So there were a couple of words I had to look up when I first heard this

I was a kid at the time. The rant-song was called “The Americans” and written by a Canadian. He was apparently pissed off because the United States, arguably the wealthiest nation on earth at the time, wasn’t getting foreign aid from the poorest countries. Which, really, we WERE, in the form of Corporate Tribute from the Banana Republics, wholly owned by American business interests, supported at taxpayer expense by the Military who put down, past and present, any rebellions by the people who are “owned” by for instance fruit, coffee, cocaine (most of the worlds supply is actually legal, same with opium) cheap beef, and other commodity corporations, when the people of these “free” countries get tired of supporting our decadence. Which was one of the first words he objected to being used, “decadent and war-mongering”. Apparently he felt that America was being libeled.
The best defense against a charge of libel is if the comments are actually true, as in the case of just about everybody the dude bitched and whined about.
Warmongering, for instance, the art of selling Death at a hefty profit.

At the time “we” were bombing the living dogshit out of several countries against whom we had never actually declared war, for instance both of the Republics of VietNam. At taxpayer expense and, just like now, apparently frighteningly obvious profit of the “defense” industry.
Decadence, you say? I sure do.
Witness the “wedding planning” reception offered as entertainment/envy value on Good Morning America while Americans were being turned out of jobs and homes in the wake of Capitalist Greed Heads making money from selling bogus mortgage profit margins as though they were real cash.

A suggested reception line, catered at a cost of 20 thousand dollars, more than a years pay at minimum wage, the minimum wage the Decadent Warmongers call “too extravagant”, featuring chilled fruit and flowing molten chocolate. (produced in countries where the minimum wage is about a dollar a day, and enforced by U.S. government actions like Military intervention within those countries and Immigration Control here, make them thar peasant slaves stay on the plantation)

The way it operates is you take a piece of chilled fruit on a skewer, and put it under the chocolate “waterfall” for a delicious, scrumptious chocolate coated treat!

They also used the term “Decadent” to describe the experience. Did this Byron McGregor or Gordon Sinclair (there seems to be some confusion as to which whiny-ass Canuckistani wrote and performed the piece of shit) or their heirs ever object to THAT use of the word?

He sniveled about a flood on the Yalu and Yang-tse rivers when he was a mere chilld, and Americans providing about the only foreign assistance at the time. That would be when the Flying Tigers, a Mercenary Air Force, were supporting General Chiang Kai-czek in an unofficially supported war against Japan and the Chinese Emperor.
They were bombing, counting our official ally in that war Chairman Mao, far more Chinese citizens than Japanese.
Disguised an paid in the form of “humanitarian aid”. Sounds familiar, don’t it?

Apparently the “history buff” either McGregor or Sinclair missed that point.

And, it’s not like it’s altruism, another word sometimes misused, because McGregor/Sinclair whichever the hell ever, and apparently a lot of other war-mongers were expecting gratitude at the very least, we were supposed to be thanked for the privilege of American pilots bombing their people…

But also the old specter of Imperialism rears its ugly head once more in all of that.
If the American and Canuck propagandists chose to gloss over that very large technicality then the Chinese and other victims of Imperialism are supposed to be, what, Obedient, and join in the Silent Chorus of people politely not mentioning it?

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