Screw McCain, with a bayonet, sideways so it hurts more

So he chose a career path after almost becoming an Communist Flying Ace (destroyed three U.S. airplanes including the one he ditched into the bayou in North Vietnam) to exploit his status as a POW after he got arrested, lawful, for a terrorist act, bombing civilians in a country against which the United States never declared war. Several nations, in fact, three of them, South VietNam, Laos and Cambodia were experience “unrest” as in the Pathet Lao and Khmer Rouge and VietMinh resistance groups were taking turns being slaughtered by their own governments, with the help of the American Big Brothers, and returning the favor. He wasn’t actually committing an act of war because there was no actually declared war. They could just as easily under established international law, executed him for murder.
But for whatever reason, probably ulterior, they granted status as POW.
To all the POWs. Something America didn’t grant to the prisoners taken by the U.S. soldiers and their Lao, Khmer and ARVN counterparts, who were handed over to the respective governments and treated as criminals.
Like this:

So, turnabout being fair play, I simply appropriated his multi-billion dollar exploitation flag, flown by right wing extremists and every municipal, county, state and federal building I’ve seen, somehow painting the slander/libel that the DRVN, Hanoi, has been hiding American prisoners of war for the past 36 years. Not so.
On the other hand, the Pine Ridge reservation is actually officially designated a POW camp, And the U.S. Army has staged a few massacres there, of Americans held as POWs for more than a hundred and thirty years.
Which leads to this disturbing bit of simian porn, and which ties back to the original theme, because the “daddy” simian is the grandson and accomplice after the fact of another murderous, treasonous draft-dodging THIEF named Prescott Bush, whose crimes include selling arms to the Nazis even after the German Navy had sunk the American ship Reuben James in American Territorial Waters.
In a prior war against Germany, he and his fellow chickenhawk frat-rats, all of them apparently heirs to the Yale Trust Fund, were stationed at Ft Sill Oklahoma, rather than spilling their Blue Blood on the Green Fields of France.
So, relieved of the burdens of actually fighting in a war from which they were profiting, they raided a military cemetery, taking the remains of a REAL American hero, who had died as a POW, and to this day their descendants use it in a Satanic Ritual on the Yale campus, called “The Skull and Bones Society”. Recently a S and B member, appointed by the Bush family to the Federal Courts as an “impartial” Judge, told the Real Mans family they had no claim to the dignity of a decent burial for their grandfather.
Now, I can’t get a tee-shirt printed with the Bush McCain porn, but I CAN get the other one printed, on, and this one as well

So, I still haven’t uploaded and placed for sale my tee shirt images. Been piddlin’ the poodle, so to speak.
They are, for the most part, rabble rousing. It’s what I do.
Others in the series:
“Hey, Minuteman, here’s MY I.D.!”
“Y’all can line up and take turns helping yourselves to a Texas size all you can eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass!”
“…and the horse you rode in on, and the little dog who followed you…”
(about a dozen languages saying) “I will speak any language I choose and not ask your permission”
(in Tsalagi, the Cherokee language) “Welcome to America, now everybody speak Cherokee”

Various “preacher sayin’s” which highlight the Liberal nature of Jesus.

Hee-Hoo sayings.
“He who skydives without parachute, jumps to OWN conclusion”

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1 Response to Screw McCain, with a bayonet, sideways so it hurts more

  1. “this one” being an Image my non-skills at saving didn’t save right, but it’s a red against black Chancery font saying “Mr. Bush, give back Geronimo’s bones, you Sneak Thief!”

    As to Mr McCain and the rest of his crowd, they can piss up a rope. The people who were MIA as of 1975, were either dead or had left the war through desertion or defection.
    And all the movies, mostly starring Draft-Dodgers like Sylvester Stallone, saying otherwise, are purest bullshit.

    Mr McCain knows it too. He’s more content to peddle the LIES for political gain and the money that will give him.

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