Death of a Chaplain.

First, it should be noted that Doctors, Psychiatrists and Chaplains are, like everybody else in the services, Combatants under the Geneva Conventions. Their orders are to keep the soldiers physically and mentally and “morally” able to follow their orders, which are to Kill Other Human Beings. That’s the whole purpose of a Military Organization. Although sometimes, if the Other Human Beings grovel enough to them (like Karzhai and al Maliki do) they’ll be allowed to live, just as slaves. So when a “Mountain Post” Chaplain, Baptist Minister, got blown away in VietRaqiStan early last month, and the local news kept up the steady patter about how he volunteered for “duty” after the 9/11 Bush-ordered Mass Murder, to spread the word of Jesus. Only, Jesus never told anybody to Kill anybody. So Chaplains have to make shit up in order to justify what they’re ordered to do, keep the Soldiers and Airmen and Marines and Sailors from feelings of guilt and remorse over Killing Other Human Beings.

Preachers, religious leaders, and other propagandists for the Enemy-du-Jour are frequently targeted under legal codes naming them as accomplices. Under the Bush Doctrine, which Obama never repealed, anybody who “gives aid and comfort” even by failing to enthusiastically support Killing Other Human Beings could be determined by a Homeland Security or Military or even Mercenary Contractor Assassination Squad to be an Enemy Combatant.

Without, of course, trial, charges, any kind of Rule of Law stuff.

These are the same kinds of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity for which first Nazis convicted at Nurnberg and many Iraqi officials were executed.

But because the U.S. Chaplains are Americans and for the most part Christian (there are also Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Native American Church, Wiccan etc Chaplains, so it’s almost an equal opportunity to sell the souls of your congregation deal), well, you do the math.

But, really, what exactly differentiates a Christian Chaplain from any other propagandist?

In Christian, Judaic and Muslim laws one of God’s Top Ten List is “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”. I don’t know the details on Sikh or Hindu or Buddhist or whoever else, completely out of range of my experience. I’m pretty sure they’ve got laws against blasphemy and killing as well.

Fact is, the Chaplain in question wasn’t, under the definitions he was hired and commanded to propagate and reinforce, “murdered”. But that’s a technicality. He might have embraced it, in fact there’s no way to be a Military (or Paramilitary, like the Police) Chaplain and say anything at all contrary to what you’re ordered to say.

Not ordered by God to say it, but by the Empire.

That brings up another issue. The Chaplains are also commanded (and could conceivably get the death penalty under a charge of Mutiny) to tell their Congregants that GOD, Himself, tells them they must obey every order of the Emperor.

The good Chaplain might have accepted these precepts, and sold them wholesale to his flock, (Pastor means Shepherd, every pastor is a preacher but, especially in Baptist churches, not every preacher is a pastor), that Murder by an Army is different from Murder by an individual.

If he was a willing accomplice in his own murder, then, hey, “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin to do”

Religion isn’t as simple as it seems from the outside.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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7 Responses to Death of a Chaplain.

  1. While I do not agree with your assertions, I will assume you are factually correct for the sake of argument. I assure you that there is a terror that servicemen are never relieved of lifelong and that is killing another man. A soldier who joins the military to kill is either a child who has watched to many violence glorifying movies or a sich patient in need of screening. Chaplains are there to provide spiritual comfort in a trying setting where as physical training takes care of the physical and mental components. If there is one, if there are 20 even, of these chaplains who seek to justify the violence I assure you there a hundred more who will not deny that any such killing is a sin. But again for those who do condone the violence as religiously justified– I feel, as you would probably concur, that they are monsters.

    However, and this might be the crux of of our diverging opinions, the blood that runs in the Marja or any battlefield in Afghanistan has a purpose. We are indefensibly self righteous in our approach to the war, I see that and you see that. But see here, who would you rather be self righteous? The fundamentalists? The heroin growing drug lords operating out of the endless hidden compounds?

    I respect, sir, very much your stance on the war and there is no condescension anywhere in my remark. But—but, say we pulled out, best case scenario, and all the heartless, crusading, animalistic, butchering, cutthroat soldiers( as the site would so portray them) out of the Afghan chaos. Are you suggesting that humanitarian groups can combat the entrenched dogma of fundamentalists? Surely you could get the funding to provide the education, perhaps even the infrastructure for the Pashtu peoples. I would glady support you in the effort and applaud you if I was wrong, but you cannot take the xenophobia out of an entire people. That is something that takes much longer than extended humantarianism.

