Associated Press Financial Tips from Yahoo news

  1. 401k, the Republican Privatized answer to Social Security. Tanking. You won’t get enough out of your 401k and soon-to-be-privatized Social Security to pay either mortgage or rent, so suck it up.
  2. (Our CEO is doin’ jes fine, He has a Golden Parachute, you don’t, sucks to be you, now get back to work)
  3. Adopt a more conformist look at work, the more ‘standard” (white 1950s) your appearance , the better,
  4. If you’re white, clean shaven and wear a tie they’ll pay you 80% of what your work is worth instead of 71%.
  5. If you’re black, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, native American, try being more deferential.
  6. Apologize to every white person you see for not being white enough.
  7. Use Credit Cards to build up your credit score, which might get you a job taking home 85% of what it costs to produce your labor.
  8. Be BORN Rich.
  9. (It worked for our CEO and the Board of Directors.)

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