Recreational Psycho-Pharmaceuticals R Us

So, after hearing the Wrong Wing mocking Leftist underground movements (they don’t use “grass root” to describe it , believing their corporate- paid teabags invented it) as “ineffective” from one side of, for want of a better word, their “faces”… and bitterly complain from the other side that Hippies cost “Us” the Vietnam non-war.

Which WE were never given any actual vote in the matter… AND, recently, when the current President WAS Elected, for good or ill, by an historic nearly 2/3 majority, 70 million popular votes the bitter whine went up that somehow ACORN (recently cleared of the lies Breitbart put forth) and SEIU “stole” the election.

And, then there’s the Wicked Weed…

Now, neither Hippies nor other human rights advocates invented Marijuana (Mexican shorthand for Maria Juana, literal translation “Mary Jane”) and, no, Cannabis isn’t a Mexican sinister plot either. There’s a recent archaeological site in Western China of mummified Neolithic/ very early Bronze Age people with light skin, green eyes and red hair and one who was apparently a Shaman had a sack of mummified you-know-what… That bad ol’ Librul PBS strikes again.

Cannabis, in the form of hashish, has been racially profiled by Western Europeans for the “Rise of Ay-Rab Terror” since three concurrent Social Events took place:

1. Western Leaders learned to read and write.

2. Same Western leaders decided to invade for trade routes “Liberate For Jesus” the Arabian Peninsula nd subsequently…

3. Met a whole bunch of Arabs who consistently kicked their collective Arse.

The Crusaders, not wanting to blame their cultural Ignorance, lack of Military skills, moral indifference and their really stupid habit of:

1. Killing more Christians (and Jews) than the Muslims did.

2. Killing more Christians and Jews than the number of Muslims they killed…

3. Throwing their trash and emptying their chamber pots out their windows, thus encouraging rats, and

4. Not bathing.

Three and four, plus the trade routes the Muslims SOLD them opened the squalid ports of Europe to plague-infected rats…

No, Gentle Readers, like the Vietnam fusterCluck deniers, who amazingly include Crusades Deniers in their myopic deluded re-history rants, the LOSERS could-not and will not ever admit the tenacity and skills of the people they Failed to conquer as reasons for their Failure.

So they blame weed.

Not the infamous Mekong Delta Black strain, but Hash.

Seems there was a sect called the Assassins, apparently much more “high”ly trained than the Templars (the Green Berets of Crusaders). So here’s where the narrative falls apart. They can’t reconcile “Hippie” and “Negro” infiltrators (a.k.a guys whose daddies weren’t rich enough to keep them out of the Draft the way most of the Vietnam/Crusades deniers avoided “Service”).

…and these Lefty Underground “dopers” infiltrated, and somehow forced other soldiers to listen to Rock and roll “Nigger music” and smoke pot.

No, the Assassins, who were probably much more likely so named because three generations of their Imams were named al Hassan, (and the “superior” Crusaders weren’t THAT literate) instead the Crusader Hysterians attribute their skill and fanaticism to Weed… and their name to Hashish.

Obviously, the Arab Dopers ate lots of high-carb snacks in the general direction of the knights while giggling and uttering profound statements like “Wow! Far Out! Stone grove, man!”

More seriously, Cannabis has been illegal in America for almost eight decades. The Best and most illustrative examples of the level of debate prior to criminalizing it , were a movie called Reefer Madness actually introduced in Congress as a “scientific” documentary… And a radio-Preacher named Billy Sunday, who railed against Mary Jane, “nigra music”, Jews, and those damned ol’ librul elitists who opposed Fascism and Nazism.

Seriously. He even spoke at a rally of the American National Socialist Party, at Madison Square Garden.

I haven’t smoked in 25 years, can’t because of no self control. If you can limit your consumption to a moderate level, “you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din” and more power to you. Just a personal note.

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