“independent counsel” Feinberg says all okay by 2012″

The Gulf of Mexico will have largely recovered from the BP oil spill by the end of 2012, the administrator of the $20bn (£12bn) pay-outs fund has said.
Attorney Kenneth Feinberg said that compensation to those who lost revenue from the disaster would be based on this prediction.
Meanwhile, a judge has ruled that Mr Feinberg make clear to claimants that he is not independent from BP.
The Deepwater Horizon spill was the biggest in US history.
The fund was set up by BP in August to compensate those affected by the spill, and has so far paid out about $3.3bn to 168,000 people.

And how many more billions in Company Thugs to keep photographers, journalists, the U.S. Navy, and any attorneys for the plaintiffs (every sumbitchin’ citizen of America and the world) from accessing evidence of their culpability in this mass Eco-Slaughter. Including using United States Publicly Funded Resources such as the courts and police to help enforce their Private “property”. Property meaning even any data about the nature of their crime.
O, yassuh Mr Company paid Judge, we-uns knows we gonna get good treatment from the company doctor and a decent settlement from the company lawyers…

Oh, and they Created Jobs too…
They created 11 job openings at Deepwater Horizon in a matter of seconds, “fired” the original workers… with real fire.

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  1. Avatar Jeddy says:

    There must be something which scholars of history must have found proving that the existence of great civilisations and empires is a cycle. No empire starts with the intent to become one – it is an accidental development. When the Asian empires collapsed because of the decay in their systems the Europeans ended up exploiting the situation and they had their empires. But their empires were temporary and ended as a result of wars, bad decisions and the over all decay in the system which comes over time. The fact that the USA had entered that cycle of decay and eventual collapse. The people lose faith in an otherwise seemingly perfect system. There were number of ways to go down – start World War III and disappear in a blaze of glory. Or 9/11. Keep the US armed forces in different conflicts all over the world. Undo what was serving the interests for so long – puppet leaders, dictators like Hosni Mobarak and others. Unemployment increases in the USA.The housing crisis, the insurance crisis, the banking crisis. On top of that nature is not helping – Hurricane Katrina hastening the end. No empire has fallen from foreign invaders – empires have the ability to correct such mistakes and the invaders are removed. The problems within the empire are of such nature that they cannot be resolved – the technology and the means does not exist. The empire was falling which is why films such as ‘2012’ are made and a few day back people some people thought the world would end. Are these coincidences or merely a statement of an established fact? The USSR collapsed. The Russian empire ceased to be. The wars the USA is fighting is to keep people distracted. But there will be a point every US citizen will stand up and start rioting and demonstrating and condemning a collapsing system.

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