Pueblo Health Dept wants to know why more Teen Pregnancy…

I thought medical science had already answered that question.
In other news, a grenade was found at prospect lake.
Police are wondering how it got there.
Well, you see, a flock of swallows migrating from a warmer climate, more conducive to the growth of the hand-grenade trees, dropped it there.
OK so that’s about as far as I’ll go toward ripping off the Python Players at least for this one joke.
After detonating the device, which, surprise, wasn’t a fake…
Police are trying to find out who placed it there.
Here’s a wondrously simple explanation, Occam’s Razor and all. There’s a lot of pissed off people in the world, some of whom are in the United States Military. Or WERE in the U.S. Military. Or wanted to be but couldn’t pass whatever tests the Army has.
One such person, obtaining several grenades and carrying them in his pockets in his equally surplus-store BDUs, dropped one and didn’t realize that it was gone.
And really, who among us hasn’t misplaced a grenade or two?
Or, perhaps the overgrown infant had purchased ONE Grenade, fantasizing about being the next Rambo (there’s a new RamButt movie coming out too…) then upon being surprised by the CSPD on park patrol, ditched it in the weeds hoping to recover it whenever he could. And somebody with more brains than he had, spotted it first.
OR, it was a new and creative way to hunt the Wild Geese which congregate at Prospect Lake.

Them bastards is MEAN woooo doggies they’s badasses.
You see a group of them approaching in formation, it’s not curiosity on their part, or a desire to look cute for the camera… no, it’s a mugging in progress. The lead Gangsta Gander will tell you something that translates from Goose Honk into “Hey, we know you have the cookies. Better break them out or we’ll muss yez up a bit…”

At that point, a hand grenade or two would be in order.

On a more serious note, the MSM, in conjunction with the Army, constantly fills the tiny brains of Wannabee Rambo types with fantasies of blowing shit up and shooting large numbers of Machine Gun rounds into crowds.
It’s what keeps people buying guns and grenades and other gruesomes with the intent of having the weapons turn them into badasses.
Which doesn’t work and what does happen is they shoot themselves, their friends family and pets, or simply lose their weapons at the lake.
Ask the CS Fuzz Department how many guns, knives and spent shell casings they pull out of the grass at Prospect Lake each year.

Does it make the news? No. Why, given the general attitude of hatred and war being built up like a kerosene-soaked stack of otherwise dry wood waiting for a match…
When they build up so much hatred for their own profit, more blood money in their nasty little hands, why are they surprised AT ALL when somebody buys the shit they’re selling?

Hatred deliberately built up by “leaders” like Bush and Palin and Beck, who will themselves never take up arms if there’s one chance in Hell of their victims being able to return fire. Chickenhawks, you know.

You can tell who they are because they’ll have a monstrously huge portfolio of War and Guns stocks and don’t go to war themselves.

People who make money from arming or merely convincing young people to kill other young people and then get on the news and act all shocked and “Oh, my, How could that happen HERE!”

The same news/propaganda shows that tell the kids that it’s ok to kill other kids in Afghanistan or Iraq…

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