Frank Bator and Princess Lisa Czeladtko

I went to his memorial service at Marian House 6 years ago. He had died in his trailer home, alone, and the body not discovered for about a week. There were a few people attending, some of the staff at Marion House, a couple of people who knew him casually, his sister and brother… A really cold and rainy day… none of the anti-homeless PEOPLE activists like Patchsi, or Janis, or Princess Lisa. See, Frank was one of those Princess Lisa and her comrades despise for our lack of funds and our extremely distasteful lack of “courtesy” in not remaining hidden from the view of “good” citizens. Like her complaint about New Life church, who are really seriously not a Liberal organization in any way… had a pizza party in a public park and didn’t turn away anybody. Qu’elle Radical!
I think she would have a Shit-fit if she had met any of Jesus’ “council of twelve”. Rough customers, the lot.
Matthew, for instance, a collaborator for the Roman occupation…strangely paired with Andrew, James and Simon Peter, Zealots, revolutionaries who had taken some extremely violent actions against the Romans, like the Taliban and al Qa’eda, they were Middle Eastern Religious Extremists. Peter in particular, when he whacked off the ear of Malchus, Religious Cop from the Temple, he wasn’t aiming for the ear. Malchus ducked. Peter was trying to split his wig all the way down to his neck.
Standing against trained swordsmen. Republicans and Tea Party might not understand the references, they like to use violent metaphor for their sick actions but they won’t get their own delicately manicured fingers dirty.
But if you face somebody who has a sword and is a trained swordsman, and YOU aren’t a trained swordsman, it wouldn’t make any difference if you have the finest sword on the market. Training and above all EXPERIENCE trump all. If you have a sword and no training, and throw down on somebody who has training and experience and no sword, you’re still toast, he’ll walk away as your body is laying on the pavement in a congealing puddle of blood. He’ll have your sword too.
People like that would make Princess Lisa freak smooth out. Frank wasn’t one.
He was a disabled worker, fell from a roof in an incident remarkably like mine. He landed a little tiny bit differently and had compression fractures in his spinal column.

They gave him, according to his family and others who knew him a whole lot better than I did, morphine for the pain. He didn’t particularly like the “trip”, few people actually do. It hurt him spiritually as well as physically and emotionally. So did the hate-filled “bum rush” treatment he no doubt received from Princess Lisa and her spiritual comrades. It’s kind of an “industry standard.”

Much the same way she despised a man she admitted she believed was mentally ill, for daring to be in HER royal presence at the Acacia Park Pizza Party.

Speaking of “parties” her own political faction-party blames the economic crash which really affected the whole forking world… on the visibility of poverty. If only those Bums weren’t where they could be seen, disproving the Lies of universal prosperity propagated by the Republicans and their royalist stuck-up ilk.
She wasn’t there for his funeral, she wasn’t there to share the problems of his life.

She WAS there to cast stones ok maybe not literally, the Hate Freak Leaders in this town, just like Jerusalem AD 33, won’t get their own hands dirty. Instead she casts out insults to drive the hatred from of all people, our fellow working class, those who haven’t (yet) experienced the loving caress of the Invisible Hand of the Free Market and how that Invisible Hand smacks you down repeatedly once you’ve been so injured that you can’t work for it anymore.
I’ll have to say it, any working class person who votes for continuing and even expanding that shit, must be some kind of self-made retard. He would have to turn off portions of his brain deliberately just to accept that. Got Minimum Wage? and now, I too shall be sued by the Dairy Association for stepping on their trademark slogan. Feels really good to be able to survive, sort of, and who really cares if you’re not getting health benefits or any kind of pension As long as you’re still able to work

Once they break you, on the job, that’s it for you buddy. No pension, no health insurance, and they’ll send their cops to arrest you for not being able to afford a home.

And people like Princess Lisa will teach their own children and anybody else to despise you, to hate you and call you a bum or a hobo or “dangerous”, and to deny you even such basic rights of citizenship as going to the park on a sunny afternoon and enjoying a party thrown by a church.

Yet she boasts of her “compassion” for the poor. She lies, smoothly.

She’s had plenty of practice lying. Then she whimpers and whines and threatens (quasi) legal police actions against people who criticize for being a lying, stuck up Rich Bitch, and criticizing her actions oppressing the poorest of the poor.

Neither Franks saga nor mine is really uncommon in the world of Homeless People. Much to the chagrin of Liars like Lisa Czeladtko.

Physical disability is far more common than they would ever admit, because it’s more to their immediate profit to cast away every PERSON afflicted by poverty as being a “bum”.

Part of the formula to succeed in Capitalism is to convince a whole lot more people who have about no chance whatsoever that they, too, are being given by the Invisible Hand a chance to become fabulously wealthy. It’s a lie and the con-artists who run the Capitalist System know it.
They need the believers in it, however many times the system has screwed THEM, to act as a buffer and as shills to convince other people not to revolt against their masters.
The believers in Capital who haven’t become rich themselves, they have to keep themselves convinced that it must be a failing on their own part, not an inherent flaw in the system.

And the System has a priesthood including Lisa Czeladtko to constantly reinforce that belief.

