Hillary says “Free the internet from political control”

And neglects the NeuenRealpolitik of Corporate control of Politics in America and its vassal states, and the strange silence on her part about Net Neutrality, just, you know, allow Corporate Overlords to control every aspect of the Internet through”free” Market business decisions. As though the Internet wasn’t developed at PUBLIC expense. Kind of like the Military are PUBLICLY funded institutions but somehow, all the profits from their Corporate Warfare go to the same very small group of very rich Thieves.

AT&T, Microsoft, the “Baby Bells”, IBM, Intel… they were very handsomely paid for their “contributions” to developing the Internet. But somehow, I just don’t believe that their engineers, the ones who did all the work, got paid a double digit percentage (> = 10%) of the amount paid to the tiny minority of shareholders who own most of the shares.

Remember Ross Perot? Made $20bn by having the GOVERNMENT provide the research, the recruitment and training of his Data Management team, the equipment to build “his” corporation, EDS… but it was “his” so-called leadership that was the most valuable asset.

Even then, after he immediately sold the company for the aforementioned twenty thousand x a million dollars, fudges on his income tax. Oh, and it was to build the Social Security Medicare database, he being an outspoken critic of Non-Privatized Social Security.

More recently, he got a fat cat contract, no bids, to provide the data management through the company he no longer officially owns, and his Country Club/Military Industrial Complex buddy former Gov. Bill Owens, the term “thick as thieves” applies here… to “manage” the Electronic Benefits Transfers… Medicaid and Food Assistance and AFDC and some very sore spots for Republicans, Child Protective Services… (Why do “conservatives” hate American kids?)

When the system, no bid, patched together and really shoddy, experienced several hiccups during the first 6 months that cost Human Beings Their Irreplaceable Lives, Bill Owens laughed it off with a militaristic quote that it was like launching a new Aircraft Carrier, “you gotta run it for a wile to get all the bugs out of it.” Ignore the fact that a carrier is designed to KILL large numbers of people.

Basically, it’s the notion that “Why should we let the lives of PEASANTS interfere with our profit margins?”

Bill Owens has yet to answer for how much he made in kickbacks from EDS and his old friend Ross Perot.

Hillary has yet to answer for how much she’s making in kickbacks from AT&T, Comcast, Microsux etc over her effective blocking of Net Neutrality.

But these are the flag-carriers for “freedom”. And somehow in such a high position of moral authority that they can tell other countries what to do.

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Brother Jonah

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2 Responses to Hillary says “Free the internet from political control”

  1. Avatar Jeddy says:

    As many US commentators, newspaper analysts, even former members of the US government who were working as advisers, have admitted that the government in Pakistan is one installed by the USA. In 2008 sham elections were held – because always the USA wanted to have someone it knew – it is very difficult to deal with people who are unknown. Hillary should know better the government it has set up to run Pakistan is absolutely corrupt and in order to hide it crimes – will resort to any means to hide that from Pakistanis at least. Which means extensive control on the media and attempts to prevent access to the Internet. The people of Pakistan are fed up with endless censorship, media regulation. Pakistan would be much better place if the censor boards and media regulatory set ups are gotten rid of. But then I suppose it does not suit the USA that the people of Pakistan should be allowed such freedom. Hillary’s husband when he was president, used Pakistan Television and delivered a speech, as though is he is God. He was threatening the people of Pakistan – ‘cringe before your real God or face the ultimate wrath of the USA’ He cannot do that in the USA, but can get away saying such things outside. Bill Clinton the God. It is nice to have a state owned TV, Bill Clinton is known as BC got the complete attention of everyone who owns a TV set.
    BC did his job abusing Pakistanis on Pakistan Television – the government of Pakistan all people whom the USA depends on to run Pakistan for the USA were pleased with themselves. When American leaders have such a low opinion about Pakistan, it will explain why the Americans have absolute value of the life of Pakistanis.
    The feeling is becoming increasingly mutual. Pakistanis know that when the likes of Raymond Davis can kill two people in cold blood and get away with it, why should Pakistanis care about American lives? Hillary should try to tell the existing government to end all censorship and all kinds of controls and regulations on the media.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    One thing I noticed while installing Java VM on a computer a few years ago, there’s export restrictions on it, that people in Cuba, Libya, at the time Iraq, Iran, and Taliban-controlled areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan were forbidden to use it. Now Iraq is considered sufficiently obedient.
    I was using Yahoo! chat which had a very similar wording in their license agreement, and needed a newer version of Java.
    Some of the people I chatted with were in Cuba.

    So, simply because something is forbidden, you know immediately that it’s possible. It’s not forbidden, for instance, to flap your arms and fly to the moon. Not possible, no need to forbid it. It’s the first thing I think of when I see the word “forbidden”. The Third World is building its own communications network and that frightens the Corporate Empire.

    When the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic weapon the U.S., whose pool of scientists who developed the U.S. atomic program were almost universally foreign born and foreign educated, freaked smooth out. “They’ve STOLEN our technology!” they whined… And then they burned at the stake (almost literally, they used the electric chair) a Jewish couple as a burnt offering to appease the fear of the American people.

    Then when the Soviets launched Sputnik, they had no such blood sacrifice available. American Space programs led by the borrowed team of Nazi scientists were coming up empty handed on developing workable space vehicles.

    Now you can almost feel the rumble of what is to come.Computers that once cost several years wages for a farmer in the Third World, now being sold as scrap metal to Third World Countries. Computers that can get on the internet.

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