I’m still glad the bastard is in HELL where he belongs…

But today they erected a million point five dollar statue of Ronald Satan Reagan at a Washington DC Airport.
Still with that famous shit-eating grin he used to talk down to people whose livelihoods he was cutting off and people like my wife Martha, whose very lives he was cutting off. He was a murdering coward son of a Whore and a donkey. A liar and a thief on the level of George Bush and the chickenshit General William Jackson Palmer who the City of Colorado Springs chooses to honor with a bronze Idol right in the middle of the intersection of Platte and Nevada.
All the so-called “Christian” leaders of this town flock to worship at the feet of idols, including the Colorado Springs Christian School, and further compound their idolatry by making idols of Thieves, Liars and Murderers like Palmer, Bush, Winfield Scott, Chivington… and Reagan.
I hope he had lucid moments during his long death from Alzheimers where he remembered, perhaps for hours at a time, that he had once stolen and murdered his way into the most powerful position on Earth… and then realize that he was DYING. It’s too bad he died from Alzheimers rather than a PAINFUL one like what he visited on Martha, along with his band of thieves like Ron Paul. Cut funding for peoples health care knowing full well they’d die from it. They didn’t deserve to die, Martha certainly didn’t, Reagan deserved a much more painful death that he had.
And anybody who supports his policies to the point of making a literal Idol of him.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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17 Responses to I’m still glad the bastard is in HELL where he belongs…

  1. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    Geez, Jonah, not that I don’t agree with you, but forgiveness is not for the sinner but for the soul of the one who was sinned against. He is dead and is now accountable for his actions in this life. They will worship at the idol of Capitalism and will pay in the afterlife. Don’t let his actions take you down. Peace.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I try not to. I was trying to get a Reaganite to respond so I could mention it’s done with Tax Dollars. They’re getting smarter though.

    Build a better mousetrap and you just breed smarter rats. Ah, well.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It would be fun, though, to drag it down and hit it with our shoes…

  4. Avatar Your Superior says:

    Well Jonah–spending has to be cut. And if if that means your wife’s life then so be it. Oh and your a idealistic bitch-twat.

  5. Avatar Wait wait wait says:

    Ok, ^harsh bro…anyway how is Ron Paul a thief?

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Because captalism is based on robbery. The resources which built the foundation of capital, including labor, have historically not been actually bought, but taken in violent conquest. Theft. Taking that which was theirs to take.

    “Why did God put OUR oil under THEIR dirt?” is a fun way to put it but, really, every square inch of America was taken at gunpoint and is held at gunpoint.

    As to the one who wants to make a formal declaration of Class Warfare by saying we deserve to die to balance the budget, why not, you know, defund and disband the military and police, who are now in the sole business of Taking Land and Liberty from everybody in the world, and giving the proceeds to the 1%, at taxpayer expense? They’re being handed all the riches of the world without having to work for them, or build them.

    And the Military Police State are the vehicle for them getting all the riches without soiling their pretty little manicured hands killing the Foreign People and American People, such as Martha.

    I would strongly suspect that “Your Superior” would be such a chickenshit chickenhawk that he would, in the process of sacrificing the lives of the workers for the Comforts of the Wealthy, wouldn’t soil his delicate manicured hands doing the killing up close and personal.

    You want the Workers to die for the benefit of Your Whoremasters, bring it, bitch. We’re already fighting back and even if you do have the power to kill us we’ll STILL resist your imperialist bullshit. Y Tu Mama Tambien Puto.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    For an example of the theft, robbery and murder used to dispossess the workers in favor of the wealthy, which Ron Paul supported right along with Reagan, Ollie North and Secord and GHW Bush, look to Nicaragua and the mercenary Contra Thugs, paid in part with Tax money and in part with Drug Money from the Medellin Cartel. When did Ron Paul waggle his pathetic little manicured fist in the face of that? As I recall, he was one who voted against punishment or even investigation of that robbery and murder spree.

