The media today did a casualty count for the war against Afghanistan and its mistreated people, and came up with the magical number 2,000 (Sorry Afghans, nobody in the US hardly cares about your deaths). We are all supposed to ponder and reflect (according to the Pentagon fed corporate US media) about the supposed sacrifices that Americans have made to supposedly benefit the people of Afghanistan. Doesn’t it just make you sick, Democrats, to know how ‘your’ political party, for which you vote constantly, views this war as being a good war? No, I guess it doesn’t.

First off, the US itself started the war against Afghanistan way back in 1979 when Jimmy the Peanut Bible thumping man was president, and when he decided to use Muslim Right Wing terrorists to battle the Soviet-backed government in that country. Remember, Democrats? Osama and his many friends of that ilk battled the Soviet Union and its Afghan puppet government for ten long years, leading to 14,000 Soviet dead and way over a million easily of Afghan casualties…. who knows the actual number? All this was because the US and its military pumped in billions upon billions of dollars to help keep the killing going nonstop.

Then, with the fall of the Soviet Union there was a brief period when the Right Wing Muslim allies of the US took over and tried to recuperate the country from its misery some. Then came 9/11 and the subsequent reentry of the US into the Afghan killing fields of its own USA-made making with the invasion and occupation, where the US led troops slaughtered and tortured their prison held, Afghan soldier POWs taken, …thousands to the lot. Did any Americans bat an eye? NO. They simply did not. They didn’t care.

And now of course the count began on march to the magic 2,000 figure (Afghan hundreds of thousands simply are not counted, because the ‘civilized community’ considers these people to be beasts and not even human). The accounting done in Afghanistan provides us a mirror to see our own sorry American selves, Democrats. You supported the Pentagon because you are a bunch of flag waving numbskulls, just about as out of it as are the Republicans. The Afghans paid the price and remain enslaved by the US government. You don’t even tally the figure of who your government kills as you pull the DP lever in the voting booths…. be it Republican or Democrat who sits in presidential office////

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    On the Killing of 8 Afghan Women by Rev. John Dear @ http://www.commondreams.org/view/2012/10/05-1

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