, as long as their armed minions stand between “their” workers and their sniveling cowardly selves.

    You wouldn’t fight for your gain, any more than you would stain your manicured fingernails with the dirt of actually producing anything yourself. Nor do your leaders.
    What will you do, Pimplicus, get some hopped up meth freak like Jared Loughner to come after me for daring to speak out against your Masters?

    It IS the Right Wing way. And you wonder why people throw airplanes at your buildings.

    It’s fake-elite elitist remarks such as yours that lend a deeper understanding to why your RepubliKlan and TeaPotty representatives want so very desperately to keep people from voting.

    Maybe the Morons like you will actually believe that the TeaTards and MinutePukes will actually be able to frighten us into continued submission.

    But, again, thank you for announcing your belief that you’re so superior to everybody that you’re entitled to rob them.
    That’s why you have to hide behind your police, military and now your fake-revolutionary Militia. Why not publish the name and location of your rip-off business, Pubcrawler?

    If nobody else worked, you would starve. Probably would be a good thing. But then you’d be a nuisance and a source of pestilence even in death.

    Maybe some of the “inferior” and “stupid” workers who support your fat cowardly ass will just show up in your living room, is that why you’re afraid? They’d be justified.
    But, hide behind your cops and army, like the frightened little rabbits you and all your “superior” friends truly are.

  4. Avatar Pubilius says:

    BJ, you and Eric spew your bile as you please – your socialist system has proven itself a failure and is rotting on the compost pile of history.

    As the Prince of Peace said to his disciples, “Be not afraid” – an honest man fears nothing – I tell you the truth and fear you not.

    You, on the other hand, are slaves to your rage; eternal victims.

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The statement stands, the Corporate Rulers tax the workers.
    It’s paying for the privilege of working for the bosses, in a way far worse than chattel slavery. The TeaBag morons who protest against the Wealthy paying taxes on money, sourced directly through government actions, also demand stronger rules against Unions.
    And that we, the workers who are not paying income tax to the official government, are somehow supposed to finance our own health care, accident insurance, feed our families, provide their education AND be taxed at the same percentage of our income as billionaires.

    Even though we already pay them for the privilege of putting money in their pockets.
    Too bad you’re offended that somebody would dare show even a hint of emotional response to your bullshit insults.
    It shows you to be a moron who believes him or her self to be elite, simply because you have government entities such as the police and the military to assist you in forcing the “stupid” workers” into working for less money than it costs us to produce our labor.
    Oh, that’s Insanity, madness, for somebody to resent being treated as a slave by a collection of lazy parasitic cowards.

    As for socialism, your capitalist system has been reinforced by Imperial Military action, something your Wealthy Capitalist “superiors” don’t dare participate in achieving, you boast that you brought down the Soviet Union, correct?
    The Republic of Georgia, one of the Capitalists Miracles you cretins boast of, has less than 605 of the wealth they had under Communism.
    That’s after 2 decades of the most hard core Capitalist rule imaginable.

    It seems your own Capitalist system has failed.
    Due no doubt to actions by such “superior and elite” thieves such as yourself.
    Half of Colorado Springs is for sale, with no buyers. Due to actions of Capitalists selling mortgages as though they were money, and you morons blame those of us who control only 2.05% of the available wealth.

    Anything to keep from looking at yourselves as you truly are, I suppose.
    Even though we pay you useless parasites every penny you have. None of it came from your own sweat or your own skills. Your lies to propagate it?
    “Oh, the workers dare to resent being treated as subhumans, they have a rage control problem, Proof of their inferiority”

    You retards have to hide behind your police and army while you sling such insults. Your momma no doubt taught you that.
    Colorado Springs, broke and getting broker, according to your Uber-Kapitalischt Mayor.

    In a “home rule” city with all the things built in that you capitalists loudly shout praises to, in your rage-filled TeaParty meetings, where you brandislh rifles to try to frighten us into further compliance, low taxes, low wages for the REAL workers who built “your” wealth. No environmental protections, such as not allowing Thieves to sell half-million dollar McMansions built on a toxic waste dump (Gold Hill Mesa)…
    Even with all those mavelous assets your Capitalist “superiors” say should bring prosperity, you’ve made Colorado Springs into a toxic wasteland and your money, the money you’ve coerced from everybody else, backed by the armed might of your military and police, is fading away from you.

    So you blame the poor, once again. You should be ashamed of your greed, your stupidity, your cowardice, but you are proud of all of them. When your system collapses, do you imagine the hired gunslingers you also despise will somehow actually still work for you, guarding your castles from the righteous anger of the people whose labor and lands you’ve stolen for generations? The guardians you trust so much, are also among those of us who you and your ilk have robbed. When you can no longer pay them anything, when all of your assets are in your castle that you believe they’re going to protect, what will a pathetic coward skulk-thief such as yourself do? Offer them a portion of your stolen goods, when they could as easily kill you or simply evict you from your castle?

    And on top of that, you don’t know how to do real work.

    Jesus mentioned a dishonest steward who faced the same choice. “To dig I cannot, and to beg I am ashamed” remember?
    So he does some fast dealings which ingratiated himself with his master. But, something you don’t seem to recall or choose to ignore, that was in a Capitalist system which still had a couple of hundred years of viability in it.

    Yours doesn’t. Your system is falling down and it’s due to your own greed. To the massive debts you incurred conquering and trying to govern vassal states.
    You empire was never about freedom, it was about conquest for the purpose of exacting tribute from the conquered nations.

    Much like the 83% payroll tax you exact from our wages before handing the meager paycheck to us.

    I’m a very mellow person, take a lot of stupidity in stride.
    So I’m probably not the one you have to worry about invading your castle, hanging you up by your heels and playing Machete Piñata with you in front of your piglets.

    I will, however, laugh when I hear of it happening to your stupid ass.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, the 60% of the wealth the former Soviet Republic of Georgia had, and lost almost half thereof through aggressive state supported capitalism?

    The source for that was the BBC, which is a Crown Trust Corporation. Royalists who never had any sympathy for Communism or Socialism.

    Capital has to be enforced by the Military in order for it to continue, it won’t exist as a stand-alone entity. It’s apparently so “superior” and “free” that the vast majority of Government Funds have to go to prop it up.
    Without mandatory universal participation it will fail, and guess what? It failed many times over WITH mandatory universal participation. Egypt, for instance, has to employ armed guards even today so that the poor don’t loot the graves and bodies of their Pharaonic Emperors. Greece, Rome, England, their monarchies and empires could not stand on Capitalism alone, although they tried. They have Socialism now to keep them alive as nations, the Capitalists failed them miserably and cost upward of a billion lives just in combat casualties trying to prop up the “free” market Capitalists.

    Not it’s the turn of the United States to feel the bitter sting of being a fallen empire, and you, Ever So Superior Pimplepuss, what will YOU do to survive when your Wealthy Masters can no longer support YOU? When your armies have fallen so badly they can no longer extort the vast majority of the production of the workers of the world to feed their own greedy maws, far less YOURS?

    You’re just a little pig, as far as that goes, bitch. You can live your pathetic little life in envy and worship of the wealth of your Masters. But they’ll kick your sorry lazy coward ass away from the trough first.

    And what will you do then? “To dig I cannot, to beg I am ashamed (and I’ll add in my own insult) and to fight I am too very frightened”, Right, Wingnut?

    I bet you’re also too hideously ugly to interest even the most perverted would be Flesh-buyer so whoring is probably out for you as well.

    And all that experience whoring your soul to the Richer Pigs for what scraps they serve YOU, wasted.

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