W.A.S.P. Triumphalism, Memorial Day and The Wingless Vultures

I swear the Territory Days Triumphalism celebration (Like the so-called “Islamic Triumphalism” rally around the world last September 11th, remember that? They were celebrating Eid, one of their holidays they celebrate every damn year using the same Lunar Calendar the Israelis use. It’s like Famous Racist Jerkoff Mel Gibson if he would actually go so far as saying that Passover is Jewish Triumphalism for killing Jesus) is getting More Racist every year. Anyway, at Territory Days they’re celebrating Custer, Kit Carson, Gen Palmer, Colonel Chivington… claiming once more that the Sand Creek Massacre was instead a necessary battle because the Cheyenne and Arapaho, ama-yetli de sdya da ni ludk, Ka no kwo 'uhwana hisd Tsalagi who had a legal right to be there, were Threatening Being Bad Indians And Not Doing What Their Newly Self-Appointed White Overlords Told Them To Do. The White Overlords who didn’t have a legal right to be there.

They had separate treaties with the Ute chief Ouray to be in Colorado City and Denver, but not where downtown C.S. is now. Ouray, according to the Brochure the Modern Klan organizers of the event are passing around, was a “Good” Indian for honoring the treaties even though Chivington and later Palmer consistently refused to honor.
And, the Military Recruiters are using all the massed White Supremacist Triumphalism AND Memorial Day to get more kids to join up and go fight the New Indian Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, perhaps soon Iran and Pakistan…Libya, the Sudan, Somalia, Yemen,

They’re two-legged jackals, vultures without wings. They’re chosen to be recruiters because they look pretty in their uniforms and can therefore sell the Pentagon Bullshit effectively. They even get paid annual bonuses for every twenty souls they broker selling them to The Beast.

Using a memorial to the Dead to sell more people unto Death.

My assessment runs from “Tacky” to “Full-on Evil”.

Some will disagree, of course. The difference between my free speech and theirs is that I don’t threaten them with arrest or other forms of violence when they exercise theirs.

Oh, and they rewarded Chief Ouray for honoring the treaties, by passing a law while he was still alive that effectively made it a death penalty offense to be Indian.

It’s probably still on the books. Forbidding anyone to possess the regalia or implements of a Medicine Man.

The picture posted above says “ama-yetli de sdya da ni ludk, Ka no kwo ‘uhwana hisd Tsalagi”

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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5 Responses to W.A.S.P. Triumphalism, Memorial Day and The Wingless Vultures

  1. Avatar James Miller says:

    Our wars in the Middle East are 100% driven by Jewish Zionist NEOCONS.

    Knock it off with the White bashing. Bash these Jewish Supremacists instead.

    Read my blog and educate yourself:

    James Miller
    Los Angeles, CA

  2. Avatar PCMulkey says:

    James, Jonah is an across the board basher. He doesn’t see race, creed or color, just the ignorance and stupidity of the human race.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Not White bashing… White Supremacist bashing.
    And they’ll sell out the Zionists just as fast as they sold out the Jewish people who oppose the wars. When they’re no longer useful.

    And the Zionists will no doubt return the favor if they get the best first shot.
    The English Only crowd feel that they have supplanted the Jewish people as the Chosen Ones of God. It’s part of the Manifest Destiny doctrine and they believe they’ve got scripture, Old Testament Scripture, to back them up on it.

    Seems everybody who has a herd of hired priests to tell the masses that God told them to go and conquer the lands, people and resources of other nations, For Their Divinely Appointed King… has some bullshit way of proving to the masses that God chose them.

    More like, the Rulers. The people are expendable and are supposed to feel honored at getting slaughtered in the service of their King.

    They use prettier words and phrases to make it sound less stark and harsh than I describe it.

    But they all do it. I’ve got family on all sides in the Indian wars. White on both sides and Indian on both sides.

    The point however is that the ones who came out on top money and power wise, English.
    Now they see themselves as helpless victims of a rising tide of people who bitterly resent being treated as conquered slaves and are taking the lands their ancestors lost and the English Elitists’ ancestors gained, usually by duping other people to do their fighting for them. More fodder for their propaganda machine, because if they recruit the Not Quite As Rich white people they buy themselves more time to loot and plunder… on somebody else’s dime. As usual.

    They get the dupes to fear immigrants using the same rhetoric they used to get them to fear Indians.

