The dude has cast iron balls… or a corporate sponsor, you decide

If it’s the nutsack or the sponsor, it’s a big one… Baby Doc Duvalier in Haiti called for national reconciliation, said he only came back to help Haiti How very noble, but a better help would be for him to send back the money he stole, YEARS AGO, taken the entire responsibility for Haiti’s national debt instead of causing the debt with the aforementioned taking out all the money.… Failing that, he COULD have sent the money back immediately after the earthquake… and kept his sorry worthless ass in exile. Instead he parks himself in the middle of a disputed election, why? Is he really that much of a narcissist that he believes himself the Savior of Haiti? The current judiciary in Haiti, probably going to change after the election Especially if Baby-Doc gets back in power is charging him with theft and corruption.

The murder, torture and other Human Rights charges are addressed in a civil lawsuit.

So, what use does a nation bankrupted by him, driven into an insane amount of debt by loans taken out by him, his family and business associates, and the money promptly vanished… a murderer, thief and torture freak whose idea of national unity is for all the citizens of the nation to worship him as a Priest, and do whatever he says or face the wrath of the gods of Vodun and Christianity?

This reporter’s considered opinion is that he intends to help only himself… to even more International Aid cash now than during the entire cumulative reign of his family.

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