Knowing that I’m somewhat of a fan of stupid ideas.

Hyundai has this commercial about how they’re wanting the people to “shoot straight” to them.
Ummm… given that the people who manufacture firearms, advertize on Fox News with fear tactics that if their loyal (but kind of dumb) audience don’t buy lots of military grade weapons for the express purpose of shooting Americans, then the Negroes will run rampant in their suburbs, play loud rap music and seduce the daughters of privilege. Sons too. And bring forth the specter of foreigners, such as the Korean manufacturing concern which makes Hyundai cars.
They also deny that making large numbers of guns available and using fear tactics to get people to buy them could have anything at all to do with the ongoing slaughter spree involving guns. Guns don’t kill, stupid frightened people using guns kill.
So maybe it isn’t a really good idea to actually use imagery that “triggers” a certain mindset to go into a car dealership and “shoot”.
Just, y’know, sayin’ is all.

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