Miz Lisa Czeladtko, drop the hell out of the race, M’kay?

You know, there’s not many options. Threatening police actions and lawsuits for people mocking your positions on civic issues, especially when you’re hoping to be in government power, to be honest, would put you right up there with Rivera and his adopted/anointed replacement Bach-door. And the rest of the Clown Parade that is, sadly, our City Government. You’ve worked at St Mary’s, cool. But a few hours a week doesn’t equal one single day of the nightmare Hell that IS Homelessness. And it surely doesn’t give you any moral authority to go putting down people who have to endure that Hell. Go back to the Country Club, m’kay? That guy you saw cursing in the park, Remember? Your instant diagnosis of schizophrenia… what if he isn’t “crazy” or in the case of real schizophrenia, suffering from a degenerative neurological disorder? Would it make any difference to you, personally? How much concern does that show for HIS welfare as opposed to worrying that children might see what illness or death or age or poverty looks like? I call that the Prince Siddhartha Syndrome. Before he became The Buddha.

I don’t know nor do I give a rat’s ass if you personally said that poor people should be banned from public parks, but some of your friends and political colleagues DID and your thundering silence about their massive Hate-Crime is enough for me to lump you in with them.

I live with Autism, maybe you could study that one for a while before you make the assumption that Autists are somehow inferior to “neuro-typicals” the way you obviously did with the Fellow Child of God you wanted to keep out of the park.

There’s been some truly radical talk from your backers in this race, lady. Talk about actually banning people from appearing in public places if they “look” homeless.

One of your accomplices, Janis Heuberger, suggested banning bicyclists from Acacia Park, saying “only the Homeless ride bicycles”.

Now, I WAS homeless for a while, til I got SSI for my broken to hell foot and leg, and of course the Autism. I suffer not so much from these conditions as from the biting scorn of people who think those conditions somehow make Them superior to me. I can perfectly empathize with the fellow at the Acacia Park Pizza Party, if I had people like YOU looking down on me for daring to be in a public place without your royal permission I’d probably feel an overwhelming urge to shout at you too.

And, I’d be in the right to do so. You did far worse to him with your whispers and sneers than any curses he could possibly have screamed at YOU, your highness.

Go back to your Barbie-doll Perfect Rich Bitch world and leave people alone. I’d sooner be in the company of somebody like the Park Hollerin’ fellow than with a stuck up wannabee Princess.

The Homeless PEOPLE you love to hate aren’t the reason for the city’s decline. Capitalism is, in all its inglorious manifestations. That fellow depicted in the statue in the intersection? He cursed the city of Colorado Springs by founding it based on Grand Theft – Everything. The ultimate real-estate baron. There’s not a square inch of downtown that wasn’t taken at gunpoint.

There’s another park downtown, Monument Park, maybe you’ve seen it? It’s a “monument’ to some White Boys who picked a fight with some Indians who were “off the reservation”. And LOST. Teenage racist punks.

But it’s called the Last Indian Massacre in Colorado.

Imagine that. Born in America and told where you can be or not to be. Kind of like telling the homeless PEOPLE that they’re not allowed to be seen downtown, that they must stay on the Homeless Reservation at Marian House or the New Hope Center.

But that’s the kind of “We’re ever so much better than YOU” horse-shit the Colorado Springs Establishment loves to promote. It gets tiresome. It’s a blight on America and we really don’t need to promote it further, now, do we? Your groomers/handlers Silly Clark and Jerry Bootlicher can go to hell and, probably will. Heimlicher wants to live a thousand miles away and still run Colorado Springs, Hell NO!

By the way, your Hunger Meters? The ones we’re supposed to drop coins in rather than give to people on the street? They’re offensive. Really. Jesus said to give, and not spare, and asking no questions. People would occasionally stop me on the street and hand me money. It never went for cigarettes and whiskey and Wild Wild Women. (actual title of a song, google it)

So I took a washer I found in the street, spit a huge loogie all over it and dropped it into one of your meters. So much for your desire to control all alms-giving in town. “Give to the poor, as long as the Wealthy manage the money and the people, for We are Better Than You.” What all else do you tell people, that if they hire somebody who is homeless that he shouldn’t be paid in money?

Or, seeing as your friends think that merely APPEARING to be homeless is just cause for discrimination…

I mean, it’s the next illogical step in your dominance agenda, yes? Go back to your DreamHouse, Barbie.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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5 Responses to Miz Lisa Czeladtko, drop the hell out of the race, M’kay?

  1. Oh, and Janis/Sally/Lisa/Steve Patch… about the bicycle ban at Acacia Park? When I ride across town ON MY BICYCLE usually to go to a doctors office, and, yes, the Physical Therapy people prescribed bicycling for my ankles…

    I often stop at Acacia Park to rest, and play my flute so I don’t fall asleep on the bench and risk being awakened by an overzealous Local Gestapo with a taser. It’s pathetic that you kids believe that I should be deprived of Full Citizenship because of that.

    Tragic, even, because apparently you have the ear of several in City and County Government.

  2. Avatar Uncle Sam says:

    Cash your SSI check and shut up – productive citizens don’t pay taxes to support your faux activism and criticism of the teat you suck from every month!

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    My check comes from being broken at WORK.
    I’ll say what I want, when I want and to whom I want, understand, compadre?

    You have no control over that and you never will.
    Get used to it.

  4. Avatar Hate Haters says:

    Whoa… she’s self-righteous & loves to hate? I don’t know one thing about her (which is why I did the search that led me here), but I can guarantee that’s the pot calling the kettle black if I ever saw it. Awful lot of viciousness for someone supposedly advocating for tolerance. Good grief. How can you expect anything of others if you cannot even be civil in your disagreement?

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    She makes it clear she thinks people who aren’t moneyed and propertied are, well, beneath her. I’m not and I really don’t know anybody who is. When she ran her campaign on snobbery she pissed off a lot of people. Good people. What got my attention was the bit where she basically said that poor or mentally ill people should be kept away from the view of her stuck-up crowd. The whole bitter hatred of the notion of people she considered unworthy to use a public park, which we own just as much as Her Royal Highness. Maybe YOU would love to be on the receiving end of such Bitchy Elitist Bullshit but I assure you many many others DO NOT.
    It’s difficult enough dealing with such arrogance without having others condemn our anger.

    Anger is only wrong if there’s no reason for it. You can call it Hate if you wish, I’d say telling a whole economic class that we don’t deserve the privileges of citizenship becouse the wealthier class have more money than us, that’s pretty fucking hateful.

    If she doesn’t like having to eat her own vomit she shouldn’t have spewed it in our general direction.

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