Gladiatorial victory dances.

So this is just a little bit of chain of consciousness so it might seem a little strange. The Roman Gladiators were taken off the field when killed as though being carried into Hades. But they also used to hang people nailed to pieces of wood in various ways and sometimes lit on fire. There are even reports of ways to cook a human where the person lives almost all day while being slowly cooked. Altogether exactly my definition of “Civilized” because Civilized means, to anthropologists, that point in a cultures history when the leaders of the people can kill their own people and get away with it. That level of organized governmental control. It’s often some time after that the King or other government starts to give a shit about the actual welfare of the people but that’s yet another story in the naked city.
Then there’s displaying pieces of the vanquished foe as a trophy.
Kind of like when you hang a deer head or stuffed fish or bird on your wall.
There was a lot of outcry over that “Blackhawk Down” incident in Somalia when the local barefoot ragtag militia in a supposedly “inferior society” took down a sophisticated United States helicopter.
And earlier when the Iranian Air Force, who less than a year earlier were training to shoot down aircraft with their United States Tomcat fighter planes at Sheppard AFB Texas, took out a helicopter… oops I’m supposed to say a sandstorm knocked it down, to spare the feelings of the Culturally Superior USAF
But in both instances pieces of suddenly Former Servicemen were displayed publicly. The people were said to be “barbaric” because instead of cutting them up with machine guns and bombs and such… or perhaps just nailing them to boards and hung up to die in the hot desert sun like the Enlightened Europeans’ Cultures did.

I mean, putting on pieces of the animals you conquered in the hunt, that’s a practice so deeply ingrained into the roots of every society that people think nothing of wearing eagle feathers, claws, a rabbit’s foot,

Like how many of the soldiers who were scalped or other body parts taken as trophies at The Little Bighorn carried rabbit foot charms? (hey, the rabbit had four of them and it wasn’t very lucky, now was it?) And, more importantly, took similar souvenirs from the fallen bodies of the Humans they had vanquished in combat or, often enough, simple murder?
The conquest of Mexico, after it was accomplished, somebody took the wooden leg of General Antonio Jose y Maria Lopez de Santa Ana and they had it in a freakin’ Texas Museum until two decades ago. Then the stupid bastards in Texas government and worse, the press, supposedly educated fellows, bitched and whined about giving the damn leg back to Mexico.

But scalp and ear cuttings, taking somebody’s gold tooth (I’ve seen that done, actually, knock out some other combatants tooth and put it in a damn ring and wearing on your finger) to symbolic capture the soul, the magic, the “medicine” of the person or animal you vanquished to add to your own.

But it’s only “lesser” or “uncivilized” cultures who do that, right? How about cutting off the penises of the vanquished foes and dancing in the streets with them, and the King himself dancing so joyously, waving around other guys pricks mounted on sticks, hooting, hollering and playing music… so completely wrapped up in the display that his own wife hated him from that moment on…

Like King David and his wife, Michal the daughter of Saul who he had won in wedlock as a reward for killing the Philistine Goliath, according to the Second Book of Samuel and the First Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel (1st Kings in the English tradition)

So the next time you hear some idiot bitching about “Middle Eastern” people doing something similar, remember….

King David did it too. Just, y’know, Sayin’ is all.
And get rid of all those charms, trophies, and other versions of the same root superstition before writing an angry rejoinder about me saying these things.
That would include pictures of you with a slain fish or other animal.

And if you happen to have human body parts or trophy pictures of you standing over a dead human, well, you’re a sick bastard and you’ll have, according to my beliefs, a LOT TO ANSWER FOR after your own personal turn to die.

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