ABC News previously showed film about US soldiers from Fort Lewis torturing & murdering Afghan civilians

Following is the link to an ABC News episode where they played the interrogation film of Corporal Jeremy N. Morlock, who ‘is one of five GI’s charged with pre-meditated murder in a case that includes allegations of widespread drug use and the collection of body parts and photos of the U.S. soldiers holding the Afghan bodies like hunter’s trophies. All five soldiers were part of the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade, of the 2nd Infantry Division, based at Ft. Lewis-McChord, Washington.’ It also includes a US soldier relating how they planned to leave an Afghan man paralyzed and then kill his mother so as to further torture him.

These US soldiers are really sick! How many like these folks are now running lose in Colorado Springs? It’s anybody’s guess as to that…

Sorry, but this film that aired in 2011 is now cut into pieces with ABC’s inserts of US corporate advertisements, which is an indicator of just how really sick American society as a whole has become. Confession Video: US Soldier Describes Thrill Kill of Innocent

For more info about this case, see Jeremy Morlock, U.S. Soldier, Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison After Pleading Guilty To Murders Of 3 Afghans

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    If you hate America,the ppl,its Military,etc. Why dont you simply move and bitch from afar,and stop taking all the perks of our society? Sure,youll bitch and moan to get attention,but youll sure take advantage of living here,just like all the rest of you bleeding heart,butthurt,hypocrites. Most of yall are collecting Unemployment,Welfare,SSI,etc,yet complain anout the death of ppl that would behead you and your fuckin family,not due to any war,but just for NOT BEING A MUSLIM. The internet makes it too easy for ppl like you to sit behind a computer at mommys house,and bitch. If you are not contributing to the society u live in,ur poisining it.

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