About Juan Cole on the bloodshed in Houla, Syria…

Houla was bombed by the Syrian government and 30 to 40 children were killed among the 90 casualties in this portion of the US attack on Syria as the Syrian government fought back by bombing US backed rebels. Juan Cole though, like many of the liberal-Left humanitarian imperialists, simply refuses to acknowledge that the US is orchestrating any war on Syria or, by extension, any war against the Syrian government’s ally, Iran. He demands of people opposing his support of US imperialist military intervention inside Syria, that they MUST denounce Assad for resisting US allied forces! What a line of crap!

‘Those who ridicule the idea of an international responsibility to protect as a mere stalking horse of neo-imperialism will please have the decency at least to denounce the Baath regime for this bloodbath.’

Answer to your challenge against us, Professor Cole…. FIRST, just why is it so hard for you yourself though, to have the decency at least to denounce the US Obama regime for this bloodbath? Do you think that by arming the opposition to the Baath regime in Syria, that this somehow frees the US of responsibility when Assad fights back to remain in power against US government wishes? Where is YOUR DECENCY here when you are unable to mention that responsibility for this bloodshed? You are a petulant fraud, Professor!

Yes, the Baath regime has some responsibility for killing people, and SO DOES THE MUCH BIGGER US EMPIRE AND IT’S ALLIES. Shame on all the (and there are quite a few, in fact) US humanitarian imperialist Lefties for forgetting that though! The blame for this war is not at all ALL ALONE upon Assad, Juan. You and other liberal types who are so damn quick to denounce and hyperventilate about the Gaddafies, Assads, and Husseins of the Middle East while forgetting to build a real international movement to end the US war making around the planet make us sick. What Stupid Assholes you all are! The US has initiated this bloodshed, and you of the liberal and socialist mindset are truly lost souls if you are unaware of that???

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