Johannes Mehserle, free, Eli Lilly employees, scot free, Pop Stars doctor, Jailed.

Only, the PIG Johannes Mehserle deliberately shot Oscar Grant, in the back, while Mr Grant was face down on the sidewalk, with the 200 pound PIG Johannes Mehserle kneeling on him. Mr Grant was also already handcuffed. The PIG Johannes Mehserle claimed he though he had his Taser instead of his double-action (rare) Sig-Sauer automatic pistol and was tasering Mr Grant. Why taser a handcuffed man in the first place? Because PIGS, like Johannes Mehserle and every other uniformed badge, are sadistic and sexually enjoy the pain of others, especially when the Others are helpless. Yeah, I do think that of cops. Cops beat it into me, while I was handcuffed and on occasion wile strapped into chairs, for talking bad about them and “hurting their feelings”. Awwww… Poor widdle cwybaby PIGS. What will you do, beat it out of me? While I’m handcuffed of course because you would never engage in equal combat.

This is the Boer Supremacist who pulled the trigger on Mr Grant

There are fewer than a million website references to Johannes Mehserle. How many do you think would be about the Doctor? I’m deliberately not feeding the bear on this…

Ready, set, GOOGLE!

Ooops… more than 72 million in a tenth of a second. Pushing dope with a doctorate usually doesn’t get you any jail time. Ask Eli Lilly and company, thousands of doctorates in their company and almost as many lawyers. Lawyers who make sure the doctors don’t go to jail for KILLING people with drugs such as Zyprexa, which by the company admission over a DECADE ago actually causes and exacerbates inflammations of the liver, kidneys and pancreas, as in: Instant Diabetes How many Eli Lilly employees are serving time or have felony records for that? NOT A SINGLE ONE.

The doctor/dealer/candy man is being pilloried by people, many of whom protested the murder of Oscar Grant, and one helluvalotta more who protested against so much as an Investigation into the actions of Johannes Mehserle or any other killer kop.

The ones who are Back The Badge morons are the ones who scream loudest that the Doctor should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Deliberate murder by Cops? Not a problem, according to the so-called Law and Order fanatics. (“WE make the Laws and YOU obey our orders, or we’ll kill you!”) A truly accidental homicide? 72 million web comments. It had to be accidental, drug dealers seldom deliberately kill the people who lay the golden egg.

The Gossip “news” shows, tabloids in electronic form actually, and the actual tabloids, plus the “legitimate” press and broadcast news, have been on this issue like Stink on Shit since day one.
With not-quite insinuations that the doctor was guilty from day one. No poisoning the jury pool there, no sir! When they preface the Slander Session with “Every accused is innocent until proven guilty, of course” I automatically cringe. It’s like hearing “well, if he had done nothing wrong, why would the police investigate him?” “If you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you fear the gestapo, citizen?” or “I’m not a racist but…”
It means you can almost predict exactly what the bonehead making the statement is going to say.

It’s been on every news show on every station, in every newspaper and every tabloid published since the trial began. How many times in one day was Oscar Grant mentioned on any one network? How many times in the past 11 years was Zyprexa mentioned on the news?

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to Johannes Mehserle, free, Eli Lilly employees, scot free, Pop Stars doctor, Jailed.

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, another question, I left it dangling before. A double action pistol is rare because it’s not a safe weapon. As though any were.
    He also had a round in the chamber which is dangerous even in a single action, one where you have to cock the hammer of the pistol before firing. You could strike the hammer, driving it strike the firing pin which would then strike the primer cap of the bullet.

    There’s a way around that, so you don’t shoot yourself just by dropping your own very deadly very loud Replacement Penis.

    It’s called a half-cock. invented a long long long time ago, about the second or third time pistols were dropped and the Gunslingers shot their own stupid selves. It’s a two stage hammer position. The first one puts it in a position where it will only travel backward, to full cock, and where the trigger being moved won’t affect it at all. In a double action drawing back the trigger cocks the hammer then lets it fall. A single action you have to cock it first.

    It’s the prefered method. Also with a pistol you have to chamber a round first. A revolver, which is NOT a pistol, has the rounds already in the chambers, which are independent of the barrel. Having 6 rounds in a six-shooter is a recipe for having your leg violently amputated by hitting your hand against your hoster or any number of combinations of Stupid Coincidence.
    To load a round with most autoloading pistols you have to draw back the slide. The safest way to carry one is absolutely unloaded, pop in a magazine when you’re about to shoot. That’s the way the Army and NRA safety regulations read as well. Chambered rounds = dead soldiers so the Army doesn’t let the soldiers do it on base.
    So why do Civilians like to do it just to show off their power?
    “Behold, I have purchased a firearm, therefore I am now an Invincible Bad-ass”. yeah right.

    They love them some insurance companies, that’s what they told us when the subject is Health Care. But they hate paying insurance on their cars, bet a dollar that fewer than one percent of firearms owners actually have their guns insured, and Insurance statistics are that you’re so much more likely to shoot yourself, a family member, pet or friend than to actually use the gun to defend yourself.

    Especially when you use a doubxle action Sig-Sauer pistol with a chambered round, safety off.

  2. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    Dr Conrad Murray was black. Strike 1. Michael Jackson was a beloved icon that, despite evidence to the contrary, could do no wrong. Strike 2. LA DA’s office has had too many high profile cases that they lost. Strike 3. The problem with this is that Dr Murray JUST signed on as a $150,000.00 per month Dr-on-retainer and would have to be a stone cold idiot to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs. I believe he should be found guilty of stupidity for believing MJ did not have a drug problem and allowing him to self inject Propofol. As far as Johannes Mehserle’s conviction of Involuntary Manslaughter. Another whitewash by the DA’s office and spoon-fed to their hand picked jury.

  3. Avatar stephen says:

    please check out this vid at 7:21

    it shows him cocking the gun

    i believe that all the videos of the shooting used in the trial were from angles that did not show this, could this be evidence showing that he knew full well he had his gun out and not his taser ?

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Damn straight it would. His defense was that since the gun is double action and didn’t require being cocked. Tasers don’t need to be locked and loaded and the only experience I’ve had with them was from the wrong end, but I believe they had to “click” in the battery pack.

    Entirely different from cocking a gun. The Army trains people not to have a round in the chamber, it doesn’t slow you down much, a fraction of a second, but it required a deliberate action before you can fire a weapon. Eliminates most accidents and most panic-reaction shootings which account for most of the wrongful deaths anyway.

    In London the cops haven’t carried guns since guns were first introduced, it’s a very crowded place, all that crap about firing a bazillion rounds from a submachine gun while rolling down the street at high speed is pure Hollywood. There’s a joke that got used a couple of times in the movies, the hero wasted all his ammunition target shooting (and missing every target) and somebody did like the gunfight from “Man Who Shot Liberty Valence” and shot the bad guy in the back while he was drawing against what he thought was a practically unarmed foe, dying words were “A SEVEN shooter?”

    They show wasting ammuniton on a scale even the military could never match, and all the bullets being Magic… they disappear unless they hit the intended target.

    My family doesn’t take me to movies anymore because I’d be the one jumping up and screaming at the screen “That’s Impossible!”

    Oh, and people who carry revolvers for their real job, like REAL cowboys, usually follow a rule that’s similar. They keep the hammer down on an empty chamber, only using 5 bullets to load up. And, for the same reason.

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