Found a really cool video game, like a First Person Shooter only better

It’s called “search and rescue” and the object of the game is a cockpit-eye-view rescuing people using a helicopter simulator. Designed by and for guys who have taken that step back, taken a good look and decided that “games” that award points for Snuffing People were just not getting it. There’s a newer “Call of Duty” game called Home Front, where the players get to snuff their fellow Americas for fun and points. Not exactly my idea of righteous.

So I was doing the Search And Rescue deal about an hour ago, wasn’t doing very well and crashed after about 10 minutes. So I’ll try again maybe tomorrow. The first 5000 or so games of minesweeper I played I lost within seconds. Now I’m close to tying my sister Audrey’s fastest time of 105 seconds.

And I’m not graphically fantasizing barbecuing people with a flamethrower.

Oh, and the game is free software.

I see this GameFly commercial several times a day where the spokesfreak is some thirty-year old infant saying “Before GameFly, I could never play as many video games as I wanted because they cost too mu…” Waaaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaa

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