    Some “freedom” loving person he turns out to be. Nicaragua is a key position for the covert war against Venezuela actually keeping control of their own natural resources, trying to do what was already done in Iraq, seizing the oil fields for the profit of the Very Rich, The ONLY ones Ron Paul serves and most definitely the only ones Reagan served. It’s theft on the grandest possible scale.

    Also Nicaragua had to be “pacified” and neighboring El Salvador kept under the rule of American Corporate Death Squads, trained at Taxpayer Expense at the School of the Americas, in order to suppress the workers of Central and South America and keep them in perpetual banana-republic slavery. His assault on the already far-to-meager Minimum Wage both in the 1980s and NOW is an attempt to bring American Workers into that exact level of Slavery and to hold them there, by the force of the Police and Military.

    If the rich want a balanced budget, they’ll never get it simply by cutting off all health and welfare. That’s not even half the budget and the Military Hog is always first at the trough.

    The rich bitches in the 1% who get their wealth at other peoples’ expense and through the medium of other people holding the guns used to kill, rob and enslave them, they can cut their OWN benefits off.

    They’re not necessary for the survival of society. They’re a parasite class of the worst kind. And Ron Paul panders to them.

  8. Avatar Wait wait wait says:

    Actually Sir, and I say this with respect those comments on capitalism being a thing strictly benefitting the wealthy I have to disagree with. In fact, wages are rising in all the 3rd world countries. And what’s more, the workers in those countries clamor only for more free trade–it is a actually just labor interests here that can’t compete that are threatened. And even then, retraining is the reality that many generations of sucessfull workers have underwent.

  9. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, right. They’re killing people in the third world at the workers are begging for more? You lie.

    The third world governments maybe, but there’s more of them being propped up by the Corporate Regime. Regime Change means more Puppet Dictatorships like Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, TaiWan, Iraq.
    Like the laborers in Panama and Honduras who are being murdered weekly for trying to get better wages and working conditions,

    We, the workers, already know that we’re getting paid less than it costs us to produce our labor, which is the only resource we control. We really don’t need some Elitist RICH BITCH like Ron Paul and his minions telling us that we can get by with even less.

    Why are only the Corporate Masters allowed to profit from OUR labor? Not only are we not allowed, by you and all the other Elitist Bitches who believe you’re so much better than the workers that you can direct our lives for YOUR profit and yours alone, not allowed to make a profit but not even allowed to break even.

    YOU try living on $3.35 an hour like Ron Paul and Reagan forced us to endure for over a decade. Try paying all your bills and supporting your family on that, You MotherFucking Elitist BITCH.
    And on top of that, pay overinflated Health Insurance, then when you can’t and get disabled at work, as I did, by Capitalist Greed, coupled with the deregulation YOU FASCIST MOTHERFUCKERS INCLUDING RON PAUL FORCED ON US, then listen to spoiled rich-bitches like Ron Paul tell us that we should be left to DIE.

    Then see if you can respond to elitist provocation like that without saying “naughty words” which the coward ass Corporate Whores insist is some evidence of the “natural inferiority of the Workers”

    YOU elitist fascist bitches will NEVER be superior to anybody, PUNK.
    Not once not ever. Your mocking words are squeaked out from behind a massive Police Line, knowing full well that your PIGS will protect you from the beating your arrogance mandates.

    What will you do to prove your own individual superiority, Elitist?
    I already know damned well. You’ll sic your PIGS and Army on any who dare to stand up and tell YOU to fuck off and die the way Ron Paul told us to Fuck off and die.

    Fucking Corporate Whore.

  10. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And you say it’s respectful to condemn the entire working class with your condescending Elitist Lies.

    I’ve being far more respectful of you. At least I say you’re intelligent enough to know that you’re a lying whore-servant of the Parasitic Wealthy Class. Just as Ron Paul knows that he is.

  11. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Let’s see how many more sneers you can manage to blow out of your nose. “the workers of the world are clamoring for less wages and more slavery”.

    What a pathetic lying bitch.

