Chuck Norris, Non-Warrior Warmonger, Actor, Racist, Video Gamer

“There are 10 million people in Worlds of Warcraft…
But only because Chuck Norris chooses to let them live!”
Plays a soldier, a cop. etc.. in the movies, but not in real life. In real life he’s a probation officer for non-violent offenders in Wise Co, TX and even then has to have a REAL cop accompany him.
Here’s your walker, Texas “ranger”.
It’s yet another offering for Christmas gifts.
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Peace.

I can’t help, you know, remembering that Jesus got three presents, when he was according to the Gospel of Luke over a year old, and Joseph used them as essentially bus fare outta town two steps ahead of the sheriff. When he and other Dominionist “leaders” get together to blaspheme against God, call the president of the U.S. a nigger, plan the wholesale enslavement of regions of the world, I wonder how they can stand being on the same stage with each other. There are several of these “leaders” who believe that Martial Arts is a gateway to Satanism. Or claim they do. What would hold such a group together to the point that they would share a stage while in other settings would be calling each other Hell-spawn?

My guess is: Pure Hatred.

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