The Egyptian equivalent of TeaBags…

Anderson Cooper was attacked in Egypt while reporting by Mubarak supporters.

Anderson Cooper talked to The Huffington Post from Cairo on Wednesday night, and described what happened to him this morning, when he and his crew were attacked by a group of supporters of President Hosni Mubarak.

Amazing, isn’t it? Reporters attacked not by the “out of control Anti-American mob” but by the right wing…

“A man jumped out of the crowd and tried to push us around,” he said. “It sort of allowed other people in the crowd to focus on us. Other people came out of the crowd. Somebody punched me in the head, and from there things escalated quickly.”
The crew decided they had to turn around, he said. They tried to walk away “as calmly as possible,” but this did not calm the crowd around them.
“They were following us, screaming at us, ripping at our clothes,” he said. This lasted for five minutes. The mob threw bottles and water at the crew, and kept kicking and punching people. A few people tried to assist them, but they were overwhelmed by the pro-Mubarak group. Meanwhile, Egyptian soldiers watched the whole thing.

Of course they did. Much like many in Krowd in Kentucky attacking Lauren Valle were Kops. The U.S. Army stood by while we were attacked at St Paddy’s.

Cooper said he received four distinct blows to the head. “I’ve never been punched in the head before,” he said. “So they left an impression.”

He said it was the first time that he’d been directly attacked in a crowd while reporting a story. For now, he is staying away from Tahrir Square. It is not safe, he said, for any journalist to report from there.

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3 Responses to The Egyptian equivalent of TeaBags…

  1. It’s starting up again, and they’re doing the nasty bits with firebombs again. It’s televised and youtubed, some of the Live TV feeds are getting bloody awful.

    You can tell, really easily, the difference between Mubarak’s Goon Squads and the real protesters.

    Mubaraks “men” didn’t bring their families. Why would they? Their families are the privileged ones who benefit from selling to the Police Military State.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Friday, there. Morning has broken. It’s the Muslim sabbath and one that Mubarak has dreaded. He’s said he’ll stay on as dictator because without his leadership, Egypt will descend into chaos.

    He’s only doing it for the sake of the poor, stupid peasants who are just to freakin’ dumb to make it without him telling them when to breathe. How Generous, how Noble… How nauseating.

    His supporters got driven back late yesterday (their time) and took out their rage on human rights observers and reporters.

    So now…

    Today is critical. In Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon… and Cairo. And yes, in Washington.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    That “driven back” was a setback, but not a defeat.
    Or a victory for the anti-Mubarak people.

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