Even at the cost of humans being violently assaulted because of the Hate Rhetoric that comes from her delicately painted lips.
People being arrested, that’s a Violent Act. The Pig Minions of Rich Bitch Lisa Czeladtko and her comrades have to chain people to force them to accept being arrested.
Often they use tasers or clubs or fists or boots or d) all of the above, and the “good people” even if the witness it will believe that the “bum” deserved such violence directed at him.

Because of the skillfully crafted lies of the Rich Bitches like Princess Lisa.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Frank Bator and Princess Lisa Czeladtko

  1. Avatar spydra says:

    Just a note: Lisa is *not* rich…nor is she a bitch; this entire homeless thing has been misinterpreted and twisted into something it never was.

    So, homelessness is an issue close to your heart. No offense, but talk is cheap; if you’re going to turn this into a compassion-contest, put your money where your mouth is: open *your* door, *you* feed the hungry, give the homeless *your* home.

    Compassion has its limits. Why do you continue to show so little of it for Czeladtko?

    I’m not innocent; I initially jumped on the attack-lisa bandwagon, too. Since then, I’ve come to recognize that my presumptions about her were entirely wrong.

    Whatever your reason(s) – honorable men would deign to spread such spurious, ignoble words about someone they don’t even know.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Nor would honorable women spew such hatred as she and her comrades have against the poorest of the poor.

    And they continue to pile it on. Poverty is still considered a crime in Colorado Springs.
    I can forgive insults against myself, done so many times especially while I was dwelling in a tent, dragged down to poverty and homelessness by a painful disability.
    It’s my privilege to forgive those who have trespassed against me.

    It’s not my privilege to forgive on behalf of others. Especially when continued tolerance of the hatred shown them and myself would only be seen, as it is here, as meekly surrendering to that hatred and would thus allow it to grow unfettered. If they can’t get internet in their tents, can’t use the power of the written word to defend themselves against the undeserved attacks from the Moneyed Establishment in this town, then why shouldn’t I speak out for them?

    Or, more bluntly, why should I remain silent and therefore enable the abuse?

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Further, just have to add, the homeless PEOPLE in Tent City weren’t asking and least of all demanding that you open your homes to US.
    And when I was living in a tent in the national forest I wasn’t asking that either. Public land belongs to everybody but not everybody gets to use that land. I was “taking” a far smaller subsidy than the Timber, Oil, Gas, Coal and Metal Mining, Hunting and Tourism industries. Like a percentage that would be a decimal point followed by a long string of zeroes. Add in the military and the toxic waste dumping enterprises and that gets another zero or two added before reaching a larger number AFTER the decimal point.

    What I never heard Princess Siddhartha or any of the other Anti-People politicians say was to stop subsidizing those Earth killing industries.

    The blatant giveaways to the already obscenely rich coupled with the damage to the ecology (the base of the economy, although Republicans especially are too stupid to see that) and destruction through debt of the Working Class, the next level of the pyramid at which the “self-made” billionaires rest their vast wealth. And the Real Estate thieves who traffic in land taken, every square inch of it, at gunpoint… from Americans.

    She hasn’t raised her voice against that either. What she did do was to condemn Human Beings and Americans for sharing in Public Land, a Public Park, and in her short sentence she admitted that she was teaching her kids to hate and condemn those who are not as wealthy.

    As for giving to the poor, the Very Rich boast that they give more than others, but their statistic is based on a record, and what might that record be? TAX DEDUCTIONS. Their wealth is subsidized by Taxpayers to begin with, the ultimate “entitled” welfare recipients.but they “give” to charity then take the money right back in deductions.

    It’s a classic class warfare snub from the snobs, a case Jesus Himself witnessed and brought to light with the Widow’s Mite.
    You think those of us of very limited means don’t give? What me and Miss Johnnie give is our business, between us and God.

    But maybe you should stride on down to ESM or WestSide Cares and see how many small (compared to Mr J.P. GotRocks donations) gifts are given. We the poor give from our penury but the Wealthy boast more. Has Princess Barbie spoken out against that?

    Jesus did, quoting the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel “when thou doest thine alms, do it secretly, that thy left hand doesn’t know what thy right hand doeth, not as the Pharisees and the scribes, hypocrites… they hire one to blow a trumpet before them when they do their alms, to be praised of men, they love greetings in the markets, to make broad the philactery, to wear long robes (N.B.: before the industrial revolution and mechanical looms, fiber mills, cotton gins etc… cloth was VERY expensive) they go about saying “Give place, for I am Holier than thou”, they devour the houses of widows and orphans and for a pretense make long prayers”.

    I jammed together Isaiah and Jesus on that quote. Anybody offended can bite me. Get offended by the new movement to re-write the Bible to make Jesus look like a Republican. instead.

    Here’s a test, public and all… ask her in Council to back a measure where all subsidies to the Mortgage and Real Estate and Investment Bankers be cut immediately, and completely, and that the Homestead Act be applied to all vacant houses and other buildings.

    Or, in a much milder test, ask her to back a resolution where the No Camping Ordinance be repealed,
    Living in a tent isn’t a good thing, but when it’s all you have and then you’re forbidden by law to even have that, that’s a death sentence for the “crime” of being poor..

    Ask, and see what kind of answer you get.

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