Tea Party revolutionaries support establishment here and in Mexico

Amazing that the same hate groups who want to start an “Ass-tro turf” Corporate funded “revolution” to maintain the corporate status quo (isn’t a revolution supposed to overthrow the Establishment?) are providing the guns to both sides in the current Mexican revolution.

But only if you’re not already inured to Tea-Bag hypocrisy and lies. Perhaps they should take a good look at the pictures coming out of Mexico.  Grim shit.  

Picture your friends or neighbors chopped to pieces by those machine guns they object to even calling “assault rifles”.  The Mexican press doesn’t get all squirrelly like “our” press does.  They publish the pictures, not from any “disrespect for the dead” as 120 angry denunciations of NMT accuse us.  It’s more like “look what you DID, you bastards!!”

Since many of the Tea-Tards profess to be war veterans the ones who actually ARE already know what dead humans look like, and it makes their sheep-like chants of “call me when WE behead someone” even more putrid.

They WANT not only to SEE Americans, their neighbors and even family, chewed to pieces like that , the murderous fucks want to DO it.  And already have.  OKC, Knoxville, Arivaca, Tucson… should have been wake-up calls, but were apparently, not. 

Strangely, they believe they’ll be the only ones shooting.   Their unhinged unmanned drone Jared Laughner was taken down by two unarmed “pussy” LIBERALS.  So was Adkisson.

Take another look at those pictures, TeaBags.  Some of them had guns in THEIR hands.

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