  12. Avatar Wait wait wait says:

    Okay, now what I will suggest for the two of us for the sake of argument–is that both of us should try to maintain a tone of civil discussion. I’m sorry to hear about you health condition and that is unfortunate. But I assure you that I am not elitist–in fact I am lower middle class. Now getting back to the argument, yes those wages are low–but the cost of living in those countries is lower and if they did not have those jobs they would be in an even worse condition. I cannot lie about this 1) because I am an honest person and I believe in intellectual integrity for what it brings to learning and 2) you only have to look at the WTO negotiations to see how 3rd world states are constantly trying to goad the US into lowering its protections against cheaper foreign goods. But because we are obligated to protect American labor in industry and in farming, not as much wealth is transferred to these smaller countries (which would be considerably more effective that foreign aid bills). You say that this is a lie, but you can reference many a economic textbook to access the logic of comparative advantage and other such themes.
    Also Jonah, you attribute the police state as a body to being a sic dog of the wealthy. I would have to disagree, men and women in the police force–are exceptionally underpaid and assuming that they are bribed ‘gestapo’ working for some shadowy elitist body is non-sense. They’re job is to enforce the law, and unfortunately some take advantage of that (in the case of King) or are corrupted individuals. But there is not an monolithic elitist identity–and if there was you have not cited any form of evidence. As for Ron Paul and Venezuela I would like to see proof as well

  13. Avatar Wait wait wait says:

    Also, it seems you have been using class warfare analysis entirely. China was once entirely communist, are you aware that its new prolific advances in industry occured only after it reformed its policies to free trade?

  14. Avatar Wait wait wait says:

    It seems Jonah that you are in fact, as I reviewed you claims–speaking without weight. You claim to be an anarchist-yet you fail to see that anarchy would leave you in an even worse condition than you are now. In fact, what is ironic is that fiscal conservative policy of deregulation, non-interventionism(the neo-cons are not my friends–even as a conservative), limited government, and freedom is closer to anarchy than the leftist nanny state. Do you see the problem here?

  15. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Is it some sort of coincidence that you “wait” and your alter-ego “superior” have the same IP address and further coincidence that another Right Wing Troll has a similar IP address, as in the first two numbers being identical? Like, the way the IP addresses would be at a library, or?

    Oh, and about that “nanny state” bullshit. Do you think that people should be allowed to with the publicly funded assistance of the state, force workers to accept unsafe working conditions at lower wages than it takes to produce our labor, like the State of TEXAS does?
    Is that what you’re saying punk-ass bitch?

    State sponsored destruction of the working people but not any state sponsored or even state PERMITTED methods for the workers to fight back, isn’t THAT what you and Ron Paul propose keeping in place forever, BITCH?

    Do you really believe that your Corporate Masters are so superior to me and to the rest of the working class that you can simply break us and then throw us away like so much broken machinery?

    I know you personally aren’t. Just a snivelling coward hiding behind three IP addresses on the same LAN, licking the boots of your master and sneering at those who have the courage to defy Your Masters?

    Good little doggie.

  16. Avatar White Rule says:

    1) you are in fact expendable–and so am I. This is the nature of the world (survival of the fittest). You can learn to compete, or you can bitch about the pitfalls of capitalism. You can read a book on economics that uses applicable and realistic logic, or you can read a manifesto of catch phrases and assume all things are black and white class warfare. (though I couldn’t expect someone like you to be open minded about anything)
    2) I needn’t cater to any master, in fact I my “sneering” is nothing more than the act of provoking your all too ready temper. You sir are a bitch, and yes I can sit here away from you and give you hell all day. I don’t care about any capitalist master–but I sure as hell think your idealism is hilarious. Did you forget about the anarchy question–or is that too much for you to reconcile with your illogical war on capitalism. Read a book, or suck the cock of idealism. But since you probably like dick nectar–you can support occupy under the hilarious notion that you will ever make a difference. Solidarity will get you nowhere, especially when world capital can run a train of anal rape through your peaceful protests. You have no power, and its fun to watch you squirm.

  17. Avatar OH BT DUBBS says:

    I banged martha

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