    I am not saying war is a good solution, it IS a terrible one. But a terrible plan taken today is better than a troop withdrawal and appeasement policy taken tomorrow. It WAS inaction and appeasement that allowed the ample time for the Nazis to execute 6 million jews– and you know what? war was the solution, and even more people were killed, axis and allies alike. but ask yourself, truly consider if you think that these soldiers and civilians deaths prevented scores more? I cannot explain the civilian slaughter discussed in this article, if those men did so intentionally then they should be imprisoned for the length of their lives– but if it was accident, you have to realize that these are men and women who dont wish their fellow man ill- the killing is not something that they like

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The United States has not fought a singe war “for freedom” in the two-score and ten years of my pilgrimage in this vale of tears.
    They have fought many wars for conquest, to take oil from Iraq or strategic positions next to China, as in Afghanistan, VietNam. in Grenada they were a diversion from George Bush Sr and Ronald Reagan suffering the humiliation of people to whom they had sold American weapons killing American Marines. Twice.

    The so-called “liberations” have been all about enslavement instead. If Capitalism were so great that it’s “self sustaining” meaning paying its own bills, why does it require Mandatory Participation, and why then does the “free” market need endless Government Subsidies in the form of wars of conquest to keep it supplied with cheap materiel and low-paid Labor?

    What, in fact, Conservative, has been “conserved” with those endeavors? The power of YOUR leaders, certainly.

    The “freedom” to enslave others. The Nazis killed six million, not all of them Jewish, by the way, what are the casualty counts for American wars of Conquest?

    The Indian Wars right here in America easily slaughtered tenfold that number. Of your fellow Americans. To give us the blessings of liberty? We already had that.

    The mission of the Military is to bring Human Beings into submission to your “conservative” Masters, exactly none of whom is named “Jesus Christ” or “God”,

    Or kill those who resist being Liberated into wage slavery for your “conservative” Masters.

  3. If you could provide me with the direct proof that wars of conquest provide cheap labor I would be very pleased. It would seem also, that in my attempt to convey respect, I have failed. Nonetheless, I will address your very valid points. You will have to excuse Reagan and George Bush Sr, they are men borne of an entire generation fearing for their country. It is quite terrifying when the comfort of one’s life is threatened by a cold war. They were moved to action by fear, as much of war is. The industrial military complex that your referring to is a very real thing, but the American Economy is not so sharply dependent on it– as it is primarily a service economy now, as one might notice all the industry has moved to the Far East. Ask any American how often his or her livelihood or credit rating is affected by the war. Now personally I have not looked into the Bush family’s connections with oil in the middle east. To say that I did would be hypocritical and if Bush indeed waged an entire war just for the purpose of maintaining low oil prices– than should I even have to comment on the beast of a man that would make him? Americans like low oil prices but I have never met a politician, unless he was a man of excellent theatre, who wanted cheap oil enough that we would prolong a war. i would like to think that the Kurds are a little bit safer now that they arent being assailed by mustard gas anymore. And your comment about the proxy wars– yes the Granada conflict was a terrible mistake( another manifestation of fear) and the Bay of Pigs incident could have been avoided completely had a pro-US dictator never have been installed. This is very true. This is also the case with the the supplying of weapons to Iraq to ward of the Iranian invasion. In the case of Charlie Wilson’s weapons in Afganistan, let us both ask ourselves what would have been better U.S. interventionism or Soviet the communism which didnt have the United Nations closely watching its every move.

    As for the iradication of the American indian, it would be foolish to think that more than a million were killed by actual bullets and sabers. What killed the overwhelming majority of the indians was disease. There are several accounts in which very terrible men intentionally gave indians diseased blankets, but most of the disease was not spread in such a hellish fashion. In is beyond a mere American scar in what happened to the indians, it is a blight never to be forgotten on the whole of my country’s beginning. An entire people ( ten fold that number as you said) were subject to the terror of the unprotected immune system. But those were the sins of few- surely many contemporary Americans held prejudice against the Indians, but they did not wish their complete annihilation.

