Gun Fu vs Kung Fu, Martial Arts v Martial Law

And why Kung Fu or any other martial art comes out ahead.
If you pick any one thing that’s external to you, something that’s not built into your body and mind as your means of self defense, you set up a cycle of dependence. With knives, staves, swords, and such it’s the same story, only not as quick. With those you have to be trained to get enough proficiency to kill somebody. And the training actually makes you more proficient at fighting without reliance on the object.
The Gun gives you a feeling of helplessness under a veneer of a power rush, you start to consider how it gives you one simple power, to kill. Not to defend, to kill. You begin to think of it as your only means of resolving great conflicts, then, quickly, as you descend into the mental Hell of slavery to an object, as your only means of resolving ANY conflicts. The Gun does your thinking for you, only, it’s stupid. Literally without intellect.
And why did you buy the Gun in the first place? Because you felt so afraid and inferior. “Self Defense” is the number one claim for “Why do you keep or carry a gun?”
And, admit it, at least to yourself, YOU asked yourself that question. If you NEED Mr. Gun to defend yourself, what then will you do if you don’t have Mr. Gun handy and something goes down?
Most intentional homicides aren’t done in self defense. The vast majority of unintended homicides are pure accidents, accidents happen all the time.
I moved my bed last night and dropped the frame onto my foot. People die in swimming accidents, in fact Gun Fanatics like to point that out. A LOT.
I’ll go out on a stacistical limb here and suggest that probably most of the people who drowned last year weren’t actually carrying a swimming pool around in their pockets nor were they basing their entire self defense or conflict resolution plans on being able to pull a swiming pool on somebody.
Putting a gun in your hands, your car or your pocket (let’s get the word-play out of the way here, a holster IS a pocket specially designed to hold only one thing)
Being so afraid that you believe a gun is the only thing that can save your life, makes it more likely that you’ll believe your life is in constant danger and more likely to try to stave off that danger through the use of The Gun. Likewise depending on Armies, a million or so guns, not even in YOUR hands, to “defend” you or more accurately, to force people in other countries to negotiate business deals on YOUR terms and against the best interests of Their People. Think not? Consider this:

In Red China everybody is a de-facto member of the military either of the regular army or the militia. The admittedly Right Wing American estimate is that China has the ability to field two hundred million people within a day. Same in North Korea but with a lower number. Same in Iraq before the invasion.

Beijing is scared white of their own people, but not the ones who carry arms everywhere everyday. They’re scared of a Martial Arts religion, the current one being Falun Gong. A “Confucian” cult, Confucius being the European name of (I’ll draw the simplest line here) Kung Fu Tse.
Other Kung Fu religious groups include The Fists of Harmonious Righteousness, aka The Boxers. Who almost took down not only the (fire)armed Imperial troops but also the Germans, French, Portuguese, English and Americans whose armies had “Negotiated” a permanent presence in China, much like our “permanent” presence in the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent and Persian Gulf.

Simple Score Card For People With ADHD: Euro-American and Imperial troops = Armed with guns.
Boxers = Not Armed With Guns.

The Boxers lost that round. Not forever though.
The John Birch Society says and might be entirely accurate on this one point, the Communist government coopted a people’s revolution.

But the people are there, and now have that government scared of people who do exercises in the parks.

The Heavily Armed government.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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5 Responses to Gun Fu vs Kung Fu, Martial Arts v Martial Law

  1. Avatar Jack Semple says:

    He who carries a sword is easily cut by it.

  2. Avatar James says:

    Ok, but Jonah I’m not sure what you stance here is. Are you against private ownership even for recreational purposes as well?

  3. Avatar Jonah says:

    Since that’s a tiny minority of people who own guns…
    I had guns for hunting. Didn’t wind up doing much hunting though.
    But most people claim their reason to be self defense, those who own them legitimately that is, subsistence hunting, target shooting or collecting historic relics being the next few reasons. Most don’t do subsistence hunting, “Sport” hunting, hmm… it’s perhaps not as bad as those game ranches like the one they made from the cattle ranch on which my uncle was the foreman for decades…. or the one (maybe not the same one, I just don’t know) where you could log in and shoot a “baited” deer using a remote controlled rifle with a mouse click.

    They made the excuse on that one that it would give disabled people the thrill of killing. As a disabled person I find that really condescending.

    Did I mention that I had done some subsistence hunting? Not a funny story about that, other people’s results may differ, but I shot three doves with one shot once. I only recovered two. The other got into a big mess of cholla cactus and probably died several pain filled hours later.

    My dad used to feed the family when I was just an infant by poaching rabbits. Had a Marlin pump .22 rifle. He could hit a running rabbit with one shot and never had to fire twice. I only know that by reputation, some of his friends, who were quite the gunslingers themselves, would tell me about it. They were kind of in awe of his skill. He himself never talked about it.

    But that’s not the norm, now, is it? What would you shoot with an AK-47? Game? You’d spoil the meat.
    Col. Kalashnikov designed it to kill humans.

    An AR15? It was the American equivalent only in 223 caliber.
    The original AR was designed to make a horrible gut wound that would slow down “primitive” people in Third World Countries, like the VietMinh, in the guerrilla theatre. People who don’t have access to modern hospitals like the “Morally Superior” U.S. did… you get gutshot you die, after a day or more. They could leave their comrade, thus wounded, to die… or surrender to the G.I.’s who would after saving his life would simply turn him over to the ARVN to be tortured and then executed… they could kill him outright, or they could give him a pep talk and a grenade with the pin pulled.

