Man arrested in Cambridgeshire England for planning to shout at Royals

Not “shoot” as in physically harm people, if you count Royals as actual people, but to speak in a loud voice.
The Cambridge PIGS have held him without bail to prevent the “Rebirth of Ostentatious Wealth” ha-ha, we got Ours, too bad about yours, which we took from you and that’s how we got ‘ours’ in the first place” let-them-eat-cake Publicly Funded Welfare for the richest family on the Planet, from being “disrupted”
Her Majesty’s Police Forces are traitors to their class just like any of the other Lackeys who lick the Royal Boots. So are the Crown Courts.
Just like ours cops right here in the so-called “Land of the Free”… Free to obey, free to grovel to the ostentatious displays of the wealth of thieves and murderers. That’s 20 MILLION pounds, the most expensive wedding on record. All of it on the public dimesixpence while the House of Lords, none of whom earned their titles, strip bread from the mouths of children, medicine from the ill and the very right to raise your voice from anybody who would protest.
The professional Lackeys who were invited to the wedding raised THEIR voices in protest against the rights of the People. Apparently shouting is only allowed if it’s in support of the Very Rich Rulers, like what the retarded-ass TeaBags do here.
Raise your voice AGAINST them and their leaders will have you dragged from their presence by the Publicly Funded Police like Sarah Palin did while proclaiming that nobody should sit down or shut up.
Unless they “heckled” Her Royal Majesty of course.
Or Rand Paul having his Koward Kentucky Komrade tea-bag THUG patrol, three of them, attack a woman, Lauren Valle, for heckling him, while hundreds of other Tea Bag Koward Kentucky Komrades stood around to make sure nobody interefered with their fun.
And still say they only stand for Freedom.

Just a reminder that they pretend to be Revolutionaries against the same family that had
Charlie Veitch imprisoned without bail not for exercising his free speech, but PLANNING to exercise his Free Speech, guaranteed in a bill of rights centuries older than our own.
Our own Bill of Rights, incidentally, was rejected by a majority of the so-called “Founding Fathers” who the TeaTards idolize and fantasize fellating them.

Just, you know, sayin’ is all. There isn’t a single one of the TeaTards who issued so much as a squeak of protest at the St Paddie’s Day Massacre nor at another Freedom of The People Peaceably To Assemble rally which the Colorado Springs Gestapo violently suppressed at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom To Obey and Fellate George Bush.

They don’t stand for Freedom and never once did. I saw one the other day wearing his retard-hat with the snake-flag on it, and on his tee-shirt saying Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

The last time I had seen his retarded ass was when he was cheering for the Colorado Springs PIG department beating up on mostly elderly and disabled people.
Yeah, real Heroic that you’ll take such a stand for liberty. Lying sack of Tea-shit.
Worship the Royalty you claim to oppose.

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