    Yes, I am aware that Jews were not the only ones killed ( as homosexuals, the mentally retarded, gypsies, and foreign nationals were killed in high number) but I was using a well know fact which you did not address. Appeasement policy, that was the conservative policy that restricted our entering into the world wars, it was an activist president who placed us in the war. Again, do you think appeasing the Nazis and the Third Reich was a positive alternative to war? If you could project for me how it would, please, please do. I lack the resources to innumerate how many were killed in American wars, and for that you have to forgive me. I imagine the numbers are most saddening, and it would hurt me to hear their total. But no, they were not killed for the blessing of liberty, but for the selfish desires of western seeking men- its called the manifest destiny and it was composed of a great deal of inhumane acts. But such is the nature of the human condition, and to assume that American history only holds the negative part of that spectrum is to assume that human beings do not run the country. Their mistakes were great, but very few Americans in the military are the irrepreble monsters that you classify them all as.

    It is important to note your syntax, as you refer to my leaders as my ‘masters’. Yes they govern us, yes the create policy, but to assign their actions as actions of our master’s is fallacious, we elected them. if you wish, you could criticize our our electoral process at this time but i implore you to see that elections are not as crooked as so many a disenchanted electee claims. Yes, a military force is that which is indeed a force, a means to suppress, oppress, and intimidate when peacefull means either fail or are skipped altogether.

  4. However, it is uncircumspect to identify the military as a body in sole devotion to slaughter. It can protect, intervene, and prevent as the US has done in the past. Im sure you do not agree, but I do wonder who else would have tried to get the palestinians and israelis to at least sit at a negotiation table. Who else would have protected kuwait, even if there were enormous oil rigs abound? Again, you avoided the question as to the fundamentalist alternative in Afganistan.

    My country’s not perfect, not even close. My fellow citezens arent either, some indeed are ignorant warmongers. But we do try, leaders and citezens alike to not sit idle in the global importantce we play at the moment. I guess we ought to leave Afganistan alone completely– it would seem that was what enraged Bin Laden so much after we left him to his own after he and the mujadeen defeated the soviets. So time may pass and global power may shift to the East, but given the China’s Republic as a leader would you be more satisfied? Perhaps I am wrong and China could be this future power of exceeding benevolence..only time will tell. If you might have patience, my country is but 235 years of age, it still has to mature. Perhaps you could name another civilization that constantly made at least an effort to improve the lots of other peoples. (insert you numerated counterpoint here, you know, the one where you produce some prpoprtion of our gop to humanitarian funds?)

    I am unsure as to your assertion about Jesus and god. I do not understand what you mean, for I sure think my leaders are far from being such entities. Perhaps, someone has convinced you that all conservatives are bible thumping, pro administration, neo-cons? That, sir, would be a hard combination to find, as many conservatives are anti-administration at the moment.

    As I wrote this, I did see that you said you were on your pilgrimage. All rhetoric aside, I wish you enlightenment in your journey and I am sorry that it comes in a period in which our respective peoples are in such dire relations. Perhaps my country will have a better track record in this century with the lessons of the last one. This cannot be expect to happen however, by the emans of diplomacy alone- not unless you mean to give the necessary time for the UN to stumble about while Pashtu men beat their wives, iranian militants stone unfaithfull women to death, and child soldeirs in africa gain greater numbers. perhaps we should naturally allow the North Koreans to take back their souther neighbor too.

    I wish to join the military so that my people may never have to raise their rifles, nor yours. I wish to build trust, shw common affection, and expess my sympathy for the embattled peoples of the Middle East. I could never forgive myself for killing another, my heart would reach depths i have not yet reached. There are many like myself who join so that the propagators of violence within the aforemention situations are stopped. It is a tragedy that this most be achieved by violence as often as it is. My military is built of men who wish the world well not, ill.

  5. Lastly, it would seem that I have been placed in the peanut gallery. Fair enough, you do not agree with my opinion or my views. That is well, I find it wonderfull that we may disagree in such a civil fashion. It would be noted by myself, however, that placing my words under such ridicule instead of arguing against them is disapointing. Perhaps, my assertion are fallacious, but give me my error. In a setting where you were the dissenting oppinion I assure you I would not go to a length to satirize your beliefs. A man is entitled to his beliefs no matter how propagand-ized or ignorant you consider him. Perhaps, a chivalry of discourse can not be met.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    The wars being fought were predicated on lies for the purpose of economic power over other people, not for anybody’s freedom. Not to rescue anybody from oppression, or from murderous dictators (like Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush jr)

    How many million Americans were slaughtered under the “protection” of the United States Army, during the blatantly racist conquest of what’s now the United States? And for whose benefit?
    More than the number of citizens of Europe slaughtered by the Nazis? Or less? If the number is larger, does that make Hitler less a criminal than Jackson, Polk, Lincoln, Grant?
    A matter of number of crimes committed.

