I’ve been criticized for this picture before…

That is ARVN General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing Murdering Capt. Nguyen Van Lem of the VietMinh. The excuse often given for the General killing a prisoner is that members of Gen Nguyen’s family had been killed recently. So had members of Capt Nguyens family, probably at the orders of Gen Nguyen. But, you see, grief and a desire to avenge ones family is a privilege only granted to The Wealthy Elite. How DARE a peasant presume that his moms or his wifes or his child’s life was worth exactly the same as that of a Rich Person? And make no mistake, the General, in a country that could best be described as a satrapy, was rich. It’s much like you don’t have to come from a line of officers in the U.S. to get an appointment to the Service Academies, but if your family were enlisted men for generations it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t. And Robert E. Lee had an extreme advantage in that his grandfather was the first commandant of West Point and was a close personal friend of George Washington, and John McCain wasn’t exactly hampered by his daddy being an Admiral either.
Rank isn’t supposed to be inherited, like Aristocracy, but it sure enough is.
And it still falls back to the time when officers, with titles like earl or duke or Knight, owned the men serving under them.
This is another unexpurgated face of war. Just, you know, reminding the people that The Big Pigs don’t like for the kids they’re recruiting or the people who are supposed to pay their taxes cheerfully to support the wars… to know the realities of it.
In the Unexpurgated Face of War comments was the constant running theme that somehow we have to hide the Ugly of war to allow the Glorious to shine through. But there is no glorious, only the ugly.

People die, mostly the poor, because there’s more of us to begin with, and far lower a percentage of the wealthy get drafted or recruited. People die with great big pieces of themselves surgically removed with explosives or projectiles launched with explosives. You wouldn’t think that something as small as a bullet, multiplied impact by the fact that it’s hitting at over the speed of sound, would be able to take something as large as both lungs and the heart out the back…

But, it does. Some have bulletproof vests, usually the aggressor nation (U.S., Britain) but, there are Vestproof Bullets to counter that. One concept explaining the exact value of a bulletproof vest is that it keeps the internal organs in roughly the same place so cleanup is easier.
(the first time I encountered that was in the book Catch-22 by Joseph Heller… Whither the Snowdens of yesteryear?)

They’re with Capt. Nguyen, and now, Gen. Nguyen

By the way, that’s not a given name, it’s the surname, lots of nations in Asia use the surname first. It’s also THE most common surname in the Annamese language, (Annam was the ruling province of what’s now VietNam) and in VietNam it’s more common than Smith Jones and Brown combined. Were they cousins? Probably.
The old Cain and Abel routine comes in naturally, one of the interesting things of the “Seven Degrees From Kevin Bacon” parlor game is now codified, there actually is seven degrees of separation OR LESS from any two people on the planet.

As the song says, it’s a small world after all. It’s how a swarm of locusts three miles wide will have perfectly synchronized wingbeats and a swarm of crickets will chirp in perfect orchestration.

More important to those who study peace and love, as opposed to war and hate, that person you’re pointing the gun at, actually IS your brother, or close enough.

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