Right Wing lunatic fringe Blogster serr8d shows true colors

This is the only response, so far, from the so-called “Christian” Fascist Party about my pointing out the utter blasphemy of their Whoreship service for George W Beast the other day…
The more than slightly unhinged Nazi “serr8d” starts out with “How the heathen do rage” then offers to sodomize me in a Chevy Volt using a plastic Solidarity Fist.
This shows, very clearly, the unhinged nature of the Far Right Lunatic Fringe, and, serr8d, you should seek professional help. Let me enumerate the ten commandments and how your hero George W and his sycophant Temple prostitutes (such as Sarah Palin [high priestess of Satan] and yourself) break them.
1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
That doesn’t mean “in line ahead of Him” it’s more like if you’re standing in front of me, you’re also “standing before me” whether we’re face to back or face to face. Republican and Radio/TV “christian” doctrine has it that Capitalism is a religious virtue, and that the Twin Towers, a temple to a graven image (you even call it “The Almighty”) were struck down as an assault against Christianity. Huh? You erect and even call it a Temple to a god other than YHVH and expect that nobody will notice?
2. Thou shalt not make unto thyself any graven image (your dollar bill is an engraving and the face on it is one many of you call “Our Father” as in, the Father of Our Nation) to worship it.
I would say spending more of each day, including the Sabbath, be it Sunday or Saturday, or Friday for our Muslim friends,thinking talking and acting about the dollar and calling it “The Almighty” qualifies that as Worship.

Remember the issue Jesus had where agents of the Temple (acting under orders from Caiphas) asked whether it was legal to pay taxes? See, that’s an important and highly nuanced Jewish Thing. For one thing, Jesus was surrounded by Zealots and the Priests asking Him that never lost sight of that fact. Zealots who would slide a knife between the ribs of any Roman they caught without his backup. And would turn from stalking a Roman if they had a chance to get a Tax Collector. One of the leaders of the Zealots was Simon Peter. He knew how to use a sword, and unlike stupid boy “serr8d” he actually was trained in the use of a blade (stupid boy serr8d takes his name from a serrated blade, pretends to be some great knife fighter while in fact just being another asshole keyboard warrior) and that’s evidenced by Peter pulling a sword later in the narrative on not just ONE but a group of trained swordsmen, and not just surviving but drawing blood.
If you’re not a trained swordsman and pull a sword on one who IS, you lose even if he didn’t have a sword to begin with. He’d just take YOURS and leave your body cooling in a congealing puddle of blood, shit and other bodily fluids, on the pavement.

One of Peter’s friends, Matthew Levi, also present, was a tax collector, a sellout for the Romans.
The Temple also collected a tax, a tithe to support the Tribe of Levi. It had to be paid in the money of the temple, a shekel of silver or a shekel of gold, as weighed by the priests. Foreign money had to be exchanged for Temple money.
And buying certified pure animals for the sacrifice on the altar. Jesus, if you recall, took exception to that. So did Martin Luther about 1400 years later.

Essentially what the Priests were doing was selling forgiveness for sins. The Roman Catholic Church started doing the same thing and calling them Indulgences, hence Martin Luther, then a Priest, going all revolutionary on the RCC. Pretty good for a “heathen” eh?
Like I mentioned in the Whoreship of GW post, the so called “christians” like Palin and Bush and those who worship them find it objectionable that somebody who doesn’t join them in their Temple Prostitution would actually know scripture better than they do.
“how the heathen do rage”
One important aspect is further in Leviticus and involves judging or measuring using actual standards.

George W broke that by judging Saddam Hussein unto death, using a lie about WMDs, while refusing to allow any such judgment against the United States, which not only DOES have every class of WMD but has more of each class than the entire Rest Of The World Combined and is the only country in the world which has actually USED nuclear weapons in wars.
Perfect score, and we’ll discuss “perfect score” later.

So, back to the question, asked in front of Zealots, the ultimate Middle Eastern Terrorists, IDF and any other middle eastern Terror Group have NOTHING on those guys…

Jesus asks the PRIEST to display the tax money. The ROMAN tax money.
The priest pulls out a penny. A day’s wages. He had, in his possession and had carried it in The Temple, a graven image of a man, Caesar, who called himself god. OOOPS.
number two thou shalt not make any graven image…

3.Thou Shalt Not Take The Name of YHVH in Vain.
So-called “christian” serr8d is all upset, his last blog post was about a group called Ja Rule. Just guess, if you will, what the “Jah” in Jah Rule means?

