Denver and Dallas: Smog Kings

Actually Ozone. But I hear the same whiny complaint from both, complying with air standards would be too costly. Leaving aside that exempting SUV’s from emissions limits because they’re “work” vehicles, leads a lot of grossly immature “status seeker” to drive one person in a car made for eight and gets really bad gas mileage. Then get the already subsidized gas drastically reduced by claiming it as a “work” or “business” expense, meaning people who DO pay taxes are forced to pay for idiot-mobiles, so We and our Kids have to eat, drink and breathe THEIR exhaust fumes. Just so they can pretend to be Manly Men and impress other idiots.

Face facts: The big truck commercials aren’t aimed at people who use them for work. Dodge with “that thing go a Hemi? Sweet!” are blatantly homoerotic. To impress who? Other White-Collar White men. Some of them involve LITTLE BOYS who the driver impresses with his massive strap-in motorized dildo.

HumVee did similar, a woman and her kid get bullied on a playground, feel all inferior, a guy at the store gets laughed down by a “Mucho Macho” pussy with a cart full of steaks… pretty blatant. “Buy OUR over-priced gas-guzzler piece of Shit, and Bullies and Morons will respect you!”

FLASH!! If you need a big car for people to think you’re important, you just aren’t.

On a different page from the Pro-pollution, Viva Waste editorial, the “B-cycle” share -a-bike program outstripped the projected use by ten-fold.

In Dallas there’s public transportation, bike Paths, light rail, all the things the “conservative” morons say that people would never use. And to get that in place they had to face down the whiny-ass titty-baby Right Wing.

They had to run a light -Fail track through a quarter mile tunnel, and the SCREECH when up. “You PROMISED NO SUBWAY! waa waa waa!!”

In the Mid Cities between Ft Worth and Dallas, four freeways slice all the towns in half, 360, I-20, I-30, Airport freeway. They sit often, in traffic jams, running their motors, beating their horns, acting like monkeys at the zoo… Screaming to themselves, because there’s nobody else in the car, call up Rush and Sean and Whatever other Hate Radio Morons complaining about all the traffic.

Oh, and the Ozone… to ignore it will increase the incidence of C.O.P.D. and Asthma which costs a lot more to treat than it would to prevent.

Oh, that’s right, the Right Wing Reactionary notion is that Asthma is just a “Lefty Loon” conspiracy to get more Negro-kids on welfare.

Just ask Limbaugh, Beck or Palin, they’ll tell you…

Or the author of the ridiculously smug Denver Post editorial Sunday. Rich Folk need money more than kids (or anybody else) need to breathe.

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