    “Behold, I am less of a thief than this fellow, for he has stolen a million shekels and I have only stolen 900,000”?
    If you’re insisting that people join the Army as combat infantrymen with the full intent of NOT killing people then you’re assuming that the soldiers are gullible beyond belief.

    Perhaps that’s why you hire them directly from high school and start grooming them for “duty” when they’re mere children, so you can get the most gullible ones possible?

    People who go looking through the scriptures to find some justification for Murder are obviously already intent on committing those murders. Like the morons who walk and drive around with tee-shirts and bumper stickers saying “break the commandment, keep the commandment”.
    Because They Want To Kill Human Beings and are looking for a way to look good to their church and their society while doing so. They don’t give a hang about their own guilt, but the perception their society has of their guilt.
    By the way, “keep the commandment” as in, execute prisoners, that would apply to every person on the planet.
    By saying “keep the commandment” you justif6 killing ANYBODY. I suppose that bit about “there is none righteous, no not one, for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” kind of slipped in under your radar? Maybe you weren’t looking for a scripture that would justify NOT killing Human Beings?

    There’s a stumbling stone laid in Zion. The Law says to kill offenders, but the Law also makes everybody an offender, if you’ve ever masturbated, picked up a stick on Saturday, talked back to your parents, oh, here’s a good one, vis-a-vis the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Borne False Witness Against Thy Neighbor All sins punishable by death.

    It’s not a general condemnation, it’s an escape clause. The Law commands that anybody who will “keep” that commandment, has to have kept EVERY commandment, and not just the ones punishable by death. Ever eat pork? A cheeseburger? Drank milk while eating meat? Shrimp? Oysters?
    Wham, bam, thank you ma’am you’re not justified to kill anybody under any interpretation of the Law.
    And that one commandment, that you have to be guiltless of every sin, not merely “redeemed” through sacrifice, fasting and cleansing (baptism) but requires that you never have committed any sin.

    You insist on telling them that it’s their duty to God and man to kill their fellow human beings to fill the moneybags of fat retarded slugs like the Reagans and Bushes and Hiltons and Cheneys, that makes you a party to their crimes.

    This ALSO in the “peanut gallery”.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    As to a “chivalry of discourse” perhaps that is the correct term, for the broader discussion, not necessarily here.
    Chivalry and Gallantry were then as now reserved for the “upper class” although that term wasn’t in use in the Medieval or Renaissance periods.

    Didn’t keep the King from telling or merely allowing the Chevaliers to beat the peasants down, hang them, torture them, impale them, burn them at the stake… for opposing the Sovereign Wishes of the King.
    The one thing they didn’t do was crucify. Not that they were morally better than doing it, it’s just that since they were doing all these oppressive and murderous acts in the name of The Crucified One it wouldn’t fit their propaganda.

    Did you notice that one of the chief apologists for the War, fellow named Erik Prince, also runs a Mercenary Murder Service called Blackwater? Only now he’s revamped the name to fit his propaganda. Claims to be Christian while ordering people to kill for HIS profit. Sweet fellow, that,

    He likes to portray his Murdeing Goon Squad as “Modern-day Knights Templar”. Which would be about right.
    Kill and oppress for the profit of the King or in this case the “Prince of Black Water” and say you’re doing it in the name of Christ. That’s taking the name of God in vain, another capital offense in God’s Top Ten Hit List.

    Did you know that I’m an ordained baptist minister? According to Baptist tradition where the congregation decides who is their pastor or in my case evangelist, and the size of the congregation doesn’t matter. But according to the rules follewed and preached by the Army Chaplains Corps, I could just as easily ordain and order The Prince to be executed for Blasphemy.
    It would be every bit as right/wrong and legal/illegal and legitimate/illegitimate as any of the Murders ordered by your Corporate Government.

    I would be like them.

    Back to the Chivalrous Discourse. there are plenty of pictures on our website, some on the home page, showing the modern Knights in Shining Armor beating people down for engaging in discourse in a manner not prescribed by the King.

    In other words telling the King that he’s wrong.

    There are many copies of the same pictures on “Conservative” websites with captions like “YEAH! FUCK YEAH! We beat them God-Damn Niggerlovin Liberal Fag Jewboys Down! YEEEHHAWWWW!”

    That would be, of course, the Freedom your Army fought for.
    So you see haw much love is bought with the “Conservative” coin.

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