A victimhood that simply does not exist

This murderous European Right Wing creep claims a victimhood that simply does not even exist. He, and others of like political ilk, claim to be victims of ‘multiculturalism’, as if having to live alongside others slightly different than oneself could ever make one a victim of some sorts? It can’t! Anders Breivik is politically insane but not personally so, so he needs to be in prison for the rest of his life.
The US, too, is full of Anders Breiviks and they all need to be stopped short of their goals for the rest of us. In reality, none of these Right Wing creeps are victims at all, but victimizers they certainly are if we let the ruling elites constantly make them so for the rest of us. Let’s get rid of the rulers that breed and enable snakes like Anders Breivik everywhere.

Behind each and every Breivik is a ruling class tyrant making money off the corruption of a Big Business run society. Then along comes these creepy and totally mediocre fascist assholes trying to blame those on what they see as the bottom rungs of caste society for their own failures and defects. There is no security from crime for most people when the rulers enable these fascist monsters everywhere to commit their horrors on the rest of us.

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