U.S. “video game” pushbutton murdering drone comes home to roost.

The Murdering-ass coward scum who remote-control kill human beings from the air-conditioned safety of a command center in Nebraska, and gloat about how their “High Tech” weaponry makes them ever so superior to the Third World impoverished nations of PEOPLE against whom the United States Corporate Government has chosen to make For Profit Wars. Killed two of their own in Helmand Province last week.
And they call the people who stand against the Arrogant Might of the Empire “cowardly terrorists” because they don’t have the money to buy sophisticated weapons which kill from halfway around the globe.
Yeah, taste of Real War, instead of what the Air Force lying recruiters told you, to get you off the couch in Yo Mommas’ basements where you played endless video games, killing imaginary enemies with absolutely no risk to your own worthless cowardly skins. How does it FEEL, Byotches?
You justified killing BABIES in similar unmanned Drone attacks, as long as they were the children you’re giving the Freedom to live on their knees worshipping your mighty Corporate Empire.
What kind of racist bullshit did your Master (Sergeants) tell you to convince you that the Afghan and Pakistani citizens were UnterMenschen who don’t deserve the very title of Human?
You sorry bastards gave up your own right to be called human, sold your soul for a chance to murder without any fear of retaliation.
Not that it would matter to YOU but the two you killed this time, sergeant Jeremy Smith, 26, and seaman Benjamin Rast, 23 actually had names.
So, in a bizarre twist of fate, did the literally COUNTLESS Other Human Beings, including children, whose lives you snuffed out with your Video Game.
You had no conscientious objections over those murders, will you feign conscience now that the Jackboot is on the other face?

This also calls into question, AGAIN, the reports the Pentagoons lightly dismissed as “propaganda, because those whiny SandNigger TowelHead MuzzleMonkey Non-Humans are always complaining about us murdering their kids”, reports of Blackwater and CIA murderers killing civilians, Death Squad Green Berets who hunted unarmed Afghans and Pakistani farmers just for the fun of it, and knowing full well that their equally cowardly and murderous leaders promised them they would never be prosecuted no matter what crimes they commit.

And the sheer number of PEOPLE the Air Force Murderers killed with Drone and other airborn attacks.

According to the lying pukes in the War Department, oh, was I supposed to say “Defense” like the liars in the Corporate Press call them? Too bad. Eat it and smile. The War Department liars say that everybody who is killed by their non-human Drones who sit in the air-conditioned safety of an AFB in Nebraska directing other Non-Human drones, was a “terrorist”.

Without knowing exactly how many they killed or who the people killed used to be.
Mighty convenient that these “christian” crusaders on their Noble and Holy Mission to force participation in Capitalism have such Arrogant and Racist labels to assign to the murdered human beings.

Did I mention how expensive all this is, like, the DIRECT Pentagon and Contractor payouts from this massive war against freedom total 57% of the overal military spending in the WORLD?

Yet the ChickenShit Chickenhawk SCUM who have seized totalitarian control of the government here, in the name of their Corporate Whoremasters, say that health care and education and decent wages for workers are the cause of America being bankrupt.
Not a word about the the Lying Pundits at Fox News, just for example Limbaugh and O’Reilly, having pulled in a billion and a half apiece to sit in front of cameras or microphones pretending to be Working Class and telling their really Stupid Audience those same lies. Or CEO salaries and pensions and health care plans that total MORE than what’s paid out to the REAL workers who feed them.

No complaints about that, just defensive speeches about how Leadership is such very hard work that the Pigs DESERVE the windfall apples and the milk, and to sleep in the farmhouse. For those too slow to realize, that’s from one of Squealer’s speeches in the book “Animal Farm– a modern fairy tale” written by one Socialist Eric Blair under the name George Orwell.

And the simple bastards who listen to the recycled speeches of a fictional Pig, and rally in their Corporate Financed “Tea Parties” say what their Masters tell them to say, that they’re fighting for Liberty, that the soldiers recruited from their ranks killing and dying are doing it for Liberty, and when they themselves are broken on the wheel of Hard Labor that only benefits their Corporate Masters, Squealer Limbaugh will make a speech that “Comrade Boxer’s last words at the veterinary hospital (actually the slaughterhouse where he was rendered for dog food) were “I Will Work Harder!” and all the Fox News Simpletons will be inspired by it, not realizing, again, that they’re only being told a recycled speech from a long ago fictional Pig.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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1 Response to U.S. “video game” pushbutton murdering drone comes home to roost.

  1. Avatar Jeddy says:

    Drones are being launched on the border of Pakistan. They are not easy manoeuvre in between mountains, there is a danger that the signal may get lost and the drone would hit a mountain. Drones cannot hit any target without someone on the ground can place a homing device on the intended target. The target is destroyed, but because the warhead on the missile is too powerful, it not only kills the target but also everything around.
    The cameras on the drones are there but the person operating will have to figure out at what he (or she) is looking at. Helicopters pilots mistake children for fighters and shoot them. When a helicopter pilot does not know what he is doing, how can someone operating a drone know what he is looking at? The Taliban have realised the weakness of drones, heavily depending on homing devices. They have announced to hunt down and kill the spies. Drones would become useless once all the spies are caught with their equipment.
    The fact the USA is using drones – only goes to show that the ground is being held by the Taliban and they can anything they like. A year a surge was announced – huge machines were brought in to fight on the ground. Afghanistan’s terrain does not have smooth roads – it is not the Vietnam jungle – the mountains and rocks stops every tank or super-tank. Soviet era mines are everywhere. They have killed US and allied forces have lost thousands of soldiers on account of them. The Vietnam jungle was something which could be bombed, chemical weapons used to strip the jungle. What kind of chemicals will make mountains and rocks disappear. Ever since the war has started US and allied forces have lost an estimated 150 soldiers per day – 60 thousand soldiers or more. The official estimate is 1200 soldiers which is a lie. Admiral Mullen admitted that 100,000 soldiers have been crippled for life. The Soviet Union withdrew, but too late – its economy was in tatters. Drones are face saving exercise which accomplishes nothing.
    The USA started the war – when the Federal Reserve reduce the lending rate below 1%. The US economy was in deep recession and companies were shutting down. 11 September 2001 – more than a hundred companies had shut and thousands of people of were out of their jobs – but the roar of patriotism – drowned out the protests of people who had lost their jobs. Everyone know the US economy is in a terrible mess.
    Since the war has proven to be a complete failure – France in its frustration of being humbled by ‘cavemen’ has banned the burka. All these things are done because burka clad women are fighting alongside their country men to defeat the barbarians. Caveman versus barbarian.

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