Petition Sallie Clark not to groom Lisa Czeladtko city council campaign

Conflict of interest, anyone? County Commissioner is one of those “low paid” jobs in local government which pays off hugely in graft money, if one is so disposed to take advantage of that opportunity, by voting tax breaks, zoning laws (enforced at Public Expense) and other Pork-barrel subsidies for the actual paying business of the Commissioner. Quasi-legalized Grand Theft would be a better word for it.

editorial note: There are lines even in Colorado Springs politics which should not be crossed. Such as paid representatives using their positions of power to influence elections. Sally Clark is an Earth-raping Fascist a Land Developer, part of the “in crowd” who destroyed the economy of the U.S., the entire planet and in particular Colorado Springs with their Ponzi-scheme federally subsidized Mortgage Ripoff. And who bought her position and vote not only as city council but as County Commissioner. Same as always Lisa Czeladtko is running for City Councilor of Colorado Springs Colorado. The status quo in Colorado Springs shows hatred toward victims of a poor local economy.

Former Colorado Springs City Councilor and current El Paso County Commissioner Sallie Clark is the campaign manager for Lisa Czeladtko.

Lisa Czeladtko has negatively criticized the New Life Church for having helped victims of a fallen economy in Acacia Park. Lisa Czeladtko has publicly demonized victims of a fallen economy.

Sallie Clark is acting as her campaign manager while serving as El Paso County Commissioner.

Sallie Clark must either resign as El Paso County Commissioner or resign as Lisa Czeladtko’s Campaign Manager.

Colorado Springs needs fair minded representatives on the City Council not those who express hatred toward toward people who were negatively affected by the downfall of the economy.

Furthermore let this petition serve as a notice that the whole world is watching Colorado Springs

There was a Richard Pryor movie long ago “Brewster’s Millions: an American excess story” in which the question was put, of a mayoral candidate, “Why would anybody spend 30 Million dollars to get elected to a job that pays a hundred Thousand a year? Answer: because he can steal it back, with interest”

While the campaign costs for City Council and County Commissioner here aren’t that large, neither is the actual pay for those positions. Since every man jack and girl Jill on either board considers or at least calls him/her self a “conservative” and with business ethics which start and end with Profit At Whatever Moral Cost, that leads to a (yet another) wide-open all-you-can-steal-buffet publicly funded trough where the Rich can feed.

Exact text of petition:

Please Resign


We feel that your efforts to help Lisa Czeladtko win a seat onto the Colorado Springs City Council are with hatred toward the victims of a poor economy in the Colorado Springs Area.

We the undersigned feel that it would be in the best interests of the people in the Colorado Springs and El Paso County Area if you resign as Lisa Czeladtko’s Campaign Manager and/or El Paso County Commissioner

[Your name]

Of course my take on it remains unchanged

The City of Colorado Springs worships as a demigod a former United States Army general who used his leverage as a certified Baby-killing Land Thief in the (for now paused) Genocide against American Indians with the sole purpose of taking the land… Used that leverage to get a GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED Railroad “free market enterprise” and used THAT position to get, from the Federal Government, and at taxpayer expense, sections (square mile blocks) of land and started the City of Colorado Springs on what is basically Real Estate Fraud, enforced by U.S. Cavalry rifles and sabres.

The aforementioned Acacia Park, which Lisa Czeladtko and others of her Fascist Ilk wish to make off-limits to anybody who doesn’t meet their criteria, largely based on income, for citizenship in Colorado Springs, or El Paso County, or the State of Colorado or The United States….

has at the North-east corner an intersection, Platte and Nevada, where they’ve got this humongous Idolatrous statue of the aforementioned Baby-killing Land Raping Thief which we, the Citizens, are required to worship with our tax money (it costs us to maintain their idol) and is an utterly ridiculous traffic hazard.

“At Smith-Barney (or any other thieving-ass Investment House temple-of-Mammon) we make money the old fashioned way… we hire scions of the Slave Class to join our armies and take the resources of other people and kill anybody who objects”

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Brother Jonah

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5 Responses to Petition Sallie Clark not to groom Lisa Czeladtko city council campaign

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    In an Email to me Sallie Clark writes;

    From: “Sallie Clark” View contact details
    To: “Ed Billings” , “Darryl Glenn” , “Amy Lathen” , “Peggy Littleton”
    Dear Ed,

    First, I am not managing Lisa Czelatdko’s campaign, I am an honorary chair along with past District 3 City Councilmember Jerry Heimlicher. That being said, I believe that Lisa Czelatdko is an excellent choice to represent us in the District where I reside as well as operate a small business. Lisa is thoughtful, hard working and someone who will dedicate her service to representing the residents of District 3.

    Sallie Clark, El Paso County Commissioner
    27 E. Vermijo
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

  2. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I believe that Sallie Clark is boosting herself.
    The fact is that Sallie Clark nor Lisa Celadtko represents all of District 3. Lisa will only serve the interests of those who live in the Broadmoor

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Heimlicher? I thought he went back to Tennessee…
    There’s a red flag for you.
    Here’s a question for you to ask her, Homeless People are allowed to vote. So are a lot of people she deems “mentally ill”. you’d probably have to get somebody else to ask if she doesn’t want “them” voting.

    Or if she’s satisfied just segregating “them” from “Normal Citizens” and denying “them” access to the parks, libraries, bus service etc…

    I mean, there’s no wiggle room in their position, Ms Clark pretty much made it clear that to her fellow Elitists at Shitty Hall and Commissioners Court, homeless people aren’t even second class citizens. Doesn’t seem much like they consider anybody who doesn’t meet their arbitrary income guidlines is any class of citizen. How’s she going to represent somebody she hates?

  4. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Sallie Clark has seen this blog. Why doesn’t she comment?

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    You know, if you’re going to get Ms Lisa stoned, maybe you should instruct the stoners to use bigger rocks…
    (puff puff pass…)

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