A harsh war continues in Libya though Western humanitarian liberals and Lefties no longer seem to care now that Gaddafi was removed from power by the US government

Poor Libya. Just months ago it was the cause célèbre of US and other Western Lefty humanitarian imperialists who rushed to support the Pentagon’s struggle against a dictator, Moammar Gadhafi, who was also a nationalist outside Washington D.C.’s direct control. How’s that going for the Libyan people? Answer- The counter revolutionary gangs who Washington organized now battle among themselves, or more commonly, simply act like gangs do when fighting over turf. The war continues… Recent tribal clashes in western Libya left 105 people dead and some 500 injured, the government has said. …though humanitarian imperialists no longer care. All is wonderful to them now that Gadhafi has been tortured to death.

Also see Reuters… Snatched and detained: Libya's "jungle law" -Let’s some that up now///

Human rights groups have documented a series of cases of militias going to people’s houses, spiriting them away and, often, beating and torturing them.(One), Ruhuma was released only after his relatives called government security forces for help. They found him a few hours later.

“We hear on television that Libya is secure, but after what I have seen, there is no security. How is this possible? There are armed gangs pretending to be revolutionaries,” Ruhuma said.

“This is some kind of jungle law.”

and… Al-Amin Al-Sahli was at home when four men from a brigade arrived in a pick-up truck and asked him to go to their headquarters. They did not say why.

The 38-year-old, a state employee living in Libya’s third largest city Misrata and the brother of a Reuters cameraman, decided to comply and arrived at the base half an hour later.

“They took my phone, my things and then led me through the back door to another office. Then they covered my eyes and tied my hands,” he said as he lay in hospital after his ordeal.

“They started beating me, torturing me. They put me on a device – they called it a Honda Civic,” he said, describing it as a metallic frame to which his arms and legs were tied.

“They beat me with cables and sticks and everything they had on my back, my legs and all sensitive areas of my body.”

The 38-year-old, covered in bruises and whip marks, said his detention stemmed from an old argument over a piece of land. He was only freed after other militia groups arrived demanding his release.

During his detention, he said he was put in a cell with other prisoners, some of them with broken legs. “I’ve never seen anything as criminal as this before.”

US humanitarian imperialists, you all sure supported a fine group of ‘revolutionaries’ in Libya, now didn’t you? Didn’t you, especially you… Mr. self described ‘unrepentant marxist, Louis Proyect?

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