“Psychic Tip” is enough to get a No-Knock Search Warrant…WTF?

So the AP headline was “Texas farmhouse searched on Psychic Tip, no bodies found”.
WHAT? I’m not in the least concerned that there wasn’t any evidence found, I myself can “psycho-ly” predict that particular outcome.
Not one single Scientifically Empirically Verified psychic prediction of ANY of the major news-generating Historic events has ever been brought forth. Not Pearl Harbor, not the death of any political leader, not any major natural disaster, not 9/11, the whereabouts of Usama bin Laden, two space shuttle disasters, the surprise launch of Sputnik, NOTHING.
Psychic phenomena is about the most documented to be least accurate form of Evidence.
So what comes next? Do the cops, prosecutors, judges and other Tools of the Police State actually get to maybe Convict somebody based on some jackass who claims a Direct Link To God saying that he’s convinced the defendant is guilty?
I mean, a Search Warrant supposedly has stringent rules of evidence just to obtain one,
It’s like an actual conversation I overheard between a police officer and somebody else, the cop complaining because he wasn’t allowed to shake somebody down even though he “knew” the person was in possession of contraband. Asked HOW he “knew” he said “my gut tells me, OK?”
NO, Officer, NOT OK. Your gut was probably telling you it was time to take a 10-100 at Dunkin’ Donuts.
The Constitutional prohibitions against Irrational Hunches being used to obtain search warrants or arrest warrants are there for a reason.

It leads to a situation where any cop can search, arrest or kill any person just because he says so. It’s purest Lynch Law mentality, on the hoof.

And this particular case was in TEXAS? WTF Revisited?
Texas whose political options involve voting for somebody endorsed by the General Baptist Convention or one endorsed by the Southern Baptist Convention. Where you’d be loudly condemned to the Everlasting Fire of Hell for wearing an astrological pendant or asking a potential breeding partner “So, babe, what’s your sign?”

And at least one court is issuing warrants based on “Minority Report” without any of the (shaky) Scientific trappings.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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4 Responses to “Psychic Tip” is enough to get a No-Knock Search Warrant…WTF?

  1. Oh, and tax money was paid for the tip and of course the execution of the warrant.
    So why aren’t Silly Sarah and the rest of the TeaTards jumping all over this?
    Oh, they’re more concerned with their planned destruction of Medical Care in America with the predictable (even by non Psychics) Death Wave that will unleash on America.

    That and Silly Sarah actually claimed to have been told by the Holy Ghost where the Iraqi WMDs and Usama bin Laden were hiding, but would only share that if she was elected Vice Empress.

    See, that’s REAL America for you, in action.

  2. Avatar FlaccidObelisk, says:

    “TeaTard”, lmao!

    While I must completely disagree with you and everyone else who’s never actually researched ESP (PSI) on the false conviction that there is no solid science behind the subject, I will certainly agree that we must keep it the fuck away from law. Experimentation is one thing; but gambling with the law is,……well, not even legal. But what the hell is “legal” anyway? I guess that is a question for Ben B. He who has the gold makes the rules?

    I am sure you will throw a fit regarding the proceeding statement, and I recommend grabbing a rag for the foam I expect will spill form a screeching and wretching mouth.

    ESP is extremely real, and until we as people wake up, realize, and explore it, we will continue to flounder and eat our own asses like the shit-coated ouroboros of never ending repetitive failure we so strive to remain. Existence amidst the infinite is not as mundane as various conTrolls would have it. You can sit around in your SUV waiting for critical-mass to retract the TeaTarded notion of a big-bang while wanking off to obsolescence and imminent failure, but meanwhile, reality will carry on, despite human delusions.

    Have a look at Daryl J Bem@cornell, and evaluate some his tests. I admit they are mostly boring, but also real. You could begin there, or many other places . You will find no shortage of either horseshit or legitimacy; you must simply have discretion but not be blind.

    There are some very strange things going on, and yet it is nothing new in last multi millennia. But by all means, exercise your already high skills of critical thinking. We need it.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh most certainly, we’ve only begun to learn or relearn the physics and metaphysics. Metaphysics simply means the foundation of physical reality as we see it using our conscious mind. Supernatural doesn’t mean “other than natural” either. It’s a Latin term for the Greek Metaphysical.

    And, as you say, the police of all people would have no practical use for it, since it is so little understood. One rule I’ve noticed is that we as components of the universe don’t actually control the universe. Probably why it’s really difficult (impossible? Wildly improbable?) to reproduce the results of a psychic experience, to force the universal chi to do our bidding.

    The most we can do is manipulate for each his own, the universal laws directly affecting our own souls. To cast out our bread on the waters and have it return to an hundred fold, it’s not really manipulating the laws of Metaphysic, but acceding to it. Like pressing the accelerator or releasing it causes a vehicle to either speed or slow. The action we take doing so only surrenders to the laws of Newtonian physics.
    Once our small action is done, our choice of which path we follow in the physical plane, slower or faster, turn or not turn, is set until we initiate another choice of which physical path to follow.

    As to human laws, either the evidence has to be something that anybody can see and recognize, regardless of his mastery of his own consciousness… or it can’t have validity.

    Otherwise a caste of priests of whatever religion they choose to wrap the bullshit, can order all manner of evil things to be done to anybody.

    The High Priest of Prediction says “this man is guilty, I have spoken, you haven’t the training, knowledge or wit to understand how I know so you can’t question it”.

    Wouldn’t work either on the agnostic level the human law demands or on the Metaphysic plane because there would necessarily be evil done, by large numbers of people, a whole society in fact, and that would bring back evil onto that whole society.

  4. Avatar barry Young says:

    traveling in the 60s, we were warned for thousands of miles that when we crossed from pakistan to india we would be ‘searched 4 drugs by a psychic at the border’. it was hilariously true. at the crossing my little party of trailheads were lead into a tent, seated in a semi-circle and made to wait the arrival of the ‘rani’ or queen. she entered- an overweight middle-aged woman in a sari. she sat in the middle of the group and stared us down one by one. when she locked eyes w me i started visualizing my big hunk of hash in my partner peter the pirate’s knapsack. after a few seconds she pointed at peter’s bag and ordered her not-too-competent group if indian army guards to search it. peter, who was a frantic lad from manchester, began to protest; of course he was holding. we all were. they searched in a somewhat half-hearted, certainly half-assed fashion, and of course, came up empty. we left and got into a horse-cart to cross the border. we were silent for about ten minutes then all of cracked up. so… indian law enforcement- u.s. law enforcement, same thing. irrational and very, very backwards.

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