Capitalism on the hoof: They’re selling air at chocolate prices.

Not the Homeland Security scam again, (they RENT the air, you don’t get to keep it) but a Very Large Un-named Chocolate Company whose name rhymes with Smershey.
They have a new version of a a product that rhymes with Lisses and you can see I’m milking this joke for all it’s worth.
Which, since it is a real product therefore not a real joke.
But it’s made with whipped chocolate meaning… lots of air to fill up that little tinfoil so they don’t have to put in nearly as much chocolate and still make you feel good about paying a higher price.
They suck. Not much more one can say about it. but I’m going to try.
Seems some mini wars their parent corporation (BigPig Investments, Inc) has stirred up to make Nigeria pay the Oil Companies more money for the privilege of giving up Their Oil, has spilled over into Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana… In other words, Chocolate Prices go up.
Somewhat of a bind for the investors who would have two excruciating choices: Sell the beach house or screw the customers.
Since screwing the customers is the closest they ever get to having real sex the choice, while painful, had to be made and the customers get to buy air. They even have “air” in the name.

It’s kind of like this neighborhood I lived in in Ft Worth, Polytechnic Heights. Sounds really good right?

Yeah, kind of like that. They can sell less product for more money, use Air in the name and make it sound like something other than a dumping ground for poor people.

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  1. Gotta love it, I mean really. Let the dumb asses purchase all the air they want, besides, Arent you peacenik dirty hippies all behind the Chewbacca Obama healthy living initiative? NO MORE FRENCH FRIES!!! lops.

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