A brief current look at US ‘Christian’/ Pentagon imperialism and its current antiChina campaign

Gosh how sickening the ‘Christian’ propaganda does get inside the USA! One would think, listening to the constant propaganda, that US Christians are battling persecution and inhumanity everywhere instead of solidly funding and supporting US war, imperialism, occupation, torture and war crimes through their beloved Pentagon and their beloved ‘troops’.

The current campaign of the day centers around one US sponsored evangelical, Chen Guangcheng, Activists: Abuses exposed by escaped Chinese dissident continue, who is campaigning against China’s one birth per family policy, because ..egads!… abortion is involved! The storyline goes in the press, that he is being persecuted by evil Chinese communists and is now all of a sudden holed up inside the US embassy there in China! Poor blind guy! It tears one’s heart apart to hear how this poor Chinese Christian is supposedly being persecuted for his faith and blah, blah, blah.

But just who is this Chen Guangcheng, and who are his big sponsors? ChinaAid is one big sponsor for Guangcheng, and they are connected with the Southern Baptists, who want US Christians to intervene and try to stop China’s control over their previously exploding birth rate. See ChinaAid Founder Bob Fu at Launch of George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Freedom Collection to get an idea of how little these jerks really care about human rights anywhere, let alone in China. How many people in foreign countries did ‘Dubya’ Bush kill during his 8 years as US president? Quite a few we think. And most US Christians hardly blinked an eye about all ‘Dubya’s killings.

It just goes to show that very little is as it looks while briefly glimpsing headlines from the US propaganda machine. What looks at first glance like concern about a human rights activist, in reality can just be part of a long line of US political propaganda in fvor of militarism, pushing for more conflict and potential hot wars with Russia, China, Iran and Syria. And instead of really being a campaign for human rights in China, what we really have is a campaign to roll back world wide access to birth control and abortion services. See Chinese Human Rights Defenders Calls for End to One-child Policy

One really doubts that it is ‘force’ against Chinese women they are concerned with, but rather the fact that abortion is legal in China and widely used to keep in check any continued population explosion? One also doubts that these Chinese ‘activists’ would support China if it was assaulted by the US government in a violent war for control over the narrowing amount of natural resources available to the world? What do you think?

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