And this heathen bastard who refuses to live to the Ten Commandments nor to hold his (former) Commander in Thief to them, gets his punk-ass racist feathers ruffled over a You Guessed It Negro Christian (Ethiopian Zion Coptic, a church founded by St Philip and mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles) group which is older than whatever demonization he worships. I deliberately changed the word from denomination, yes. Bite me.

Another way of taking God’s name in vain is to call yourself “Israel” or “Judah” or “Christian” and then completely, as does George W Beast and his Demented Disciples routinely, refuse to live by the Law you demand others to keep.

Think not? Read on, McDuff…

When you call yourself Christian you’re accepting the surname Christ. A name assigned to God. According to the Apostle Paul, a Jewish Lawyer, it’s done in a spirit of adoption and according to John in the Revelation, you’re also the Bride of Christ. And taking both the name of your adopted father (Christ) and your spouse (also Christ). If you do it and, not, you know FAIL to keep the promises, but to Refuse to do so, You Are Taking God’s Name in Vain.

Doing it to justify breaking other Commandments, not just the Ten but more than 600 commandments, is called Blasphemy. Which calls for being stoned unto death

Sound familiar, Whoreshipers of George W?

More on that when we call up the Fifth commandment…

So you take His Name, in Vain, number 3, to justify breaking number 1, having another god before Him, and no. 2 making idols to worship,

And, you were doing it in Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, to make it so far a perfect score of 4.

Because, number 4 Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy.

Number 5. Honor thy mother and thy father, that thy days might be long upon the earth. (the first commandment with a promise)

You call God your Father, right? When you’re not busily calling George Washington your father, I mean. Or the ad hoc use of whatever person happened to be both alive and in the government during the American Revolution and said something you agree with. The “Founding Fathers” right? The ones who George W and Sarah Palin and serr8d and the rest of the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe view as being so god-like (commandments 1 and 2 again) that their word should be the Law of the Land

Except like, when John Adams disagreed with Thomas Jefferson or vice versa and it happened a lot, there wasn’t any single issue that got an absolute unanimous vote, and allegiances shifted from one issue to another. The Bill of Rights wasn’t even included in the first release of the Constitution, didn’t get a majority vote even, far less unanimous. But we have to worship these “fathers” and obey them even though they’ve been Purina Worm Chow for the past couple of centuries, right?

Moreover, you’ve got your human father’s surname, don’t you? Also, if you follow the usual Hebrew and English and most of Europe method of a wife taking her husbands name, you’re using HERS too. And soiling it with your evil deeds. Think not? You’ve broken, so far in the narrative, the first 5 commandments and done them all on Saturday for Yet Another Perfect Score.

Hmmmmm… Number SIX.

Oh, my. Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Now, there is no “unless George W Bush or Sarah Palin or serr8d tell you to” clause attached, and do you remember that rather convoluted question they tried to trap Jesus with? about Judging With Equal Measures, Judge not, lest ye also be judged, and by the same measure with which ye judge shalt thou be judged”.

Yeah, THAT one. Seems to judge somebody to death, well, that’s something only somebody who hasn’t committed any sin punishable by Death can do. Not just redeemed like with baptism and or blood sacrifice, never having committed those sins in the first place.

I believe some of you have the reading skills to remember that there are over 600 commandments? You ever, you know, talked back to your dad or mom? humm. Death Penalty. Masturbated? oh-oh… another Death Penalty.

So about half of the Law concerns how to redeem somebody from the Death Penalty. Bet THAT gets the Right Wing “Kill Them All” Lunatic Fringe in a tizzy.

Oh, no, when God said “Thou shalt not Kill” He actually meant it!

One of the accomplishments the Whoreship service granted George W Beast this past Sabbath was starting a war, based on lies (number 9) to steal entire sovereign nations (number eight) simply because the Greedy Bastards WANTED something (Iraqi oil, and bases from which to take other nations Oil forcibly sold to them at a price THEY demand, at the point of several million guns held by persons other than Their Coward Selves) Number 10. And in doing so breaking the 6th commandment millions of times over. How many did Hitler kill? Probably, like George W. Beast, none by his own hand. Same for Charlie Manson, who was nevertheless convicted for Capital Murder and (since then commuted) sentenced to Death.

