Why would anybody auto-detect IP Addresses…

Since I was asked this by somebody very recently who actually took the time to read something and to write out his answers to it, well, a Republibot using two IP addresses, wrote essentially the same “answer” to two posts with which Right Wing Nut Cases and their Corporate Sponsors wiould disagree..
Barbie (IP:
And I thought I was the seibnsle one. Thanks for setting me straight.
Shirl (IP:
And I thought I was the sseinlbe one. Thanks for setting me straight.
uummmm… babe, were you going for “senile” or “sensible” or something completely different?
Do they not teach spelling at your school? Maybe a home-school situation?
261,881 unique entries reported 6,470,343 times
That statistic from spamlist.com
Thats an average of 24,765.8790193 postings from each of the IP addresses reported.
given that whoever released these bots from 2 different IP addresses would have to have read 50,000 posts in order to make the average, And I Don’t Really Believe That For An Instant, I just have the impression that somehow you got your bot programmed for any catchphrases hostile to TeaBags, Minutemen, Ayn Rand Zombies and anybody else affiliated with the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe.
Shameful that you would do that, you know, sort of gives a perspective of your “movement”, you don’t actually have enough Real People to do the task of reading what your opponents think or say. Pitiful, really.

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