Tetra Farries and her family feel blunt trauma business end of class warfare

For all the haters who condemn Ms. Farries, who so far is convicted of NOTHING, you should feel a deep sense of shame, but I know you don’t, for building a corrupt social order, using words like “God” and “Liberty” and “Equality” and “Justice” with absolutely no intent of living up to such mighty words.
Here is where Idealism directly confronts Elitism.  And proves itself more honorable.

Farries is charged with defending all that was left of her living and the hope of a better life for her children.  The words of the Assistant D.A. in defending a bond which is more than 3 years minimum wage, Convict the prosecutors instead, “Your Honor, the people ask for this bond because the Defendant had all her belongings in the car, therefore we believe her to be a flight risk.”  

Do the words “economic devastation” and poverty and “eviction” mean nothing to you?  I think so.

The Prosecutors gain more job security from a decaying empire, they probably own stock in the predatory real estate managers who gorge on the carrion of The War Against The Working Class.  As do the cops and the Yellow Journalists if Fox News, Channel 5, Gazette and other Scavenger fowl hired to cheer-lead for the established order.  

For the slight infraction of a parking violation, they were going to rob her and her Children for all  they had.  And in a town where the sanctimonious Pricks say there are jobs everywhere, at minimum wage and you need a car to get hired, they were robbing her of even THAT meager opportunity.  Her car would have been sold at auction, her belongings picked through, and every precious memory, Pictures of, and drawn by, her babies, documents of their lives, those little plaster hand prints that cost a nickel to make, and impossible to replace.  Pictures of parents, aunts and uncles and cousins and grandmas and grandpas long dead, consigned to a landfill like so much trash.

The legalized car thieves who employed the tow truck driver would have gotten maybe $500 for their stolen gain.

The elitist bitches who run this country, state, city… have already sounded their war-drums against My People, no matter the shade of their skin, their countries of ancestry, tho they spell and speak their own names or the many names of God, they are my kin in blood, religion and science agree.

We are the Discarded Ones, when we are no longer profitable to the Landed Gentry, when they can squeeze no more money from our blood, we are thrown away.

If we have very little, the powerful ones, who have gotten their own livings on the sweat, toils and even the shed blood and very lives of us “Lesser Folk”, deem us unworthy to keep even that.

Ms. Farries, in another earlier decade, wearing a lighter tone of brown skin, could easily pass for My OWN Momma.  Her frightened children, easily myself and seven brothers and sisters, watching as Momma gets dragged away in chains for trying to protect her babies, and all they had left.

We, too, experienced the sting of poverty, evicted from slums the Elitists would dread to pass on the freeway in case the Hum-Vees or other over-priced luxury cars should break down so close to the workers to whom they loudly sneer and vaunt their “Superiority,” outside of their customary protected areas, without their usually uniformed Human Shields.  The struggle to find a new house to rent, from a new slumlord, with the money from a slave-wage paycheck that came two days late.  Which such belongings we could save packed into the definitely non-status symbol car.  A familiar story to my soul.  We never came much closer.  That was fortune.  Just not bloody much.

I feel and grieve for the tow driver.  He had a miserable job working for people who had sold their soul to squeeze the last possessions of other people.  And I’m sure also the thieving bastard sons of Satan won’t compensate his family.

Or the family of Ms. Farries, who they ordered him to legally rob.

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Brother Jonah

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