But calling Hitler a Beast, and a Murderer, likewise Manson, is considered acceptable but pointing out all the people murdered at the command of George coWard Bush is considered “unhinged” by people like serr8d and Colorado Springs so-called “christian” Schools.

Number 7 Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

we’ll get to that.

Number 8 Thou Shalt Not Steal

Having other people go and slaughter other Human beings to rob whole nations of things Which Do Not Belong To You is stealing. It IS that simple, you Morons.

Number 9 Thou shalt not bear false witness.

The “christian” right seems to think it acceptable to lie in order to kill people like Saddam Hussein, that’s the same type of judgment (judge by equal measures, right?) Adolf Hitler used. Also by Right Wing Idol Ayn Rand.  The ends justify the means. So of all the things Saddam Hussein actually DID do you Right Wing Whorshipers decided instead to create a LIE in order to have him killed and his kingdom taken from him in order to give it to George coWard Beast.

Many will LIE and say that it’s obviously “unhinged” or “insane” to say that about the Beast they worship. They already do.

The Beast-Whorshiper serr8d spent a lot of time on his last blog post calling people unhinged and crazy and everything but a Child of God for opposing Sarah Palin. The Goofy Bitch who said during her failed campaign that GOD Himself was leading the Murderous Rampage of Conquest.

Sarah won’t answer, except by having the publicly funded Police drag us out of her presence and arrest and beat us, at public expense, if we DARE to question Her Royal Majesty… you know, like she did in the very instant she was lying and telling her Demented Disciples “not to sit down and not to shut up” and having the Phoenix AZ GESTAPO PIGS arrest people for not sitting down and not shutting up?

Typical hypocrisy, but somehow God is leading you? You LIE.

Sarah Palin LIES and gets people including a 9 year old American Child murdered in Tucson. Then LIES about her complicity in the affair. The punk serr8d LIES to cover for George W and Sarah. Lies on top of lies and yet, in all of that…

The Colorado Springs “christian” Schools give Bush a medal for being a “Lion-Heart”.

How the heathen do rage? How do you call yourselves Christian and systematicallly break every law of God?

Oh, Number SEVEN. Thou shalt not Commit Adultery.

Often, when the so-called “christian” Lyin’ Heart followers like serr8d respond to people criticizing their LIES and THEFT and Mass MURDERS and such, they fantasize commiting Sodomy on my body. Usually with some sick reference to Violence in their sexual preferences. I’m sure serr8d would get aroused at the thought of raping somebody.

Also ,the Torture that is routinely practiced, daily, by the Whoreshipers of George W Beast, in dungeons both foreign and here in America, that’s RAPE as well. Because the Inquisitors, the “noble Knights of the Inquisition” who George W and Sarah Palin and Colorado Springs “christian” Schools and the rapist serr8d command us to worship as god-like heroes, they get sexually aroused by their work. It’s the only way a Sadist CAN become aroused, non-consensual sex involving pain suffered by another human being.

Yet, they’re supposedly The Bride of Christ, taking His name, right?

Adultery, bitches, adultery.

Prove your words, or stand down.

Oh, and serr8d, by professional help I mean, an Exorcist or a psychiatrist.
Since I’m neither, I really can’t help you, bubba.

And, you do all of the other nine on Saturday for a Perfect Score.

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  1. Avatar Jeddy says:

    Fascism was an American invention. Immediately after the 1918 Communist Revolution in Russia – the capitalists in the USA were afraid it could spread to the USA. It may even give a chance for the Blacks to get civil rights, much earlier. Under the banner of Prohibition – active communist members were eliminated for smuggling liquor or trading in it. The idea was exported to Italy and Germany. Germany was on its way to regain its status as important player in world affairs. Hitler was imported in Germany to destroy German technological development – which would have resulted in the development of missiles and atom bombs on their warheads. Germany need not have fought World War II after that. The world have surrendered. World War II became necessary and Germany was completely destroyed. USA and thereafter the USSR became the world’s only leading superpowers. Germany, France and Britain became insignificant.

  2. Avatar Yes says:

    Serr8d is a lunatic. A belligerent gunnut crazy.

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