Glenn Beck says he’s going to Israel…

Going to Jerusalem to stand with Israel. uh huh…
Like, wouldn’t the Israelis prefer to have somebody who’s not a ChickenHawk? I mean, he had the choice and the chance to join the Army and go fight in the Middle East, chose not to. Same with most of the War Caucus in America. Both in and out of Official Government Service.
Glenn, you’re a putrid bitch.
Typical of your party affiliation, I know, and not even the worst piece of scum to float to the top of that cesspool.
There are Israelis who are working for peace, and you want instead to bring them more war, more death, more of your own sick brand of Hatred. You should be ashamed, so should any of your Demented Disciples. Unfortunately, none of you are.
I’ll say it, since there’s so much thundering silence on the issue, you’re going to start a war in which Jewish people get killed right along with everybody else, I guess that makes you Anti-Semitic. Like AIPAC who prop up Israel in the hopes that Israel will be destroyed in fire, thinking somehow that they’ll thus provoke God to action and that, somehow, God will smile upon them for destroying so many people and so much of His world. Delusional Bastards.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to Glenn Beck says he’s going to Israel…

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Before you and Eric start labeling Beck as a ‘chickenhawk’ for Israel, you might well think about how Glenn Beck fans might well label you two? They might well be laughing their asses off about the thought of you two ultraLefty Democrats, not e’er ACTUALLY over in Palestine fighting for Palestinian rights mano a mano, but always here on the NMT blog screaming and shouting and penning out rants against Zionists in clean ol’ Right Wing Colorado Springs…

    @ Jonah You say…

    ‘I mean, he (Beck) had the choice and the chance to join the Army and go fight in the Middle East, chose not to. Same with most of the War Caucus in America. Both in and out of Official Government Service.’

    Are you talking here, Jonah, also about Hillary and Joe Biden, Nancy or Ken Salazar as being ‘chickenhawks’? Hey, but didn’t you vote for these gals and guys, Jonah? Aren’t these chickenhawking donkeys the ‘War Caucus in America’, as you label them? Yes they are, BJ.

  2. Oh, you mean somebody not killing people nor advocating killing people? People like the prisoner the Ft Carson based MP murdered in Afghanistan, and you know Beck and his fellow Whore-shippers of the Murder Regime, past and present, are going to be Whore-shipping the Coward Murdering Pig Bitch? And they’ll be whining and sniveling that the puke actually serves the minimum sentence, and you know they will.

    But we’re not ever supposed to mention that kind of shit, are we, Tony? Because saying anything at all about the Right Wingers you’re trying to “Change” to suit whatever the fuck your agenda is, because you might what, lose a few of them?

    For somebody who claims to think we’re “irrelevant” you sure do spend a lot of your Elite time trying to change US the same way.

    Hey, maybe it’ll help you “change” some of your TeaBag targets/friends if you join them in licking Becks non-existent testicles.

    You never know till you try. Actually I think the only way you’ll change a TeaTard is if he’s wearing a diaper.

  3. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    ‘Hey, maybe it’ll help you “change” some of your TeaBag targets/friends if you join them in licking Becks non-existent testicles.’

    Jonah, you and Eric are total nuts. Foul mouthed Democratic Party nuts at that… And I don’t really think that you are any better or smarter than the Republican nut jobs you like to criticize all the time.

    Calling Republicans ‘chicken hawks’ while pretending that most of the Democratic Party war hawks are not also that is the most dishonest bullshit stuff imaginable. It’s what you seem to think is some how radical though??? However, I just can’t figure out how you two can be so damn dumb?

    Got to disagree with you there on the ‘chickenhawk’ name calling thing you got going, and it is just as stupid as those Right Wingers out there who also get their own kicks off calling Osama and others ‘cowards’. Yelp all you want about ‘diapers, testicles, pig bitches, whore-shippers, pukes, TeaTards’ and so on. It just makes you and Eric sound exactly like the morons you definitely have turned yourselves into being

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Look, Tony, the Retarded God-Damned TeaBags, including Beck, not only call for the deaths of Americans they’ve actually gotten people killed with their call to arms.
    Chickenhawk is somebody who makes money publicly supporting a war in which they themselves will not fight. Like Glen Beck.There a lot more RepubliKlan and TeaTard Chickenhawks so they get called that a lot more often.

    If they try to silence me with threats and fail, what makes you believe you can silence me by calling me Stupid or Crazy or “dumb donkey”?

    It Ain’t Happening. Threats don’t silence me, nor do the actual physical assaults that have occurred over the years, insults aren’t going to silence me either.

    Throw in their overt and blatant Racism and it gives me more reason to oppose them.

    But it’s “stupid” and “moronic” to point that out? Ska-roo that noise.

    Their racism, their blasphemy, their warmongering even against Americans who oppose them, like they proved in Clay County Kentucky, Arivaca, Knoxville, Tucson… on the unofficial level and the use of the Police as their own private enforcement arm NEED to be constantly confronted.

    If others don’t have the courage to do that then I for one WILL.

    Trying to silence opposition to their ongoing Crime Spree by any means, including your insults, is called Shooting Your Own Comrades, if indeed you really want to stop their warmongering.

    Then move the conversation to Health Care, yet another way where they get to Murder Americans, with violence a bit more subtle.

    And in all that you wish to direct MY words to fit YOUR agenda. while saying all the while that you believe them to be irrelevant.

    No Sale.

    What Beck is doing in Israel is not only trying to get Muslims killed, but Jews and Christians.
    You said once that you didn’t believe I can hang with Bible-thumpers, dude… dude… dude…

    They’re deliberately trying to manipulate God into bringing on the Apocalypse using Israel the state and Jews the People as pawns, setting up Israel to be incinerated, for an Apocalypse from which they believe they’ll be immune and moreover, profit.

    I call that Ultimate Anti-Semitism.
    The fact that their side has Jews aiding and abetting them doesn’t make it any less so. The entire Old Testament describes a centuries long Jew-on-Jew crime spree. It’s not anything new. What is new is that in the past 70 years atomic and Nuclear weapons have been added.

    Of course, opposing that makes me a “dumb donkey” right?

    No Sale.

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