    The amazing part of that is, the people they’re targeting with their Anti-Immigrant Hysteria are in fact American Indian.

    and the black Americans who were forcibly recruited as slaves, all in the name of seeking out Terrorists. It’s not the entire Jewish people or religion any more than it’s the entire White race or Christian religion. It’s the worship of money and for now, the English White Protestants are on top of the game… until their empire collapses under its own weight.

  4. Avatar James Miller says:

    “… and the black Americans who were forcibly recruited as slaves, all in the name of seeking out Terrorists.”

    I’m assuming this comment is a reference to the phony “war on terror”??

    Your anti-White bigotry shows. Why? Because far more U.S. soldiers in the Middle East are White who are slaves fighting the Jew war there. But in your mind, “Whites = evil” so who cares about them? And, “Blacks = oppressed”, hence you ONLY mention black victimhood in fighting the Jew war. Both are victims of the Jew NEOCONS.

    Since you stand so heartily w/ blacks, do you have any idea what illegal aliens are doing to the black U.S. population? Taking their jobs, overtaking their neighborhoods, overtaking their schools, etc. Blacks are more negatively impacted by the Pedro and Maria border jumpers than working class Whites. Ever think about that? Come to South Central Los Angeles and talk to what’s left of the black community there, ask them how they feel about hispanics. They despise them.

    The Mexican labor class should stay in Mexico and join EZLN. Marcos has often complained that he doesn’t have enough bodies to carry out the revolution. You’re a red, what do you think about that strategy?

    Jews run the Western world. in particular organized Jewry, Jewish media elites, and Jew banking & political elites. Every educated person knows it so stop pinning it on WASP’s. Again, Jews run the show; they are at the top and they are destroying the West.

    You sound very young and idealistic. My website will help you understand issues better:

    James Miller

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    What, did that “White Supremacist”</strong part not register at all? To say that condemning White Supremacists is Anti-White bigotry would assume that ALL white people accept and support the Bigotry of the Neo-Nazis and their fellow travelers, or perhaps even MOST whites. Since it would be fundamentally impossible for either you or me to have met every white person even in say Colorado or Texas or California, far less done an in depth questioning of his core political social and religious beliefs it it would be racist of me to ascribe the racist beliefs of the White Supremacists to all or most whites.

    It would be racist for a White Supremacist to claim the support of the entire or majority of whites, even in regions where they have a lot of political power, like for instance Texas.

    It’s equally racist for a Jewish person to say that All Jews follow the doctrines of the Neocons and their puppets like Netanyahu.

    Netanyahu and his coalition of fanatic racists only pulled a third of the vote in the last national elections in Israel. That’s not even the majority of Jewish people in ISRAEL.

    That would put a large question mark one of these “?” on any statement that “The Jews” run all of America even, far more of “?” about “the Jews” running everything. Since the (slim) majority of U.S. citizens identify themselves as non-Jewish White and most of the other citizens identify themselves as non-Jewish as well, that makes it far less likely.

    Where is it Anti-White bigotry to point that out?

    The Klan, the Nazis, and related political movements like the Tea Party and the Minutemen, make the statement that they stand for all white people, which is equally absurd as them claiming to stand for all Americans including the Americans they hate and exclude from their definition of “American”.

    Since I’ve felt the backhand of White Supremacist policy in action, personally, I COULD very easily slide into the notion that all whites were evil. But I don’t because I know a whole lot of White people who AREN’T.

    There are a lot of people, white christian people, who will parade out the nonsense that Slavery was beneficial to the Blacks, and that they don’t actually hate blacks, just, you know, feel that blacks should be perpetually denied even the most fundamental liberty of not being the property of other people, from birth, based on their heritage.

    These people will fly the confederate battle flag and, yes, even the Stars and Bars official confederate flag, call it “Not Hate, Heritage” and celebrate, in the name of Absolute Liberty and the most absurd use of the word “Free” market capitalism possible, using State powers and State Funds enforcing that denial of human liberty, even to the point of starting a Civil War which killed a half million soldiers and the economic devastation shortened the lives of perhaps another half million. They were also fairly well represented at the Hate Feast in Old Colorado City these past three days.

    And really, dude, you’re sounding a lot more like them with each paragraph you write. Maybe you should meditate some more on that thought.

    I never lost my idealism but I’m far from young.
    Two Score and Ten have been the tale of the years of my pilgrimage in this Vale of Tears.

    They teach History According To The Klan in Texas schools, couched in nicer terms of course, but exculpation of White Supremacy as a major anti-American Terror movement is an insidious part of the school curriculum.

    I know because I experienced it for the better part of 5 decades.

    I don’t really believe that opposing that is any indication of ignorance

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