Tripoli and the Original Intent of the Founding Great White Fathers.

You know the first line of the Marine Corps Hymn, ends with “to the shores of Tripoli” So, why, exactly, was Tripoli so important? Well, since American Capitalism was and still is heavily dependent on goods and services produced by Slavery, an important slave-shipping region like the Barbary Coast (North Africa from western Egypt to the Gibraltar Straits) was the “Raw Material” source for American, British and French Capitalism. Slaves. Human cargo. The Bush family and the Harvard trust and the Yale trust got simultaneously Fantastically Wealthy through the ‘necessary evil’.
Capital can only work if the Richest make other HUMAN BEINGS poorer. The “rising tide lifts all boats” bullshit is simply that. In a system of finite resources, and there is no resource which isn’t… the Rich can only gain and maintain their wealth at the expense of everybody else.

Just as with Roman Capitalism, the foundation of that wealth has to come from conquest. The “free” market = the Slave Market.

The Barbary Pirates as they’re usually called in American History also made huge amounts of money selling captive Africans to White European-stock Americans like Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson. Those who didn’t own slaves, benefited by transporting, selling and providing the “seed money” Capital to the Slave Industry. They rode the whip-shredded backs of African slaves to “freedom” and wealth.

For a short while the Barbary Coast slave traders worked it in both directions. Not that the American and British and French “christian” Slavers were averse to white people being enslaved, heck no. They had plenty of white slaves themselves, just held in bond through chains of debt. Get the Suckers to believe that if they work really hard for really low wages and then turn around and re-invest part of their meager fortune into the Corporations of Their Masters, like a 401-k plan, and they too might become wealthy. It was a lie then and a lie now.

But the “pirates” perhaps by mistake sold some of the Aristocrats into slavery. OOPS.

So, the Marines were sent in.

Actually, the Marines lost. It would be considered humiliating, if they couldn’t spin it somehow.

While they were busily trying to arrange a coup-d’etat, which failed, The “pirates” renegotiated their supply contract with the American envoys, with a clause that they should refrain from taking White Aristocrats as slaves.

So the Marines, to save face, have to say that their machinations, which failed, and cost Marine lives, must have frightened the “pirates” into compliance.

When instead it was just (slave) business as usual. A miscommunication between divisions of essentially the Same Corporate Entity. Nothing to see here, SLAVE Citizen, keep moving, get the Hell back to work, nothing to see…

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Tripoli and the Original Intent of the Founding Great White Fathers.

  1. Avatar Kjartan says:

    RE: “Capital can only work if the Richest make other HUMAN BEINGS poorer.”

    You should be more careful with such categorical claims. This is not, in fact, correct.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    That’s a mathematical analysis of it.
    Finite resources, “wealth”, aren’t going to increase. As they are sold, used, and in the methods of use become unfit for any known use, “garbage, waste, trash, pollution” they become liabilities, negative growth.

    Likewise when the resources are extracted, luxury resources such as “cheap” energy, deplete not only the usable supply of those resources, but pollute other very necessary resources, such as arable land, fisheries, forests, whole patches of the ecosystem, which is NOT the property of any person or nation.. potable water, water fit for agriculture, Polluted and the useful nature of those resources destroyed both in the extraction of those luxury resources, but by the pollution generated from the use of those resources, and by the toxic waste that the products become.

    The biological diversity which supports Agriculture, and fisheries, is depleted. What replaces that?

    Capital isn’t dependent on the creation of NEW resources, but the destruction of extant resources. It is a downward spiral.

    In order for a decreasing number of people to GAIN wealth there would have to be an increasing number of people who LOSE wealth, measured in the very basic non-luxury items like air that isn’t toxic, water that isn’t toxic, available food.

    That wouldn’t even take in variables such as increases in population. Or ecological destruction caused by and aggravating Global Warming.

    Capitalists have computers, do they not? They can run data processing based on a fantasy of never-depleting or always-increasing supplies of wealth, or they could run valid data. It would be their choice.

    By refusing to acknowledge that they are destroying forever biological diversity, for a short-term gain in “their share” of luxury minerals, they are systematically killing the very Earth which supports them. And the people who they impoverish.

    They obviously don’t care for their own offspring any more than they do for the offspring either of the animals, plants and microbes they starve in the rush to harvest toxins, to “build” their own wealth. Or the offspring of “their” workers.

    Ultimately, it’s a unilateral war against the very people and other “resources” which produce their “wealth”.

    The “average” possession of wealth at the very best model of use of resources would be slowly depleted, but stays relatively stable.

    But a simple VERY SIMPLE algebraic equation shows differently.
    Equal distribution starts with ten people each having one apple.
    For two people to have two apples apiece, two others would have zero, or the other 8 would have to divide their apples, in steadily decreasing per capita possession of parts of apples.

    That’s not everybody gaining wealth, it’s a small and decreasing minority TAKING finite resources from an increasing majority.
    The myth of capital is that the finite resources increase for everybody. Not even close, it means less available wealth for the vast majority of humanity.
    One person in five benefiting and crowing loudly that ALL have benefited.

    That’s the basic math formula. Two bits, zero and one, yes and no, true and false. Taking in more data, each datum being subject to the same formula of analysis, will create a more complex matrix but it will STILL be More People getting Fewer Resources.
    That would add in two more binary digits to work in if, then, else.

    The only way you could come up with a different projection would be to use false data. You can add binary digits, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit, 128, 256, 512, 1024….
    But that would bring the same analysis in sharper detail.
    1 + 1 will still = 2 no matter how much the data are manipulated.

    Unless you’ve got an extra universe or at least an extra Terran ecosystem in your back pocket, which you simply DON’T have, the resources have nearly reached a tipping point

    Again, it will work the same for your offspring as much as ours.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    This is only ONE example of depletion of necessary vital resources, not owned by one person or nation, in the pursuit of ONE rapidly depleting Luxury Mineral

    Others would be: the poisoning of fresh water in every watershed from every mountain system in the United States from mining, oil and gas extraction.
    And proposed increases in those destructive activities.

    “capitalism at its finest”.

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