Given the recent city council and Chamber of Commerce funding

And endorsement… How, for instance, does Steve Bach afford signs plastered all over town the very minute he announces his candidacy? Princess Lisa Czeladtko, Jim Leigh?
Supposedly non-politicians, right? “Business” men and women, right?
Seems mighty coincidental. Also that they’re part of a so-called “isolationist” political party, or “strict nationalist” and whatever other bullshit way they want to describe their Überpatriotisch mask?
But wait, sez ye, what would the Chambers of Commerce have to do with, say, foreign governments including the (GASP!) British Crown financing the Republican and Tea Party candidates, especially since the Tea Party claim to be Revolutionaries, eh?
Celebrating the casting off of the Throne and the Crown Governors? OH… THOSE “grass roots” Corporate Astroturf “patriots”.
There’s what, Emirates chipping in bread to the Campaign Slush Funds of the ones who manipulate the Racist Freaks?
The anti-Muslim racists who think that Turkey is about to take over the world? Or Iran, or China, or Russia, or Mexican Migrant Workers or whoever their so-called preachers tell them the New AntiChrist is this week? Hmmmmm…
All those bright shiny professional looking signs, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on campaigns for political offices which pay less than that for the entire term? Like Monty Brewster, character portrayed by Richard Pryor said “it’s because they’ll be able to steal it back—with interest”.
Now, the Chambers of Commerce were confronted with this when they were spending billions of dollars buying a Brand New Tame Congress…

Now, we KNOW why the Chamber of Congress would want to control government in America, it would be a perfect springboard for Korporate Diktatorship like Scott Walker in WI or Rick GoodHair in Texas, spending Public Funds to enforce slave wages and other economic giveaways for their Corporate Sponsors. The cops, prosecutors and judges needed to keep filing RICO charges against unions, the penitentiaries, the wars to seize assets from other nations, those cost a lot of money and the Chambers of Commerce are getting them delivered for a song. And massive tax breaks too.

So it’s easy to see why THEY would want to buy an election. Preferably with somebody elses money.

But what, what what would the Emir of Kuwait or the Queen of England want to buy an “american” election for? Ending a sentence a preposition with. Twice.

The Chambers of Commerce said that even though Foreign Princes clearly violates every principle of the Constitution and it’s THE single most “Commonly Consensual Original Intent” of the so-called Founding Fathers who their TeaBag Moron Minions worship as though they were gods…. that the princes and kings and queens and other foreign governing agents giving them more money than they get from American sources doesn’t mean anything because they, knowing that it’s illegal to use such funds for campaign contributions, bribery and other forms of lobbying, use those Foreign Funds for operating expenses and only spend the American Bread for campaigns, lobbying and other forms of bribery.
Let’s say I’ve got two jobs. Hasn’t happened in a while but..
But one paycheck goes to pay my rent, groceries, carfare, laundry, utilities, Internet Por errr “entertainment” yeah, that’s the ticket…
And the rest to spend on campaigning…
If I didn’t have the one source of income that keeps the bills paid, then I wouldn’t be able to spend so much on the campaigns, now would I?

But that’s the kind of bullshit lies they tell us is “standard accounting practices”.
That the Foreign Prince money doesn’t influence the amount of, say, Foreign Aid received by such Foreign Princes.
The U.S. Army fighting to prop up their hereditary dictatorships, for instance.

One hand washes the other with soap and water bought with stolen money, so what’s new about that?
Leigh said that personal problems like, say, anger issues about traffic tickets leading him to threaten a court with retaliation as soon as his Foreign Funded Chamber of Commerce (and the realtors associations in every flavor and color of sleazy) shouldn’t be a factor in his public quest for public power where he can pump public funds into his private business…

Why not take him up on that? Have a few or maybe a few dozen or, who knows, a few hundred people swarm the Publicly Owned steps of City Hall to let everybody know that his Private Sleaze shouldn’t be a factor in his Public Sleaze err Service, yeah, that the ticket, service?

There’s something in it for everybody, these sleazebags like Leigh, Czeladtko, Sally Clark, Bach, the usual suspects, they’re against everything. Workmens Rights, equal protection under the law for Persons of Limited Means, Shelter Challenged (poor, homeless) Student Aid, Peace, Social Security, Medical Care, Bus Service, anything that would prevent them from skimming even more of a profit off the sweat and labor of others.

Come out en masse and show your support for their right to be thieving lying scum.

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