Merrifield portrayed as Lenin, Princess Lisa says she didn’t do it.

Of course she didn't do it. It would take work and she doesn't do Work.

But you know, right, that somebody who is pandering to the Lunatic Fringe of the Right Wing, the ones stupid enough and hate-filled enough to do it, the ones who feel anybody who isn’t a lock-step conformist racist elitist Wealthy Republiklan member or their really STUPID minions is a “commie”… and must be forced to conform or become the victim of the Next Deranged Lone Wolf Social Misfit like Jared Loughner, of whom the Reich Wing, like Princess Lisa, have a large and seemingly inexhaustible supply.
Lisa Czeladtko also said in a comment to the Gag-Zette that she will win on her own merits.
And left out the part about how her RepubliKlan comrades at the County Clerks Office are making sure that as few votes as possible are cast. Her favorite Hate-Target, the homeless PEOPLE, and those who recently moved, like, evicted after losing their jobs to the Fascist Policies of the “heroes” she worships like Palin and Bush and Reagan.

Disenfranchised, even though it’s legal to vote if you’re homeless. Something Princess Siddhartha is undoubtedly hoping to change. To her and her Country Club Elite Comrades, Homeless PEOPLE aren’t really people. UnterMenschen, subhuman, deserving of nothing but her scorn. The same with Those Greedy Working Class people who believe that we should be paid at least as much as it costs us to produce our labor.

This is what her Comrades propose to use to control us.

They SAY that they don’t hate Homeless people, workers, Democrats, Blacks, Hispanics, Recent Immigrants, Native Americans… but they call us “Traitors” if we disagree with them or if we defend the homeless people, workers, Democrats, Blacks, Hispanics, Recent Immigrants, American Indians… And Treason is a death penalty offense, and they say if the Government doesn’t enforce their will then They, or more like, their hate-filled bigoted Deranged Lone Wolf Social Misfits will.

They also say they’re Patriotic, Heroic, Revolutionary, Christian, Good Citizens…
In short, they lie.
They lie a LOT.
They lie even if they don’t have to lie.
They lie to stay in practice
They often LIE just to hear the wind whistle through their teeth.

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Brother Jonah

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