Creativity is DEAD. So people are hunting dead rhinos…

Ahem. A smurf movie. Seriously. And a “New” Conan the Barbarian movie. Final Destination V. Anastasia and the Hunchback of Notre Dame have been given the Disney Treatment. Stop the madness.
Then, there’s slice and dice generic buckets o’ blood movies. See how many of the extras can be killed in the opening minutes.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes remade.
Then there’s a New Reality Show called “Take the Money and Run” where you get chased by police, if you can keep the money for X number of days, elude the AuthoriTays you get to keep the bread and you know what? Stephen King has a good chance of getting some lawsuit action on that.
I mean, if that works for the Nutwerx that blatantly, I could conceivably re-write War and Peace and set it in modern Houston… He is already owed a bundle for the whole airplane hitting the skyscraper schtick.
Then, also in the realm of the real, people are hunting dead rhinos.
For their horns.

Yep, they’ve shot off so many of the living ones that park rangers have taken to trimming off the horns just to try to save the species. I read a book once called “Hunter” appropriately written by a man whose name and family occupation was “Hunter” and who got several species of animals mostly in Africa named after him because he was the first White person who brought in dead specimens of those animals. Hunter’s Gazelle for instance. Wrote about Big Game Hunting before people caught on that it’s pretty much a “sport” which would be much more amusing if the “game” had the guns. Wrote about walking across the savannah and shooting charging rhinos and just leaving their corpses to rot. Real swell fellow.

So they have this really foolish placebo effect very expensive drug for a bad case of Weenie No Workie. Made from powdered rhino horn.

I seriously believe I could grind up some chalk and sell it to the wealthy buyers. But, since the living supplies of Rhinoceros Horn are now far outnumbered by Taxidermy Specimens from the Big Game heyday, people are now “hunting” them.

Here’s a clue. If these wealthy buyers were serious about getting a steady supply of the real stuff, why not invest in re-establishment of the species of rhino in the world? Instead of paying poachers to kill the rhinos and any of their fellow countrymen who get in the way.

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