So here’s what vote suppression looks like in action.

Even with the literally untold billions of dollars spent on the hate-mail attack ads, and the “don’t vote ’cause they’ll screw you anyway” campaign, we squeaked out of a massive TeaTard RepubliKlan regime such as the one of Scott Walker of Wisconsin.
Tossed workers rights back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Next up, Civil Rights. The RepubliTeaTards are aiming at More Racial Profiling, Fewer “minority” votes (even though, as they fearfully point out to each other, more Americans have a little color in our cheekbones than the Lily-white Aryan Übermenschen like Czeladtko, Bush, Cheney, Palin, Romney, McCain, Chambliss, Gingrich…) and many, like SuperChickenHawk Ted Nugent have observed that they believe social programs are a breeding program for Blacks funded by taxes. Just like they’re too chickenshit to fight the wars they start and demand WE support, they’re too chickenshit to come out and admit their racist ties.
Until they can get the 14th Amendment repealed, that is.
Remember how it was in the late 60s, when the Redneck RepubliPukes would go out hippy-hunting? Catch one off by himself and five or six of these Cowboy Heroes would jump out of their pickups and beat him up, cut off his hair, put the baseball bats and tire irons on him, five on One and then ride off slapping each other on the back and congratulating each other on how “brave” they were.
They did that to darker skinned Americans too. Bigotry=cowardice.

there’s a video at this link showing the Racist TeaParty RepubliKlans in Orange County California ganging up on Islamic women and children. But of course they’re not Racists, or bigots or any of the other “ists” they lie and tell us they’re not.

Still wondering what an “R” or a non-vote means instead of a “D” on a ballot?

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