    That was the theory. Pistols or revolvers? Who subsistence hunts with a short-arm?
    Somebody who wants to either go hungry or eat at diners before and after hunting.

    Most intentional homicides are done with stolen guns. There’s a lot of them around. I could go to a crack house and buy an AK with no hassle and very little money. People who use a lot of crack or other dope tend to not have any Real Yankee Cash of their own so they need to supplement it with Other Peoples Money. Or things of great trade value like guns which, for some reason, are really easy to steal.

    Probably has a lot to do with that false sense of security they give.
    Some admit straight up that they’re eager to shoot their fellow Americans, only they like to lie to themselves and make their intended victims into something other than American and even other than human.

    I lost count of the “patriots” who have either overtly threatened me or at the very least said I was “un-American and should be shot”…
    It’s a growing cancer in our midst and perhaps making excuses for mentally unstable gun owners isn’t the correct way to handle that.

    If you handle firearms the way the NRA rules say you’re supposed to handle them, there would probably be a lot less accidental shootings, and incidentally they wouldn’t have that very tiny fraction of a percentage point of intentional shootings which actually ARE home defense.

    Which brings it back to the original theme…. most gun purchases are “justified” with the thought of Home Defense.
    And the NRA doesn’t enforce it’s own rules about gun safety, can’t and won’t even try. An NRA lawn sign or window sticker is just an invitation for some dope fiend to come in WHEN YOU’RE NOT THERE and just take the guns. It’s a hideous truth but, it IS the truth.

    Perhaps a good idea would be for more people to be honest with themselves about just why they want that gun.

    90% of Americans didn’t live on farms 20 years ago, and I’m sure the ratio has grown since then. Unless you have a farm that draws deer and rabbits and such right up to your back door, you probably aren’t going to make much of a living off subsistence hunting. Most farmers aren’t very happy about sport hunters shooting up their property either.

    That leaves, what, Target Shooting? Something you could do with a paintball gun.

    I’ve come to a point in my life where even simulated killing isn’t any fun at all. Can’t speak for everybody else.

    I leave the “speak for everybody else” option for the ones who just incidentally say that I’m “un-American and should be killed”.
    Maybe you know a few of them.

  4. Avatar Army ops/intel, retired says:

    Being familiar with both martial arts & firearms, I find it surprising that someone would pretend that any martial art would be a match for someone with a firearm, unless your opponent was a complete idiot … and I’ll grant you that the majority of muggers & inner-city mutants are indeed idiots.

    I’ve taken knives away from street thugs and hospitalized a few (DC & Arlington), and avoided using my concealed pistol (in VA, not DC). However, I was in my 20s, 30s & 40s. I’m now 66, walk (barely) with a cane, crippled by arthritis. Now, without the pistol, I’m simply a victim. For my wife, the pistol was ALWAYS necessary, and has saved her twice.

    If you choose not to arm yourself, that’s your choice, but I find the usual anti-gun arguments to be either specious or, more usually, betraying an appalling ignorance of the subject. Bothered by 10+ magazines that “nobody needs?” Bet you’ve never seen a pack of coyotes after your livestock.

    30-roung mags are actually a poor choice except for VERY experienced shooters, which leaves out every mass-killer so far, and explain their jams. Anyone can swap a magazine in one second, anyhow, so what, exactly, is the point of reducing magazine size? To give mass-killers a better chance of success by limiting them to smaller, more reliable magazines?

    The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting or recreation. It primary purpose was purely to give citizens a defense against their own government, as the Federalist Papers makes very clear.

    I find it far more likely that arms would be used in the event of riot or other civil discord, made far more likely by the increasing fragility of our infrastructure and the almost certainty of further terrorist attacks within the US. Any terrorist group that can’t figure out how to shut down basic services (electricity, heat & water) to an area, and make delivery of food, medicine & essentials to a major urban area stop for period of weeks (or longer) is pretty pathetic. I have a great deal of everything stocked to prepare for a long period of independence — but I don’t plan on sharing my little farm or my supplies with the urbanites who’ll head this way when they’re out of food & water.

    How likely is this? Eventually, it’s a certainty in SOME area. I hope it’s not mine, but I won’t be caught unprepared. I’ve lived under martial law in other countries, where water was restricted to one hr a day, and unless you boiled or cloroxed it, it would kill you. I also pent too much time in the Pentagon analyzing potential terrorist targets in the U.S. & contingency plans for them, and none if it’s very pretty. Even after it’s over, it’s still a nightmare.

    “Gun control,” silly as it is, has turned into a veritable religion among the Left, so I realize that mere facts may not sway anyone. However, I had a few minutes to spare, so what the hell.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Any real and effective gun control program is designed so that guns that might be handled by fools such as ‘Army ops/intel, retired’ won’t be ‘accidentally’ blowing off any other people’s heads. We should not worry so much about just criminals with guns, but also about all those other supposedly ‘responsible’ types with their heaps of guns out there that they love to play with, just as well. We are not living in 18th century frontier USA anymore at all. Time for many laws that come from that era to be changed.

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