Racist Sheriff Arpaio supposedly opens new Birther investigation

According to Mr Murdoch’s paper The Globe which is like the Enquirer without the high journalistic standards.
Calls him “Tough Talking Sheriff” which .. eh…
You can be tough talking and still be a… you know.
Apparently he’s willing to spend the taxpayer money from Maricopa county, the most populous in AZ therefore the busiest crime center, and of course his own time to put forth a right wing probe,
That’s if, of course, he really did file charges.
So this leads to yet another installment of “Hey, Minuteman, here’s MY I.D.!” and making the observation that WE can ask the self-appointed judges of All Claims Of American to show us THEIR papers…
If their papers don’t satisfy us, possibly forgeries, maybe issued in Kenya, whatever, we make the rules on what Their Papers need to be in order to satisfy us… then they don’t get to look at MINE. Tough cookies babe.

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